Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

Sleeping Dogs is a classical war action game that is available for PlayStation. So, why can’t you find Sleeping Dogs on PS5? 

Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 1 1 Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

Why is it that I can’t find Sleeping Dogs on the PS5?

You can’t find Sleeping Dogs on PS5 because PlayStation decided to delete this game from the PS5 due to performance issues. Therefore, it will require you to use other alternatives, such as using the PlayStation app using your phone or getting a physical copy through external hard drives.

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If you are a gamer who loves to play war and action games, you have probably heard of Sleeping Dogs. The Sleeping Dogs represent a prototype of Grand Theft Auto but with a mix of martial arts and a different scene in Hong Kong. 

When developers first produced the game, it received criticism for having poor graphic quality and looking old. But, after it was relaunched, its creators brilliantly updated the game to maintain its stunning visuals to this day.

When it comes to the game’s setting, the game occurs in the modern-day four primary areas of Hong Kong. 

Additionally, the characters in the game have access to different resources and can buy various things in the area. In the game, Hong Kong is referred to as the land of new territories.

Why you can’t Find Sleeping Dog on PS5

When PS5 was launched, Sleeping Dogs was one of the games you would find in its Play Store. Still, most gamers complained about how the game would have taken a long time to open when you launched it and other technical issues.

In particular, the gamers complained about facing difficulties when the PlayStation version needed to be updated. PlayStation removed it from the PS5 play store.

Additionally, you cannot play the original version of the Sleeping Dog because you will require to download the definitive edition. 

This is because the original version of the Sleeping Dog game is a PS3 title, while the definitive edition is compatible with the PS4 port. Additionally, the definitive version provides better graphic quality that you can adjust and better performance while playing on your PS5 gaming console.

How to Find Sleeping Dogs on PS5

Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 3 Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

Using Playstore App

The simplest method to download Sleeping Dogs is to use the play store app. You will only need to connect your PS5 gaming console to your phone and purchase and download the game via the app. 

The process involves downloading the PS app on your phone, signing in with your PS5 PSN account, and then connecting to complete the task. 

By connecting the gaming console and your phone, you can download Sleeping Dog to your PS5 by pressing the apps download button.

Using External Hard Drives

Other alternative ways to find and download Sleeping Dogs is to use a physical copy of the game through devices such as flash drives by transferring the game from another source, such as a computer, to your PS5 gaming console.

Ensure that the flash drive is free from malware to avoid transmitting the virus to your gaming device.

Buying Sleeping Dogs CD Copy

The last option is to purchase a physical copy of the Sleeping Dog directly from gaming stores and other platforms such as Amazon, and they will deliver it to you. 

If you want to use the compact disk sparingly, you can copy the game from the cd directly to your PS5 gaming console. Therefore, as long as your PS5 gaming console has a disk slot, using a compact disk will be efficient.

Is it worth Playing Sleeping Dogs on PS5 Consoles?

Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 2 Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

 As we had discussed earlier, there should be caution concerning the potential performance of Sleeping Dogs in PS5. Most gamers have complained about random game crashes that occur while playing the game. 

Another concern is that characters in the game may show unusual behavior, such as flying or bouncing when hitting the floor.

Overall, if you play Sleeping Dogs on PS5, you should be prepared for any crashes and unrealistic behaviors from characters. You will also need to save the levels you are playing when the game crashes. 

But, with all these technical issues, most action gamers like playing Sleeping Dogs due to the following reasons:

Flexible missions

In games like Grand Theft Auto, you must finish the first mission to play the next task. Most gamers never liked this strategy because some levels can be challenging. 

But with the Sleeping Dogs game, players can go to the next levels without having to finish the previous levels.

The Road Carnage

The Sleeping Dog provides players options for using vehicles and motorbikes during combat, like Grand Theft Auto and other related games. Additionally, you can move from one car to the next without facing any consequences. 

Gamers also like how Sleeping Dogs take a step further in allowing them to shoot at the vehicle’s fuel tank to blow them, shoot at their enemy’s car tire so they can lose control, and launch their vehicle into the air as high as they can go. 

These activities give action gamers the desire to continue playing the game.

Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 1 Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

The Night Life

The portrayal of Hong Kong’s nightlife also represents one of the features gamers like. It is uncommon to get an open-world game that captures the vibrancy of light and energy as the Sleeping Dog game has.

The games create a realistic outlook due to the twilight hours of the day and night. Additionally, the weather usually changes, just like in real life.

Key Takeaways

  • the Sleeping Dog is a classical action game
  • PS5 requires the definitive version of Sleeping Dog to ensure better performance
  • PS5 does not have a Sleeping Dog in its play store
  • The Sleeping Dog has the original and definitive edition
  • Action gamers like Sleeping Dog due to its excellent features