What Is Starlink So Expensive? Pros And Cons vs. The Price

If you are inquiring about new internet providers, you probably have heard about Starlink. But it can be quite expensive, and we will explain why. The future for Starlink is promising, but the current costs are a bit steep, and they scare away the average customer who doesn’t know much about the product. As improvements continue to be made, the features should improve, and prices should hopefully decline. 

What Is Starlink So Expensive 1 1 What Is Starlink So Expensive? Pros And Cons vs. The Price

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Starlink is so expensive because SpaceX is still launching satellites to establish the network. The upfront costs are high because you are buying the equipment, but the monthly fee is affordable when compared to other internet providers. Prices can get high if you buy a business plan too. 

If you are living in less populated cities, Starlink could be a fantastic investment to make for your next internet upgrade. Whether you need Internet on the go while RV traveling or living in a residential area, the connection is available for setup and purchase. This guide is intended to better explain the pricing structure to help justify why it is so expensive. 

We have compiled all data from the Starlink website, where all technical specs are listed for each pricing tier. This will help you understand each cost associated with the price and what features you can expect after purchase.

Starlink is an evolving satellite internet service provider bringing coverage to less populated areas. The goal is to help remote communities get easier access online.

The reason it is expensive is that SpaceX is launching satellites into space to increase coverage across the globe. This isn’t cheap, and the costs of Starlink reflect that. 

As coverage continues to expand and becomes a mainstream option, prices will come down as well. But right now, you can expect to spend quite a bit.

The Starlink map shows where it is offered and the future plans they have for launching in different areas. It is currently available in 32 countries. 

Another reason why it is so expensive is that it can transmit data faster than any network in the world. The lower latency information transmission will cover the entire globe, unlike any other provider. 

As more satellites continue to be launched, the costs remain high for SpaceX. Because of this, the Starlink cost also remains high. Hopefully, in the future, we will see prices drop a little bit as more coverage becomes available. 

What Is Starlink So Expensive What Is Starlink So Expensive? Pros And Cons vs. The Price

The biggest disadvantage to Starlink right now is availability and the cost. Three different options are offered: Starlink Internet, Starlink RV, and Starlink Business. 

Take a look below to see how much each plan costs and what the pricing includes. 

PlanMonthly PricingEquipment FeeInternet Speed
Starlink Internet$110.00$599.0050-250 Mbps
Starlink RV$135.00$599.0050-250 Mbps
Starlink Business$500.00$2,500.00150-500 Mbps

When signing up, you will need to pay the equipment fee upfront. A Starlink kit will be shipped to you after making the first payment.

You receive a small package that includes everything you need. The best thing about Starlink is you won’t need a professional installation. 

It comes with your Starlink, power supply, essential cables, and a base. The equipment fee covers all this, and setup only takes a few minutes. 

Starlink RV is extremely similar to the base internet option, but instead, it is designed for people who move around a lot. 

All of the equipment included and set up is the same. But instead, you have a device that connects while you travel. 

The cost is slightly higher per month to accommodate these requirements. But you should avoid trying to establish connections while driving. It is difficult for the device to pick up the network properly. 

Starlink Business is intended to be used by a company or a larger community. It comes with a larger antenna device that will hold up during rough weather to provide a strong connection.

You can connect many devices to this antenna too. It comes with much faster speeds and lower latency too. 

The upfront equipment cost will vary based on your location and the intended size of your network. 

When considering Starlink, it is important to avoid comparing it to your typical internet provider. This is not the goal right now for Elon Musk or Starlink as a company.

Instead, they are building a product that can serve you in areas with little to no internet coverage. It is not like the traditional Wi-Fi connection you use at home. 

This allows rural areas and remote communities to get internet access without relying heavily on local networks.

The steeper costs take this into consideration too. If you are comparing Starlink speeds in the middle of a populated city to the local networks, they will not compare.

If you are in a rural or remote area, Starlink is absolutely worth buying. It will provide the best coverage for you and your community to get faster internet speeds.  

The popularity of Elon Musk brings more attention to this product and company. It offers some promising features, but what exactly does it offer to customers? 

We have analyzed the different plans and products to highlight some of the key benefits and features it can provide below. 

Portability Feature

Starlink internet is different from traditional WiFi because it comes with a new portability feature to move around. 

You can take it on the road with you while you move around. It can be set up in different areas, and they even created a unique product for the person that is on the road often.

This is known as Starlink RV. The portability of this network connection is unlike anything that has been offered to consumers before. 

Access Internet In Low Coverage Areas

The Starlink network is a high-speed, low-latency satellite constellation that provides affordable internet access to remote areas with limited or no internet coverage.

It will be the largest system of its kind in the world and will cover most of the earth’s surface. This means that people in remote areas can get online.

It will also provide faster speeds than existing satellite networks, which are limited by latency and distance from ground stations.

Low Latency

Because of the low latency you can get with Starlink, there is less lag or delay times caused by data transfers. This is most notable for gamers on Starlink. 

This means when you use something like a VPN, you don’t have issues with connecting because the latency is lower. 

On a traditional network, VPNs can cause lots of lag times. But with Starlink, you won’t notice this issue. 

Lightning Fast Data Transmission

Starlink is a new internet service that promises to provide customers with high-speed data transmission across the globe. 

As it continues to grow, more areas will have access to this feature. 

Elon Musk estimates that Starlink will transfer data 40% faster than any fiber-optic internet connection can. 

The exact speed of this transmission is 180,832 miles per second. This is because the path is shorter and there is no need for any ground stations either.  

We are firm believers in the future of Starlink and believe it is worthy of the expensive pricing. The access it brings to the world is unlike anything seen before. 

However, there are some disadvantages of Starlink that people should be aware of before they decide to use it.

Self-Installation Required

Starlink internet is a new type of internet that promises to be faster, more reliable, and cheaper than traditional internet.

The downside to this new service is the equipment fee and self-installation that is required. However, it’s still worth the cost because of its high speed and improving coverage. 

Despite this downside, they have made it extremely easy to set up on your own. The only time it can be a little difficult is if you are a business customer acquiring a larger antenna. 

Slower Internet Speeds

Starlink is a new internet service that uses satellites to deliver high-speed internet and TV, but it still has a long way to go. 

You will not experience the same type of internet speeds with Starlink as a fiber-optic network like Verizon right now. Over the next year, speeds should start to increase significantly. 

This is due to expanding coverage and more satellites being launched to extend global reach. 

Poor Connectivity in Busy Areas

There have been complaints about the quality of the service from customers, who say that they have experienced slow speeds and disconnections in busy cities too. 

The network tends to get overloaded and doesn’t work as well. Because of this, you should only use it if you are in less populated areas with weaker fiber optic coverage. 

Comparing Starlink and fiber internet right now is difficult. Starlink is unlike any other internet provider with a promise to bring blazing fast speeds to any place in the world. 

This is a bold promise, but it continues to look more and more likely. With this in mind, let’s see how these two types of internet matchup performance-wise. 

Starlink has an array of satellites that orbit only about 300-350 miles above the earth. This is much closer compared to other internet satellites in space over 20,000 miles away. 

Because of this, you can get faster latency with Starlink than any other internet type. 

Fiber internet is fast and delivered around the world using underground or underwater cables. It provides excellent coverage and speeds up to 1 Gbps. 

While it may not be there yet, Starlink promises to reach speeds of 1 Gbps soon too. This presents a serious threat to fiber internet because of the projected latency. 

Fiber latency averages about 17ms, while Starlink will be as low as 10ms when fully launched across the world.

Right now, you are getting much cheaper access using Fiber internet depending on where you live too.

Ultimately, Starlink is bringing the internet to places that have never experienced high-speed networks before. The long-term impact could bring people closer together than ever before with more access. 

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