Why Does My Megaboom Keep Cutting Out?

One of the most annoying experiences one can ever go through when listening to music or watching a movie is your speakers cutting out in the middle of your favorite part. Why does it happen? Your speakers are properly set and there are no problems with your connection from the phone to the receiver, yet they keep stuttering!

Well, if you are experiencing random cutting out of your Megaboom speakers, and you are questioning whether getting them was the right choice, do not smash it against the wall just yet. Try to troubleshoot the issue first with the tips in this article.

Why Does My Megaboom Keep Cutting Out?

Why does your Megaboom speaker cut out? Well, since it uses Bluetooth technology, your Megaboom speaker could cut out if it’s not fully charged; your device is not compatible, is no longer supported or is out of range; interference from other devices, or that the Bluetooth app you are using has a bug or hasn’t been updated in ages.

While this issue is common in Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi speakers could also experience the same. If you want to understand better why it happens and how to fix it, read on!

Understanding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Speaker Technology

To better fathom what the problem could be with your Megaboom speakers, depending on the type of wireless connection it uses, it is important to know what should be happening.

Bluetooth technology allows communication between two devices by connecting them through radio waves. Unlike other devices that use the same technology for connection, say cell phones, Bluetooth has been designed to ensure communication over short distances.

In a nutshell, Bluetooth technology provides a way for two devices to connect without an internet connection, and as long as they remain within range, they can seamlessly communicate with each other and carry out different functions as commanded.

So, how do Bluetooth speakers work? Typically, they work by having your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, iPad, or computer send out radio waves through a specific frequency, which are picked by a receiver, in this case, a speaker or a compatible device. Once the sending device and the receiver establish a connection, they can begin sharing data such as soundwave data. This means you can play music through the receiving device.

To ensure that there is no interference in their connection, the two devices will consistently change the frequency they are connected to once paired. This also ensures security.

Wi-Fi speakers, on the other hand, use a slightly different approach. As you probably know already, Wi-Fi is a system you connect your other devices to for the internet. This system needs a router, that is connected to the internet, for it to function. Its internet signal is then shared with all your other devices, including smartphones and computers. Wi-Fi speakers, however, don’t need to connect to your home network – it only relies on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, and with a smart device, you can control it.

These types of speakers connect to a central system that links other multiple speakers to play music all over the house. Notably, Wi-Fi speakers seem to be more efficient and convenient since their connection isn’t prone to interference by other smart devices, but most people still go with Bluetooth devices.

The problem is, Bluetooth speakers are not always perfect. While the connection is not complex, it can be affected by several factors, and becoming aware of how they can affect your Megaboom speaker will help you find a quick solution.

What Causes Audio Distortion, Cut-Out or Drop Outs in Megaboom Speaker?

If your music or audio from what you are streaming is frequently dropping out or stuttering, there are a few common culprits that are worth looking into. They include:

1. Low Battery

This is the most basic troubleshooting step that you should begin with. Distortions may occur if your Megaboom speaker is operating on a low charge. Make sure that the speaker is fully charged as often as possible, particularly when you are using it. This will optimize the connection it makes and ensure continuous playback.

This problem usually occurs if your speaker’s battery charge is too low and your battery indicator light is blinking. Keep an eye out for this and note whether the sound breaks off when the light is on or off.

2. Other Device Interference

Most smart devices in your home emit radio waves that could interfere with your Megaboom’s Bluetooth connection. Your Wi-Fi and Microwave Oven, for instance, could cause interference since they use the same frequency as your Megaboom speaker. This can result in the two signals blocking each other causing the audio to cut out. Even fluorescent lights usually have the same effect.

Similarly, if you are connecting from your smartphone, and you have too many apps running, your device’s lag could cause audio distortion. A quick fix for this would be closing all the running apps or simply restarting your phone and establishing a connection once again.

Perhaps some of the biggest culprits are other connected or paired Bluetooth devices. Although once a connection has been established by one device it is hard to break, other nearby devices could cause some interference due to the automatic pairing function.

As such, it is important to unpair devices that you don’t frequently use from the list of connected devices. Also, confirm with your manufacturer’s pairing guidelines and precautionary measures to know more about what devices could affect your Megaboom Bluetooth connection.

3. Bluetooth Incompatibility

Like many other speakers using Bluetooth, Megaboom speakers also use backward compatibility. This means that as long as the devices you own share the same Bluetooth infrastructure, they can easily connect. There is a newer technology, however, called Bluetooth Smart. Devices using this tech cannot pair with those that use older Bluetooth tech.

If, therefore, you are experiencing a cutout, perhaps check whether the Bluetooth support list includes your device. The problem could be that it is not compatible.

4. You’re Out of Range

If you extend the connection to your Megaboom speakers too far, the connection will break, causing the audio to cut out. The speaker works conveniently for devices that are near each other. Always check the specifications for Bluetooth range in your Megaboom speaker to avoid such a frustrating experience.

5. Your Megaboom’s Audio App

Sometimes, your speaker’s software is outdated. If everything else checks out, the connection is superb, you are within range, and the two devices are paired correctly, yet you still experience the cut-out, try updating the speaker’s audio application.

Troubleshooting Your Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker

There are easy solutions that could fix your Megaboom Bluetooth audio cut-out problems. Here are a few:

• Moving the controlling device and keeping it within range will help establish a strong and secure connection with your Megaboom speakers. The signal will not encounter interferences that cause the cut-out.

• Ensure that both your devices are fully charged and are not running on low charge.

• Turn off or disconnect any of the devices that could interfere with the Bluetooth signal. This includes unpairing devices that are set to automatically connect, but are rarely used.

• Reset your Megaboom Bluetooth speaker by pressing and holding the power button for up to 10 seconds. This allows it to terminate a weak pairing and open for a new connection. While at it, also reset the Bluetooth on your device.

• Keep the software and the Megaboom Bluetooth adapters up to date and fully functioning.

• If none of these steps work, consider technical support by reaching out to Megaboom technical support team.

What About a Wi-Fi Megaboom Speaker that Cuts Out?

The stuttering problem is common in Bluetooth devices, as already mentioned, but it could also happen to the wireless Megaboom speakers as well. If you have a Wi-Fi Megaboom speaker that cuts out, do the following to troubleshoot the problem:

• Check your internet connection speed – If your internet speed is excessively slow, you may not be able to stream music and video from the web correctly. While at it, it is also important to ensure that no one else in your home is streaming or has connected their apps to the speakers. Also, their connection could slow down the Wi-Fi signal thereby interfering with your Megaboom’s audio.

• Check your Wi-Fi router – Run a speed test (using an app from Speedtest.net) while standing near the Megaboom speaker cutting out. If it is significantly low, move it closer to the router and see if the speed changes and whether the audio improves. If this, however, doesn’t help, there could be other smart devices interfering with the network of the speakers.

• Check your Wi-Fi Band and Type – Your Megaboom speakers could also be cutting out as a result of conflicts between networks. To help resolve this, a Wi-Fi scanner can help you determine the conflicting networks as well as in choosing a lesser-used channel to reduce interference.

Final Thoughts

Audio cutting out or stuttering is a common and frustrating issue often faced by Bluetooth speakers. It also happens in other wireless speakers as well. And if you have been experiencing such an issue with your Megaboom speaker, the issue could require a simple fix.

Of course, it will take a few workarounds, but once you learn the basics about the two common types of wireless connections used by Megaboom speakers, finding a fix is easy. Hopefully, the above troubleshooting steps will help you find a working solution.

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