Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging? (Do This!)

JBL is popular for its conspicuous Bluetooth speakers and ultramodern designs. Most of the speakers are designed to be tough, splash-proof, and highly portable. Whether you are looking for a small portable speaker or a huge booming speaker, JBL will always have something to fit your budget.

However, as with any electronic device, JBL speakers are also prone to faults. You may sometimes experience the failure to charge when plugged in. This can be very frustrating since it will render your excellent speaker useless.

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss why your speaker is not charging and offer solutions on how to fix it.

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

Why is my JBL speaker not charging? Several factors can cause this, but the most common is because of a damaged battery. Failure to charge is more of a software problem rather than a hardware issue. Other factors that will cause charging failure include:

  • 1. Damaged Battery
  • 2. Faulty Micro-USB charging cable
  • 3. Faulty configuration settings
  • 4. Faulty charging port
  • 5. Because of a fault in the circuit

Read on to learn more about these factors and how to fix them when they happen. It is pretty annoying when your expensive JBL speaker just stops charging suddenly with signs of physical damage.

When this happens, your speaker will turn off after a short while. When you plug it in, it will not show any signs of charging on the LED indicator.

Here Is Why Your Speaker Is Not Charging and How To Fix It

1. Damaged Battery

It is uncommon for JBL batteries to fail. But since it is an electronic device like any other, this can happen. Whereas lithium-ion batteries are designed to undergo hundreds of charges, with time, the amount of charge it can hold drops. The remedy for this is replacing the damaged battery.

But before you conclude that your battery is damaged, it is important to try charging your system using a different charging unit. Sometimes it can be an issue of a faulty adapter instead.

Once you have confirmed your battery is damaged, you can order a replacement at a JBL authorized dealer. Ensure that the rating of your replacement battery matches your system.

JBL speakers are designed with user-replaceable batteries. But replacing it is not as simple as taking off the cover and taking it out by hand. Each model has its method of removing the batteries. Popular varieties like JBL GO2, JBL Flip5, and JBL Boombox 2 come with battery replacement kits that contain everything you need and video tutorials on how to service the speaker.

If your speaker no longer holds the charge for long, it is most likely because the battery has exceeded the amount of charging cycles for the lithium-ion battery. This happens naturally over time. As a result, you might not realize it right away, but if your speaker is over six years old, there is a high chance that it has surpassed the recommended charging cycles that it is rated for.

2. Faulty Micro-USB Charging Cable

Most of the common faults on a JBL speaker are due to a software malfunction. But once in a while, you will have hardware faults like a faulty Micro-USB charging cable. This may cause your JBL speaker to stop charging suddenly.

If you suspect your micro-USB cable is faulty, the first thing you can do is try out another cable. If you discover that the cable wobbles around in your speaker’s USB port, this may be the source of the issue. This issue is more prevalent with micro-USB charging cables.

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

The new advanced USB C cables can fail, but this is less likely because they have a more robust design. Even if this type of cable fits your speaker, it is always a good idea to try another cable before commencing with troubleshooting.

Often the connector plating, whatever kind you have, may not be well designed or simply due to normal wear and tear. Always check your cables for any sign of damages or chipping off of the cover.

3. Faulty Configuration Settings

Most of the JBL speakers will come pre-configured from the manufacturer. Therefore, there is a reduced chance that the configuration settings will affect the charging. But since the software is prone to bugs, it is important to ensure that you are using the latest software and that the settings are correct.

When you experience charging problems and all the other measures have failed, you should consider resetting the speaker. This will restore the system’s default settings and resolve the charging issue related to the software.

Depending on your model, press and hold down the multi-function to reset. Once the LED starts glowing, you can release it. Just to be sure, you can also reset the paring settings on your Bluetooth device. Once the system is restored, you can plug it into power again.

Always follow the instructions on the user manual that comes with your specific model. The configuration settings will differ from one model to the other. Once reset, you can connect the power cord to the power receptacle and press the standby button for five seconds to engage power.

4. Faulty Charging Port

In the right circumstances, it is relatively easy to compromise a charging port. Debris on a charging port can prevent the cable from properly fitting into the USB port. However, if force is applied, you may end up bending the connector pins. If the pins seem to be in good condition, check for dust and debris in the charging port and wipe it out using a thin object like a safety pin.

In the event of water damage, a hairdryer may be used to dry the excessive moisture. Ensure that there is no buildup of moisture on your charging port. Also, using your speaker while charging it may sometime cause tension or srain on your charging port if it is not well positioned.

5. Because Of A Fault in The Circuit

Another hardware issue that can lead to your JBL speaker failing to charge is a damaged circuit. Power reaches the battery through the circuit. If it is not working correctly, the battery will not charge and, hence will not operate. Just like the case of a damaged port, you should ensure you check your circuit for continuity.

If you suspect your circuit has a fault, consider taking your speaker for service. The circuit is a sensitive component of the speaker and should only be checked by a professional. A damaged motherboard may cause a short circuit, which may cause more damage to the device and yourself.

6. Faulty Wall Power Outlet

Since the JBL speakers is an electronic device, it is bound to have hardware or software faults that may prevent it from charging. But even before you start troubleshooting the hardware and software components of your speaker, you should first confirm that your wall outlets are working fine.

Sometimes the voltage from your wall outlets may be low or dangerously high. When this happens, your speaker’s internal mechanism will prevent the electricity from flowing through. This is a self-adjusting method to avoid damaging the circuit board.

When this happens, you should consider using a different power source. You can go further and check the voltage and current coming from your power source. Excess voltage can damage your speakers and cause a short circuit.

7. Using Outdated JBL software

When your Bluetooth JBL speaker isn’t charging and trying it out with other cables hasn’t worked, and you are sure your wall power outlet is working fine, check your software. Confirm that you are using the latest software on your speaker. Bugs in the code can interfere with the charging capabilities of your JBL speaker.

A software fix may be all you need to get your speaker charging again. To reset the speaker, hold down the Bluetooth and volume button for about 5 seconds. This will work on JBL Go and JBL Flip 5. To reset your JBL charge, press and hold the play, pause, and volume up buttons together until the power button glows.

Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?


JBL speakers are an excellent brand, and experiencing battery problems with anything designed to be portable is extremely inconvenient. Particularly when you are in the middle of an event or hanging out with friends and family. Your music abruptly stops playing way much earlier before the day breaks!

If you notice your JBL speaker is not charging all the way, it is usually due to a fault with the charging port or the cable. Sometimes dust and debris can damage the charging port. When this happens, you can use the above procedures to fix a Bluetooth Speaker that won’t charge. But if you have used your JBL speaker for over five years, it is time to service it or replace it with the latest model like the JBL GO2, JBL Flip 5, JBL Charge 4, and JBL Boombox.

If you are using the latest model and none of the troubleshooting methods on this article works, you can contact JBL to report the issue. It is unusual for JBL speakers to have battery problems, particularly the newer models.

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