Why Is My Nest Camera Going Offline? [SOLVED]

Google Nest cameras are amazing, but just like any other equipment, it can sometimes not work as expected.

Sometimes I’ve found that my Nest camera just won’t connect to WiFi.

I’m going to help you check every possible problem so that you can fix this at home.

Why Is My Nest Camera Going Offline? [SOLVED]

If your Google Nest camera is going offline, then it’s likely a problem with WiFi. Be sure to check your router or call your internet provider for assistance. It could also be that the camera is unplugged, overheating or the WiFi settings are conflicting with the camera.

While it’s normally easy to correct this error, you might have to check a few things before finding out what’s causing the Nest camera to go offline.

I’ll walk you through all the possible solutions so that you can fix this problem.

WiFi Problems

While sometimes the problem is with the camera itself, I suggest checking WiFi first as this is most commonly the culprit. 

There may be several potential issues with your WiFi. I’m going to help you figure out the most common ones so that you can get your Nest camera online again.

Restart the Router

This is the easiest solution, so I suggest starting here. 

Turn your router off, wait for a minute and turn it back on. 

While this might sound simple, I’ve found that it corrects many of my WiFi issues at home.

Give the router a minute to boot up. 

I also suggest pulling out your phone, connecting to WiFi, and loading a random website to make sure it works. 

Check the Nest app and see if the camera is online.

Call Internet Provider

If restarting the router didn’t work, then try calling your internet provider. Sometimes the problem is deeper and they need to fix it. 

I’ve found that they can often correct problems on their end that I wouldn’t be able to fix.

While the hold times might be long, the representative should be able to troubleshoot and correct this issue in a few minutes.

Test your WiFi to make sure it’s working and then check the Nest app.

WiFi Settings

Sometimes your WiFi settings will prevent devices from properly connecting to the router. 

This is usually related to your firewall or parental controls.

Check your firewall settings and make sure that it isn’t preventing the Nest camera from connecting to your router. 

This will usually occur when you first get the camera, but it can also happen if you just updated your firewall.

Parental controls are the same thing. They will sometimes prevent unknown devices from connecting to the router. 

Check your parental controls and see if they are blocking the camera from connecting to WiFi.

Incompatible Routers

Another problem that may happen is that your router is incompatible with Nest. 

This commonly isn’t a problem for most homes, but let me walk you through the list of incompatible routers just so you know them.

Google says that Nest products don’t work with captive portal networks or enterprise networks. 

Captive portal ones are commonly found in airports, stores and hotels. 

These are networks where you must sign in through a website before receiving the signal.

Enterprise networks are those that are through a business. 

They are usually connected to a 802.1x or Radius network. 

These are not compatible with Nest.

The one that is most likely to affect you is 5GHz routers. Some Nest products, especially older ones, are only compatible with 2.4GHz networks. 

This largely depends on what generation you have and the specific camera that you own. Newer ones tend to work with 5GHz.

Read up on your specific camera to see which routers are incompatible.

Out of Range

Every router has an effective range. This is how far the signal reaches out. 

While some devices might be able to connect outside of this range, they will suffer from a weak signal.

If the camera is far away from the router, then try moving them closer together. 

If that’s not possible, then you can get a WiFi extender. These connect to a power outlet and effectively bounce the router’s signal for a larger effective range.

Low Bandwidth

Just like any other wireless device, the Nest camera needs bandwidth to properly function. 

If your bandwidth is low, then the camera won’t be able to connect to the network.

Try disconnecting other devices from the network. This should increase your bandwidth. 

If that doesn’t fix the problem, then you may have to call your internet provider and request a stronger internet service.

Camera Problems

While WiFi connection issues are usually due to the wireless network itself, this can also be caused by problems with the camera. 

If you tried fixing your WiFi and the camera is still having problem, then try these troubleshooting steps.

There is a chance that you will have to replace the camera, but truth is that you can usually correct this problem if you’re willing to put in the time. Most of these steps are fairly easy. 

Just go through and keep checking everything until you find what the real problem is.

Power Issues

This most likely culprit here is that the camera is either unplugged or experiencing power issues.

Start by checking the power outlet and ensure that the camera is plugged it. It won’t receive a wireless signal if it’s off.

If unplugged, then simply plug it back in and check the Nest app.

If it’s plugged in, then it’s a more significant problem.

Try using another socket as the current one may not be working. This may also be a problem with the power brick. 

Try using a different one to see if that corrects the issue.


Nest cameras work well in most temperatures, but there can be problems if the camera is overheating. 

Nest is able to function properly at temperatures of 32°F to 104°F or up to 40°C.

What happens if Nest overheats? It will start turning off functions to cool down. The first function to deactivate is WiFi.

Unplug the Nest camera and give it a some time to cool down. Consider moving it to a place that’s cooler or has less direct sunlight. 

If you can’t move it, then consider adding some shade. 

This can reduce the operating temperatures so that Nest can still function properly.

Update the App

Believe it or not, but having an old Nest app could prevent the camera from connecting to WiFi. 

Most devices are set to automatically install updates. If the app hasn’t been updating properly and several new updates have been released, then this could potentially cause the camera to go offline.

The easiest way to fix this is to head to your app marketplace and update the app.

You could also try uninstalling and then redownloading the app.

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