Why Does My Nest Camera Keep Buffering?

When you are trying to stream the video from your Google Nest camera, you are going to want a swift Internet speed to ensure a constant connection.

You probably installed your camera for security purposes of some sort, whether it is an outdoor cam to keep an eye on who might be coming up to your front door or an indoor camera to monitor what your kids are doing from the next room over.

Why Does My Nest Camera Keep Buffering?

Your Nest Camera is probably buffering because there is a bandwidth problem. Bear in mind that your Internet connection speed might just not be quick enough. There is also the potential for your WIFI router to be incompatible.

When you deal with unrelenting lag, there is a good chance that your Internet is too slow for the camera feed to operate without any flaws.

For some people, there is a continual buffering that happens.

In fact, some Reddit users report seeing a spinning blue circle when they go to check their video at the end of each day. 

This, of course, means that the video is trying – and failing – to buffer.

This isn’t just a frustrating issue – it is one that defeats the purpose of you buying and using a Google Nest camera

And, yeah, those things ain’t cheap. 

You don’t want to feel like you just wasted a few hundred bucks on something that isn’t going to work how you expect it to.

Luckily, there are some troubleshooting techniques available to help address this constant buffering dilemma. 

Although, in some cases, it seems as though the cameras just didn’t have the bandwidth to support their user base, this might not be the case for the Nest cameras that were just released in 2021 (which operate on dual bandwidth, meaning they can use either a 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz wireless connection).

If you are having trouble with your Nest camera continually buffering, here are some reasons why this might be the case and what you can do about it.

Could my Nest camera have a bandwidth issue?

Your camera could be trying to consume more bandwidth than your Internet package can really spare. 

This can lead to a slowed-down Internet speed. 

While the connection might work just fine for other activities, it might not be enough for your Nest cam. 

You will want to think about which Nest Aware subscription package you have, as there is the option of having everything you record uploaded onto the cloud.

Is my Internet not fast enough for the Nest camera?

Your connection might not be fast enough to allow proper buffering and running of the video feed.

The Google Nest camera does require that you have high-speed Internet that can stream 1080p files for you to view whenever you’d like. 

Google does lay out all the requirements you will need for the Nest camera, so make sure that your connection meets them all.

Take note of the connection speed required as well as which upload speed the camera requires.

Why Does My Nest Camera Keep Buffering Why Does My Nest Camera Keep Buffering?

Is my WIFI router incompatible with Google Nest?

There is also the possibility that your WIFI router just is not compatible with the Google Nest camera.

You should see a list of all the routers that are supported by the Google Nest, and most newer WIFI routers should be on it. 

If your router is not on the list, it could be that this model isn’t supported by Google Nest. 

If that is the case, you might need to buy a new WIFI router.

If your router is on the list, check to make sure that it does not need any firmware updates.

How do I address bandwidth issues?

If you are having bandwidth issues, you might want to start by switching your Nest subscription to the option that uploads everything right onto the cloud. 

You can also get the option that allows you to only record in short bursts when you have the camera feed opened up on one of your devices.

Also, people who have lower bandwidth connections will get sent a snapshot whenever the camera detects something moving in that area. 

This can help save you on data and ease up on the lag.

Should I spend money on a faster Internet package?

You might want to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to ask about upgrading to a package with higher rates of speed. 

You can also check to see if your Internet speed is running below the speed that it is supposed to be running at. 

If it isn’t, then the problem is likely on your ISP’s end, and they will need to correct it.

Of course, if your Internet speed is at what your plan is set for, then you will need to upgrade to something faster.

Will I need to buy a new WIFI router?

Since an incompatible WIFI router can lead to lag, you might need to upgrade yours to a newer and compatible model. 

Be sure to check the list of compatible WIFI routers before you go out and buy one though. 

You might also wish to try updating your current router’s firmware before you go on a spending spree since out-of-date firmware can cause slow-downs. 

You will either need to manually install it or do so by resetting your WIFI router.

Closing Thoughts

Your Google Nest camera should work seamlessly whether you get the wired or wireless variant. 

However, that does not always happen, and problems can arise when your Internet connection or WIFI is not up to speed.

Check to make sure that your Internet and router are not at the heart of the matter, then adjust your Google Nest subscription accordingly, minimizing the amount of data you use as much as possible.

That annoying blue circle can be made to go away, but it might not be the easiest – or cheapest – fix.

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