Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5

One of the amazing features of PS5 consoles is the ability to connect them to the WiFi. So, how do you find WiFi passwords on PS5? 

Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5 1 Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5

How do you find the Wifi password on the PS5?

To find your WiFi password on PS5, go to the home screen and select the settings option. Then go to the view connection status option to see your network’s password posted next to “password.” Choose your WiFi name, and the console will display your password.

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Typically, routers and related equipment service providers set configurations that ensure their users are the only individuals who can use their products and services by creating passwords of their choice. 

The passwords also help prevent other individuals from using the WiFi without your consent and prevent data hacking. 

In the gaming industry, WiFi provides internet for gamers who would like to play with each other online or broadcast live games.

 You can access your password on the gaming consoles, especially if you need to remember or want to change it. 

The current PS5 gaming console has a simple way of finding your WiFi password, which will require 4 steps. Therefore, whether you want to change, delete or forget your password in PS5, you must learn a simple way to go about it.

Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5 1 1 Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5

How to find WiFi Password on PS5

Finding passwords in your PS5 gaming console involves selecting the settings option on your console’s home screen and selecting a network. Then go to the view connection status option to see your network’s password posted next to “password.” Choose your WiFi name, and you can access the passwords.

At this point in the process, you can change your WiFi password if you feel the previous password is weak. You can also press the forget option to disable your console from the WiFi or delete the password.

Common WiFi Password and Network Issues

Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5 2 Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5

Incorrect Input of Password

One of the common errors in accessing a WiFi network is using an incorrect WiFi password. Therefore, before you load into your WiFi network, make sure that your password is accurate by checking it.

Additionally, ensure that you have entered the right characters by paying attention to case-sensitive characters and capital letters.

If the password is still not working, there is a likelihood that someone who has access to your network has interfered with your password or joined the network without his consent. 

This will require you to verify your network credentials so the WiFi system identifies you as a legitimate or authorized user.

 To reset your WiFi account, go to settings on your PS5 and choose “network”. 

In the network option, you will click on set up internet connection and turn on “connect to the internet.” your gaming console will create a list of accessible networks depending on the WiFi providers around you and choose your network. If the WiFi password doesn’t work after resetting your password, seek assistance from your WiFi network provider.

DNS Setting Error

Sometimes the WiFi password and network can be invalid on your PS5 using a non-compatible DNS setting. 

The ideal way to use it is to alter the DNS server settings to either a primary or secondary DNS. This will solve mostly the WiFi network issues. 

Another ideal way is to switch your DNS to a google free DNS server. Switching to google free DNS server involves clicking the network option and the “select set up connection” under the settings. Then select the advanced settings and change the DNS configuration to manual.

You can adjust between the primary and secondary DNS on your advanced setting.

Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5 3 Finding Your Wifi Password On The PS5

Router Problems

If you have a new PS gaming console and it is not verifying with your WiFi, there is also the likelihood that your router cannot verify a new device. The ideal way to do this before you connect your PS5 is to reset your router. 

The process involves pressing the power button until the router is switched off. Then, unplug it from its power source, take a few minutes, and plug the router back in. 

If your router gets its power source from batteries, take them out and put them back after a few minutes. Switch your router on and try to connect it to your PS5 console.

If restarting your router does not work, it may be connected to many devices lowering its bandwidth.

You must monitor the number of connected devices in your router by removing the excess devices. Therefore, PS5 may be unable to connect to the router if your family and friends use the same network on their mobile phones, laptops, and other gaming consoles. 

Additionally, your internet plan is insufficient, so you may also change and upgrade your bandwidth for your gaming console to work.

How to Delete a WiFi Password on PS5

If the main reason for finding the WiFi password in your gaming console is to remove your console from the WiFi network, you will be required to select settings in your gaming console and choose the network option.

Then, go to the settings option in the network menu, and select it to establish an internet connection. In this part of the process, you can now delete the WiFi registered to your gaming console.

To remove the WiFi password and network, you will need to tap the X button on your controller and then click on “delete.” you can now register another WiFi device using a new password.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding a WiFi password is a simple process
  • There are various reasons for looking for your WiFi password on PS5
  • Sometimes errors may occur during WiFi connection to PS5 console
  • PS5 requires a stable internet connection
  • Restart your router if your WiFi password is not working on your PS5

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