What Are The Apple Stickers For In My iPhone Box? Answered!

If you buy a new iPhone, you will find Apple stickers in the box. What are the apple stickers for in my iPhone box?

Apple Stickers What Are The Apple Stickers For In My iPhone Box? Answered!

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What are the Apple stickers for that came with my iPhone?

Apple stickers have no purpose other than being used as stickers. The company uses them as a way to promote the brand. Apple has a lot of loyal customers that like the company and put stickers on their cars and elsewhere. 

I have been buying Apple products for decades and I know about the history of the company. Apple has always given stickers away to make its brand more visible. 

Apple Stickers Explained

Apple always gives away stickers for all of its products, including iPhones. This is similar to a company selling hats or shirts – it makes the brand more visible. 

If they give away free stickers, some people use them on their backpacks, vehicles, laptop bags, and elsewhere. When people see the Apple stickers, it reminds them of the brand and may make them buy Apple products. 

They can attract new customers who don’t normally buy Apple products this way. They may also encourage regular buyers to buy something new by giving away free stickers. 

Do the Stickers Have Another Purpose?

No, the stickers are only stickers and do not do anything else. You cannot use them as coupons that you exchange for anything. 

Can You Sell the Stickers?

Yes, you can sell your Apple stickers for a small amount of money sometimes. On eBay and similar sites, they may be worth a few dollars. 

They aren’t worth much. However, they might be worth selling if you already sell things online and you have quite a few of them. A lot of the time, you get a few Apple stickers in one box, so you might end up with many. 

Can You Give The Stickers Away?

Yes, if any of your friends regularly use Apple products they might want to use them. Some of your co-workers might want them if they use Apple products. 

Where Can You Put Apple Stickers?

Probably, the best use of Apple stickers is to keep them and use them yourself. You can put the sticker on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV.

You can also put an Apple sticker on something that is not an Apple product, such as a fridge or microwave. You can also put stickers on a car, truck, van, or motorcycle. Chairs, coffee cups, mirrors, doors, and windows are all good places for stickers. 

Another place is on the outside of a case you carry your Apple laptop in. While the laptop already has the Apple logo on it, the case might not. 

Which Products Include Apple Stickers?

Nearly anything that Apple sells includes stickers. If you open a box from Apple, there will be a few stickers in it. 

Apple Stickers 1 What Are The Apple Stickers For In My iPhone Box? Answered!

Loyal Customers Use the Stickers to Promote the Brand

Apple is a company with a lot of loyal customers, and it has been since as far back as the 1980s. Ever since the first Macintosh came out, many people have trusted and regularly bought products from the company. Some customers have bought Apple computers for more than three decades. 

Stickers Help People Show Brand Loyalty

In the early 1990s, Apple was being outcompeted by other companies and faced going out of business. However, they may have been saved by the loyalty of their customers, who kept the company alive until it could grow again. 

People who loved Macintosh computers often talked about their advantages over PCs. They helped the company stay alive during its most difficult time. 

Stickers May Help People Become Loyal

When a person puts an Apple sticker on their car or their fridge, it helps them think of themselves as an Apple customer. It won’t only encourage people who see the sticker to buy Apple products but encourage the person using the sticker to buy them. 

Stickers Were Introduced to Let People Show Brand Loyalty

The company introduced stickers during the difficult early 90s. The company gave the stickers away so that loyal customers could show that they supported the company. 

IBM at the time was taking everything over and replacing Apple. Stickers helped the brand’s visibility. They showed that Apple still mattered even though it was much smaller than the biggest computer company. 

It Was Harder to Show Brand Loyalty in the 1990s

Today, you can easily show which company you prefer by showing people your iPhone. However, in the 1990s, people did not as commonly carry electronics around. With stickers, Apple could make the brand visible on the street and everywhere else. 

Apple is No Longer the Underdog

Today, Apple is not a relatively small company competing with much bigger ones. Apple is a huge computer company and it can’t have an underdog brand image anymore. 

Instead, Apple aims for a hip and trendy brand image. This has been true since the 2000s when Apple started to promote itself as the coolest tech company. 

How Loyal Are Apple Customers?

Apple has more loyal customers than most other large companies do. In 2021, Apple had a brand loyalty of 92%, its highest ever. Samsung, on the other hand, experienced a drop in brand loyalty. Even in 2019, Apple’s 90.5% brand loyalty was the highest in the industry. 

They have unusually loyal customers because of:

  • Many people who switch brands switch to Apple and stay with the company.  
  • The iPhone 12 improved customer loyalty. 
  • Apple has five smartphone brands that many people are loyal to. 
  • Apple has been a technological leader for most of its history. 
  • Other companies have experienced drops in brand loyalty. For example, Samsung’s brand loyalty decreased from 85.7% to 74% from three years ago to last year. Loyalty to the Google Pixel brand dropped from 84% to 65.2% during the same time. 

Stickers only play a small part in attracting customers and keeping them loyal to the company, but they likely work.

How Much Trouble Was Apple in During the Early Nineties?

Apple reported a loss many times during the 1990s. Some people think of the nineties as Apple’s best decade, but that isn’t true. The company was in trouble many times. 

For example, Apple lost $188 million in the second quarter of 1993. This caused investors to lose faith in the company and made the stock price drop. In 2016, on the other hand, Apple only became less profitable, it did not lose money. 

Apple Was not Innovative Enough in Most of the 90s

Apple briefly stopped being a technological leader. The computers available from the company during that time were often more expensive than and less powerful than their competitors. From 1994 to 1997, the company lost money every year. 

However, Microsoft feared facing monopoly lawsuits if Apple failed. Without Apple, the only popular operating system would have been Windows, and Microsoft would have been a monopoly.

Microsoft decided to send Apple a large amount of money in return for some deals. This allowed Apple to develop the iMac in 1998, which was a success. The Powermac GC was also successful, and by the early 2000s, the company was clearly no longer in trouble. 

Key Takeaways

  • Apple gives away stickers for promotional purposes. If people put Apple stickers on their cars, water bottles, bags, ext it promotes the company. 
  • If someone chooses to put an Apple sticker on their car, this might make them more likely to buy another Apple computer in the future. 
  • If you do not want to use the Apple stickers, you can give them away, and you might even be able to sell them for a small amount of money on eBay. 

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