Sweat, Rain, or Shine: Can AirPods handle getting wet?

Prior to purchasing AirPods I had owned other Bluetooth earbuds. Those earbuds that I had owned were not waterproof, which made me curious if AirPods were waterproof. This led me to conduct some research to discover whether AirPods are waterproof, and the following is what I learned.

Are AirPods Waterproof? 

disconnect Airpods from all devices Sweat, Rain, or Shine: Can AirPods handle getting wet?

AirPods are not waterproof. Airpods are water-resistant, meaning they can withstand some exposure to moisture like sweat or rain for brief periods. No models or generations of AirPods are waterproof to the extent that you could use them while swimming.

AirPods are not intended to be waterproof. However, AirPods are resistant to things such as sweat and dust. This can allow AirPods to endure certain exposure to water without experiencing significant damage.

Can I take AirPods in the Shower?

You should not take your AirPods into the shower. However, depending on the version of AirPods that you own, they may be able to withstand some water from the shower.

If you own the base version of the AirPods, then you should not try and take your AirPods into the shower. This is because these AirPods are not water-resistant. 

Any splash of water could seriously damage these AirPods and lead to their malfunctioning.If you own the AirPods Pro, then you may be able to get away with taking them into the shower from time to time.

I would not recommend taking them into the shower because the AirPods Pro is not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. These AirPods are made to withstand sweat and small amounts of water. So, if your AirPods do not get soaked in the shower, then you may be able to take them into the shower.

Can Sweat Damage AirPods?

Sweat could potentially damage your AirPods depending on what type of AirPods you have. The first generations of AirPods could be damaged by sweat, but the AirPods Pro are made to be sweat resistant.

The first generations of AirPods are not made to be water-resistant. This means that any amount of your sweat could lead to potential damage. While small amounts of sweat may not lead to immediate damage, it will compile over time and lead to them malfunctioning.

The AirPods Pro are made to be water resistant, which means that they are resistant from sweat. These AirPods are much more capable of being taken to the gym due to their resistance to sweat and other small amounts of water.

Are AirPods Waterproof 1 Sweat, Rain, or Shine: Can AirPods handle getting wet?

What happens if my AirPods get wet?

If you own the first generations of AirPods, then water could ruin your AirPods. Since they are not waterproof, exposure to water will most likely cause your AirPods to malfunction. If you own AirPods Pro, then they will be able to withstand water damage. 

However, they will only be able to withstand water damage to a certain extent. This version of the AirPods Pro has water-resistant seals, which deteriorate over time. As your AirPods are exposed to more and more water, the seals will deteriorate. 

Once the seals have deteriorated, then your AirPods will no longer be resistant to water and malfunction when exposed to water.

Can Apple tell me if my AirPods have been water damaged?

No, Apple cannot tell you whether your AirPods have suffered water damage.

There are other pieces of Apple technology that have liquid contact indicators. These indicators let you know when the piece of technology has been in contact with water. iPhones have these liquid contact indicators, but AirPods do not have these liquid contact indicators.

What happens if I wear my AirPods in the rain?

Wearing your AirPods in the rain can lead to them malfunctioning depending on what kind of AirPods you own. 

If you own the first generations of AirPods, then they could malfunction due to any contact with water. If you own AirPods Pro, then small amounts of rain should not have any effect on them.

The AirPods Pro should be safe when encountering small amounts of rain because of the water-resistant seals that are on these AirPods. Over time if they are exposed to large amounts of rain, then they will begin to malfunction. 

However, it is alright to wear them in the rain if you must.

What substances are AirPods resistant to?

Water and dust are the primary substances that AirPods are resistant to.These are the two substances that are most commonly around AirPods.

The first generation of AirPods are not resistant to these substances, so you should be careful about properly cleaning your AirPods to make sure that dust does not collect in or on your AirPods.

The AirPods Pro are resistant to these substances, so you do not have to be as worried about exposing your AirPods to these substances. 

However, you should still clean your AirPods when they are exposed to these substances.

How can I clean my AirPods?

To clean your AirPods, you should first wipe them down with a dry lint-free cloth. 

If the AirPods are exposed to anything that could potentially stain them, then you can wipe them down with a slightly damp towel to try and remove the stain. 

You must make sure that no liquids get in the openings of the AirPods, and you must wait until they are completely dry to use them again.

If you are trying to clean the cushions of the AirPods, then you must remove the ear cushions from the AirPods. 

You can place them in a mix of water and laundry detergent. After, wipe them down with a dry cloth and let them sit out until they are completely dry. 

Once they are dry you can play them back on the AirPods.

Do you have to pay more for Waterproof AirPods?

Yes, you have to pay more for waterproof AirPods. 

The waterproof feature is not the only feature that causes the AirPods to cost more, but it is one of the features that contributes to the price increase.

Currently, the AirPods Pro cost about $180 which comes with the waterproof feature and the first gen AirPods cost about $100. 

If you are constantly finding your earbuds getting wet and damaged, then you may want to invest in the more expensive AirPods for the extra protection.

Also, there are plenty of other Bluetooth earbuds that are inexpensive

So, if you are looking for earbuds that are not as expensive, then you may want to shy away from AirPods.

Are Other Bluetooth Earbuds Waterproof?

Yes, there are other Bluetooth earbuds that are waterproof. 

However, earbuds that are waterproof may have trouble sustaining a Bluetooth connection if they are submerged in water. 

Regardless of the waterproof ability, any Bluetooth device that is submerged in water will struggle to maintain a quality Bluetooth connection.

If you are considering other earbuds, then you should consider that these other earbuds may not be as quality as AirPods. 

Also, if you are an iPhone owner, then they may not work as well with iPhones.If you are not an iPhone owner, then you can still use AirPods with your device. 

However, there may be another pair of earbuds that are better suited for your device.


To summarize the research that I conducted on whether AirPods are waterproof, I would say that you should do your best to avoid exposing your AirPods to any kind of water or other substances. 

In general, you should avoid exposing any kind of technology to water or other substances.

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