Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof? [The Sad Truth!]

Beats Solo 3 are a high-end set of headphones that can provide excellent sound quality. You can use them for quite a few different listening purposes and take advantage of a multitude of features. You might be spending over $100 for a set of headphones, but you probably feel like you are getting your money’s worth with all these capabilities.

But is one of the Solo 3’s features a waterproof design?

Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof 1 Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof? [The Sad Truth!]

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Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof?

The Beats Solo 3 headphones are not waterproof. They are not even sweatproof. As they have no water resistance or sweat resistance, you should not expose them to liquids at all, even sweat.

As it turns out, most of them aren’t waterproof. Some are able to resist water to a degree, but they are not fully waterproof. 

Earbuds and headphones are somewhat vulnerable as electronic devices with teeny, tiny holes in the ear portions. A lot of the components found inside of headphones can be quite prone to damage if liquids or debris manage to make their way in.

Let me just make it clear right now that, like so many other headphone sets on the market right now, the Beats Solo 3 are not waterproof. You do run some risks when exposing them to liquids.

But just how vulnerable are they? Let’s talk about it.

What is an IP rating?

If you see a set of headphones that says “IPX” or “IP” and a number next to it, then this means they have Ingress Protection. 

If you see “IPX”, it means that no tests have been made to determine Ingress Protection from debris and liquids. If you see a number, this tells you to what degree the device can resist intrusion.

An IPX4 rating means that the device is weatherproof, and able to resist splashes from all directions.

It also means that the device cannot be submerged in water without incurring damage. However, if they are rated IPX8, they are indeed continuously submersible in water up to a certain depth (such as 20 meters). 

The Beats Solo 3 are rated IPX0, which means that they cannot even be splashed or sweated on. Their low tolerance for such means that you need to take great care in how you use them. They might not get damaged right away, but if you don’t take action to dry them out or continually expose them to liquids, they could get fried pretty easily. 

Also, the warranty will not cover any water or sweat damage since the Solo 3 are not rated for any resistance.

What happens when you expose the Beats Solo 3 to water?

So, what exactly happens when you get your Beats Solo 3 wet? Will they be able to survive it? They might not immediately get damaged, but there is also a chance that the wiring inside them will get fried. 

You will likely notice a partial or full loss of sound from one or both sides of the headphones if something does get damaged, and the loss of sound and power can continue until the headphones are totally dead.

Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof 1 1 Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof? [The Sad Truth!]

Can you safely work out with your Beats Solo 3 on your ears?

Wearing the Solo 3 to work out in isn’t ideal since they aren’t sweat-resistant. Continually exposing these headphones to sweat can lead to internal components getting damaged beyond repair.

Sound will dwindle down to virtually nothing. Also, moisture will erode the padding on the headphones unless you buy sweat covers for them. Even this might not be a helpful solution though, so it is best to just leave your Beats Solo 3 at home and take a sweat-resistant set of headphones or earbuds with you instead.

Does Beats make any waterproof headphones?

Beats does make some water-resistant headphones. The PowerBeats Pro are IPX 4 rated, which just means that they are able to resist both sweat and water intrusion. 

Still, you cannot submerge them in water and expect them to come out unscathed.

PowerBeats Pro are one of the better options for working out, though, as you can get sweat on them. Just make sure you wipe them down after each use to keep them clean and functional.

Which headphones on the market right now are able to resist water?

There are other headphones out there that can resist water. As already mentioned, Powerbeats Pro are able to do this. They are obviously much smaller than the Solo 3, making it easier to exercise in them.

You might also want to look into the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100, which are IPX 5. They are able to withstand some spills and moisture, plus they have a perforated headband that makes them a lot more breathable for working out in.

With an IPX 7 rating, the Jaybird Vista are as waterproof as it gets for earbuds, and they have a battery life of up to six hours. You can submerge them in water, so don’t freak out if you drop them in the sink or in a puddle of rain water.

Closing Thoughts

The Beats Solo 3 are good headphones, but they are not rated for any sort of exposure to liquids or moisture. They cannot withstand even the sweat rolling down your forehead from a vigorous workout.

These headphones are best left somewhere dry and safe and require more care than headphones and earbuds with higher IP ratings.

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