Do I Need To Turn Off My Beats Flex?

Beats Flex are comfortable and versatile wireless earbuds from Apple, are part of their work with Dr. Dre from Beats. 

Many Apple earbuds have an accelerometer that allows them to sense when you take them out and automatically turn off. 

The Beats Flex works in a slightly different way.

Do I need to turn off my Beats Flex?

Press and hold the power button on the right side control bar for one second to turn off a pair of Beats Flex. The Beats Flex doesn’t automatically turn off, so it must be done manually. Turning them off will help preserve battery life and prevent music from playing accidentally.

Taking care of the battery life on your Beats Flex will help them last longer and allow you to listen to music all day. 

However, before you use your Beats Flex you need to know what buttons to press and when.

How Do You Turn Off Beats Flex?

Beats Flex earbuds are two tiny earbuds with silicone tips that are connected by a thin but durable cable. 

The cable is designed to go behind your neck and has a control bar on each side that naturally rests right in front of your shoulders. 

The two control bars house all the buttons and controls that you need to access while using your earbuds, including the power button.

The power button is on the bottom of the right bar. It is the only button on the right side, so it is extremely easy to find. A quick press and release of the power button will turn the earbuds on or off.

The earbuds will not automatically turn off when you aren’t using them, like you may be used to with products like AirPods.

The Beats need to be manually turned off when you are not using them. 

Turning them off as needed will help preserve the battery life so you can use them for longer. 

What Do the Other Buttons Do on Beats Flex?

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The same button on the right bar that is used to power on and off is also the Bluetooth pairing button.

Instead of pressing and releasing the button, if you press and hold the power button for a few seconds, it will go into pairing mode and you will be able to connect a device to your earbuds via Bluetooth.

You will know when the beats are in pairing mode because a small indicator light near the button will begin to flash.

If it stops flashing, you have successfully paired your device.

Outside of pairing, the indicator light is a reminder of how much battery life you have left before you need to charge.

Usually, the light will be white, indicating that you have at least an hour of listening time left, even up to a full charge.

If the light is red, it means you can listen for about an hour longer. 

When the earbuds can no longer be used before they are charged again, the light will blink red.

The left control bar has a lot more going on than just one button. 

On the top of the bar, the volume can be controlled by pressing on the front of the long button to raise the volume and on the back to lower volume. 

This volume control is only for media playbacks like music, podcasts, or videos. 

To control the volume of a phone call, you will need to use your phone volume controls instead.

On the front inside of the right bar, there is a circular button that has a lot of different functions. 

Press once to pause and play media, or to take and end a call. 

Double-press to skip forward, and triple press to skip backward. 

If you want to scan through a track, press the button twice, but hold the button when you press it the second time. 

The track will then scan forward until you release the button. 

You can also scan backward by pressing and holding the button three times.

If you are receiving a phone call, you can either press once to answer or press and hold until the ringing stops to decline the call. 

If you want to switch to taking the call on your phone rather than the earbuds, you can double press the button to switch over.

Beats Flex also supports taking multiple calls at once. 

If you receive a second call while you are already talking, you can press the button once to put the first call on hold and begin taking the second call. 

After that, a quick press of the button will switch you back and forth between the two calls.

The final function of this button is to access your voice assistant

Pressing and holding the button will activate Siri, and then you can give commands. 

The microphone that will pick up your voice for Siri and phone calls is located just behind this multi-purpose button on the center inside of the left control bar. 

Do You Have to Turn Off Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro earbuds function very similarly to Apple AirPods. 

They have an accelerometer inside that can sense when you put the buds in and take them out. 

This enables automatic pausing and playing. 

The charging case also charges your Powerbeats Pro and controls the power. 

You never have to turn Powerbeats Pro on or off, they will do that automatically when you put them in the case

Opening the case and taking out the earbuds automatically turns them on and gets them ready to use. 

Likewise, when you put the earbuds back in their slots and close the case, the power is turned off.

Can You Overcharge Beats Flex?

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Beats Flex uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Leaving the Beats plugged in longer than necessary every once in a while is no big deal. 

However, if you are continuously leaving your Beats on the charger after they are fully charged, it can start to wear on the battery life.

Once they reach 100% charge, the power input is automatically shut off. 

As soon as the charge drops to 99%, the Beats will accept power again until it’s back at 100%. 

This prevents the earbuds’ battery from any potential damage from too much power inside of it at once. 

Despite that protection, the constant trickle charging will eventually start to wear on the battery, and you may see reduced battery life over time.

Overcharging is not a huge deal for most Beats owners, but if you want to preserve the longest and healthiest battery life, you should avoid leaving your Beats on the charger after they are fully charged.

How Do You Know If Beats Flex is Fully Charged?

To avoid the negative effects of overcharging, you need to know when the Beats are fully charged. 

The same indicator light on the right control bar that helps you know when to charge will also indicate when charging is complete. 

When you plug in the Beats and they begin charging, the light will flash red.

Once they are fully charged, the light will turn white and stop flashing. Once you see the white light, unplug the beats as soon as possible. 

A full charge should give you 12 hours of listening time.

If you are short on time and just want a little extra battery, a 10-minute quick charge will let you listen for an extra hour and a half.

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