Can I Charge Beats Flex With A Macbook Charger?

Many people have both the Beats Flex headphones and a MacBook. 

But since they are both made by Apple, can you charge your Beats Flex with a MacBook charger?

Can you charge your Beats Flex with a MacBook charger?

Beats Flex can be charged with a MacBook charger if it uses a USB-C cable. If the MacBook uses a lightning cable rather than a USB-C, Beats Flex cannot be charged with the same cable. Beats Flex has a charging port that is not compatible with lightning cables, only USB-C cables.

Many people have learned how to identify what type of cable can be used to charge their various devices.

However, sometimes it is hard to determine exactly what cable, other than the one that it came with, can be used. 

More information about Beats charging cables is below.

What Kind of Charger Do Beats Flex Use?

Beats Flex headphones use a USB-C cable. 

They don’t use a lightning cable that is commonly used to charge Apple devices.

However, even though Beats Flex are headphones made by Apple, they chose not to use the recognizable lightning cable as the charging cable of choice this time. 

However, some Beats headphones do use a lightning cable rather than a USB-C cable to charge.

If your MacBook uses a USB-C cable to charge, you can charge your Beats Flex with the same cord. 

This makes it easier to carry the chargers that you may need for all of your devices and accessories because you have a 2-in-1 charger.

However, if your MacBook uses a lightning cable or has a charging cable with a large square or rectangle at the end of it, you can’t use this cable to charge your Beats Flex headphones. 

You can discover what kind of charging cable your MacBook uses in the owner’s manual or ask a Genius when you purchase said MacBook.

If you lose or break your Beats Flex charging cable, you can purchase another one at an Apple store, online, supermarket, grocery store, and tech store. 

Almost any store that sells cables will have one that can be used to charge your Beats Flex. 

You won’t have to worry about not being able to charge them, as cables that can charge these headphones are widely available.

Can You Charge Beats Studio Buds with a MacBook Charger?

You can charge Beat Studio buds through the charging case with a MacBook charger if it has a USB-C charger. 

However, if your MacBook is charged through a lightning cable, you can’t charge your Beats Studio Buds with the same charger as your MacBook.

Can You Charge Beats with an Apple Charger?

You can’t charge Beats Flex with an Apple charger if it is the lightning cable. 

However, you can use an Apple charger if you are using a USB-C cable. 

Apple has a variety of different chargers available for you to use, so you will definitely be able to find one that can charge your Beats Flex headphones.

However, if you have Beats X headphones, you can use a lightning cable to charge your headphones. 

Beats X headphones have a different charging port than Beats Flex headphones, so they use a different type of charger. 

Overall, try to only use the charger that comes with your Beats headphones. 

That way, you won’t have to wonder what type of cable you have to use to charge them. 

If that cord breaks, purchase a new one directly from Apple or another qualified retailer.

If you are wondering if a charging cable will charge your Beats headphones, try using the said cable to charge the case. If it fits inside the charging port, then you can use the said charger. 

If not, the cable can’t be used to charge them.

How Do I Charge My Apple Beats Flex?

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You can charge your Beats Flex headphones through the charging case that they come in. 

When the charging case has a low battery and needs to be charged, plug a USB-C cable into the charging port that is located at the bottom. 

You will know that your Beats Flex headphones need to be charged when the LED indicator light is red or blinking red. 

When the light is red, you have less than an hour of listening time before they need to be charged.

If the light is blinking red, they need to be charged immediately and will soon run out of battery. 

If your Beats Flex headphones indicator light is white, you have more than an hour of listening time left before they need to be charged.

The charging case for your Beats Flex headphones has an LED indicator light that will tell you when the case itself needs to be charged. 

The headphones can be used while the charging case is charging. 

When the charging case indicator light turns red, it has less than 40% battery life.

However, if the said light is blinking red rather than a solid red, the battery life is not being displayed. 

Instead, your Beats Flex headphones need to be reset.

If you are having trouble charging your Beat Flex headphones, make sure the cable is inserted into the block fully.

Sometimes it appears to be fully inserted, but is not and no electricity is flowing.

If the cable is old or broken, try a different cable, as the cable you are currently using may not work properly.

If the charging cable is placed correctly and is still not working, make sure the headphones are placed fully and correctly inside of the charging case. 

If they are not inside the charging case properly, they won’t charge, as the charging connectors are not in place.

If your Beats Flex headphones are not charging, try resetting them. 

Wait a few minutes, then try charging them again.

If none of these methods work, contact Apple Support. 

They will be able to diagnose the issue and may be able to determine a solution. 

You can make an appointment at the Genius Bar inside of an Apple store or contact them online.

Overall, you can charge Beats Flex headphones with a MacBook charger if said MacBook charger used a USB-C cable rather than a lightning cable.

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