Do Beats Flex Work with MacBook?

When people are using their computers, especially their MacBook, they want to also use their Bluetooth headphones, like Beats Flex

However, sometimes it is hard to connect these two devices.

Can Beats Flex be connected to a MacBook?

Beats Flex earbuds work with MacBooks. Because both Beats Flex and MacBooks are made by Apple, they are extremely compatible. To connect a pair of Beats Flex and a MacBook, turn on Bluetooth Connectivity on the MacBook. Make the Beats Flex discoverable and add the earbuds to the MacBook Devices.

MacBooks and Beats Flex are made to work together because they are both made by Apple. 

More information about how to connect these two devices is included below and what to do if it isn’t working.

Can Beats Flex Connect to MacBook?

The answer is a resounding yes! Beats Flex can absolutely be connected to any MacBook because these two products are both designed and sold by Apple.

Beats Flex earbuds are wireless headphones that work through Bluetooth. 

It is quite simple to get your Beats Flex headphones to connect to your MacBook. 

First, you must make sure that the Bluetooth setting on your MacBook is turned on. 

You can do this by going to System Preferences and then Bluetooth.

Once you are in the Bluetooth folder and have Bluetooth turned on, you can click on your Beats Flex to add them to the MacBook’s devices.

And that’s it! After that, you should be good to listen to your Beats Flex with your laptop whenever you’d like.

Why Are My Beats Flex Not Connecting to My Mac?

Beats Flex is a new apple product that came out a few years ago and has become very convenient for people who want to use Bluetooth but don’t want to lose their earbuds if they fall out. 

They don’t plug into your phone, but they still have a cord connecting the two earbuds. 

This is a great compromise between regular headphones and Bluetooth earbuds. 

You can still control the volume with a button, and they are also a cheaper alternative to regular Bluetooth products

However, several customers of the new Beats Flex have been complaining online about their earbuds not connecting to their MacBook computer. 

Some said the Beats Flex wouldn’t show up on the list of devices. 

For others, it showed up on the list but took forever to load and just never worked. 

Many said that it ‘connected’ but the sound still came out of their laptop speakers. Very frustrating. 

Customers threatened to return the new earbuds for fear of it never working 

If this is you, don’t give up too soon. Beats Flex can connect to your MacBook with a little more effort.

How to Fix

Turn off Devices and Bluetooth

The first simple step you can do is turn off your computer and the Bluetooth. 

You can turn off the Bluetooth by going to System Preferences and Bluetooth. 

Under the Bluetooth icon, you can turn it off and then turn it back on. 

Once again try connecting the earbuds. If this doesn’t work, turn off your MacBook by clicking on the apple icon and then shutting it down. 

After a few minutes, turn your computer back on and try again.

Restart and Update Devices

If the last option didn’t work, you may need to update your computer. 

Make sure that you first back it up so you don’t lose any important information. 

You can either back it up with Time Machine or store everything on iCloud.

Then go back to System Preferences and select Software Update. You can then select ‘update now’ or ‘upgrade now’.

Updating it will update the version you already have, and upgrading it will give you a new version. Either option will work

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Reset Beats

If turning off your MacBook and updating it still doesn’t work, then you may need to restart your Beats Flex. 

You can do this by holding down the power and volume buttons for a minute and 15 seconds

The Beats Flex will also update on its own when paired to any device.

Also, make sure that the Beats Flex are working themselves. 

You can do this by pairing them with another device and making sure you can hear out of them.

If this still didn’t work, don’t give up yet! We still have one more option.

Connect to MacBook first

The main reason your Beats Flex are not working is that you didn’t connect them to your MacBook first. 

To fix this, once again go to System Preferences. Go to Bluetooth and find the Beats Flex on the list of Bluetooth items.

Right-click on the Beats Flex and remove them from your computer. 

Once you have removed them from your computer, you can go ahead and remove them from all other devices. 

On an iPhone or iPad, go to settings, and then Bluetooth. 

Find Beats Flex, click on info, and remove it.

Once you have removed the Beats Flex from all devices, return to your MacBook. 

Go back to Bluetooth under System Preferences and once again add Beats Flex. 

They should now be able to connect and play sound wirelessly! Then you can go back and re-add them to your other devices. 

It will still work on your MacBook and your other devices as well. 

Can Beats Flex Connect to Other Laptops?

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If you have a computer besides a MacBook, the Beats Flex should still work. 

They can connect to any device that uses Bluetooth.

This includes any apple, windows, or android device with Bluetooth as well. 

So if you have an older computer, they may not connect.

This is something you want to check before you make the purchase. 

You can do this by going to the settings on your device and searching for Bluetooth. 

You can also simply just google if your computer has Bluetooth. 

Another computer that has Bluetooth and can connect to the Beats Flex is the Windows 10 PC.

People online are saying they have had trouble connecting to Windows as well, but this problem can also be solved.

You first have to turn on your Bluetooth. You can do this by selecting Start, then settings, devices, ‘Bluetooth and other devices’, and then you can turn on Bluetooth. You can also turn it on by going to the taskbar and clicking the action bar and then Bluetooth to turn it on.

Once Bluetooth is turned on, you can connect the Beats Flex. 

Begin by clicking on Start, Settings, Devices, ‘Bluetooth and other devices’, ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’, and Bluetooth. 

You can then follow the instructions on your screen and select ‘Done’ 

There you have it! How to connect your Beats Flex to your MacBook or Windows PC.

In this day and age, it can be so tricky to listen to music on your devices. 

10 years ago all you had to do was plug something in, but now we have Bluetooth.

It can be very tricky, but after a few tries and some practice, you can connect your Beats Flex like a pro.

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