Can You Charge Beats Flex With an iPhone Charger?

When Apple switched charging cables, consumers were thrown for a loop, needing to buy brand new cords and charging blocks in addition to the new device that they just paid a large sum of money for. 

Because AirPods can be charged with an iPhone charger, it is justifiable to assume that Beats Flex will be the same. 

However, can Beats Flex be charged with an iPhone charger?

Can you charge Beats Flex with an iPhone charger?

Beats Flex can’t be charged with an iPhone charger. iPhones use a lightning cable, while Beats Flex requires a USB-C cable to charge. The Beats Flex comes with a USB-C to USB-C cord, which, after being plugged into a charging block, can be plugged into the wall to charge Beats Flex headphones.

Below we will discuss the ins and outs of charging and the battery life of Beats Flex.

Can You Charge Beats Flex With an iPhone Charger?

Apple has started moving towards charging a lot of their devices with a USB-C cable, but iPhones are still charged with the classic lightning cable. 

Because the Beats Flex is one of the devices charged with USB-C, they can’t be charged with an iPhone charger.

Though the two chargers seem pretty similar, they are not interchangeable. 

The lightning cable is smaller than the USB-C one.

In addition to this, the USB-C cable has many different features that help charge the connected device quickly, which is the main reason that prompted Apple’s switch from lightning to USB-C for some of their other devices.

The USB-C cable charges devices faster than the lightning cable does.

What Charger Does a Beats Flex Use?

Beats Flex uses a USB-C charger, just like Apple’s newer generation MacBooks and iPads. 

When you buy a Beats Flex, it does come with a USB-C to USB-C charger cord.

However, the Beats Flex doesn’t come with a USB-C charging block. 

If you don’t own a USB-C charging block already, you will need to purchase one so you can charge your Beats Flex. 

Although any USB-C charger will work for your Beats Flex, it is safest to charge them with an Apple USB-C.

Can You Charge Beats With an Apple Charger?

Can you charge Beats Flex with an iPhone charger 1 Can You Charge Beats Flex With an iPhone Charger?

The shortest answer in this scenario is yes, however, it is slightly more complicated than that. 

Apple has a variety of chargers, so whether or not you can use an Apple charger to charge your Beats Flex depends on the type of charger.

The Beats Flex requires a USB-C cable to charge.

This means that it can not be charged by a lightning cable or any other type of charger Apple has used for its devices in the past.

Since most of Apple’s chargers have become obsolete, the only ones in circulation are the USB-C and lightning chargers, so most Apple devices’ chargers will work to charge a Beats Flex (unless it’s an iPhone charger) because most Apple devices are charged with USB-C cables now. 

This means that your Beats Flex can be charged with an Apple charger, as long as it’s a USB-C cable.

What Do I Need to Charge My Beats Flex?

To charge your Beats Flex, you need three things. 

First, a nearby wall outlet or other charging station. 

Second, some type of adaptor.

In most cases, that will be a regular USB-C to AC charging block.

The third thing that you will need is the actual charging cord.

Your Beats Flex should have come with a USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

This can be plugged into the charging block that is sold separately.

To charge your Beats Flex, plug the cord into the right control module. This control module also indicates battery life and holds the power button, which must be held for one second to turn the earphones on or off. 

The left control module assists users in playing music, answering calls, and changing the volume.

How Do I Know When to Charge My Beats Flex?

It’s easy to tell when some of Apple’s devices are running low on battery because the battery icon is shown in the top right corner of the screen. 

Users are also notified when the battery reaches 20%, 10%, and 5%.

How are you supposed to tell when to charge your Beats Flex if they don’t have a screen to show you when they need it?

Apple has created an easy way to notify Beats Flex users of the battery life on their device. 

The right control module on the Beats Flex is equipped with an LED indicator light that is designed to clue users into how much time they have before they need to charge their Beats Flex.

A white light indicates that the user has more than an hour of listening time before the device needs to be charged. 

This white light will change to red when the user has less than an hour of listening time left before the battery is completely drained. 

The red light will begin flashing near the end of this hour, signaling that the Beats Flex needs to be charged.

How is the Battery Life of the Beats Flex?

The Beats Flex has stellar battery life. 

The playtime on the Beats Flex is unparalleled by other popular models in the Beats Flex’s price range.

Though Apple claims the battery to last up to 12 hours on a full charge, various testers have found that number to be closer to 11 hours, which is still great.

The battery management of Beats Flex is great. 

Even after using them sporadically in few-hour periods, the battery life drops in extremely small increments. 

With this in mind, the Beats Flex can be used all day without needing to be charged, partially because the battery is made to last all day.

The wonderful thing about the Beats Flex requiring a USB-C cable to charge is that even if you do forget to charge them, you only need to charge them for a few minutes to get them up to an hour or more of listening time.

15 minutes of charging time means that you can use your Beats Flex for about one hour.

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