Why Are My Beats Flex Not Turning On?

If you aren’t interested in spending a lot of money on AirPods but still want a high-quality set of earbuds, Beats Flex just might be the answer. 

However, like every piece of technology, Beats Flex have issues, and the day may come when they won’t turn on. 

However, if this happens there is usually a reason.

Why won’t my Beats Flex turn on?

If a pair of Beats Flex will not turn on, they may have become unpaired with the device whether it’s a phone, iPod, or iPad. If this happens, they will need to be reset and then paired to their device again. It’s also possible that they have died and need to be charged.

Whatever the problem is with your Beats Flex, there is usually a solution that can be found and used. 

Below are a few tips on how to reset your earbuds and how to get them fixed if and when it becomes necessary. 

Give some of these solutions a try before you toss your Beats Flex in the garbage!

Why Aren’t My Beats Flex Working?

There are a few potential reasons why your earbuds won’t turn on. 

Before you try anything, take the time to check your Beats Flex’s battery life. 

You might find that it simply doesn’t have as much battery life as you thought and needs to be plugged in so it can charge.

The LED indicator light will tell you whether or not it has an adequate charge. 

White means they are fully charged, flashing orange means they need to be charged, and red means they have less than an hour of power left.

Another possibility is that your Beats Flex are on but have become unpaired with your device, whether it’s an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. 

If they are no longer paired, they won’t be able to do much for you. 

Make sure they are paired with your device before trying to turn them on again.

You should also inspect the cable for damage of any kind.

If your Beats Flex won’t turn on, it’s possible that the cable has been punctured somehow or some other sort of damage has occurred to the buds themselves. 

If you notice any sort of damage, there’s a good chance that is why they won’t turn on.

Quick Solutions and Repair

Why Are My Beats Flex Not Turning On?

The first and most obvious solution is to charge your Beats Flex

This could save you hours of worry and irritation if your earbuds are just low on battery.

Charge them for at least 15 minutes and see if anything changes.

If not, try resetting them.

You can reset Beats Flex by holding the power and the volume buttons down simultaneously. 

Make sure your Beats are not plugged in when you do this. 

Hold the buttons down and wait for the LED indicator light to start flashing. 

Once it flashes, release the buttons and pair them with your device.

You may need to try this a couple of times to get the Beats to respond.

If you find that your buds are damaged somehow, you can take them in for repair at an Apple store. 

Keep in mind, this may or may not work out depending on what kind of damage the Beats Flex have sustained and how bad the damage is. 

You may end up having to toss your Beats out and get new ones.

If you have tried and tried to solve the problem and nothing has worked, you may be able to return the Beats or exchange them for a functioning pair. 

This has reportedly been an issue for a lot of owners so you should be able to find assistance with no problem at all. 

Most Apple employees tend to be fairly helpful and friendly.

However, you can only return them or trade them in if your Beats Flex break when the warranty is still valid.

More than anything else, you need to be careful about how you handle your Beats Flex.

Certain damages can prevent your Beats from turning on and working properly, so you should take care not to leave them lying about in places where they could get dropped or stepped on.

Before you decide to get rid of your Beats Flex, contact Apple Customer Service. 

They may be able to solve the issue.

If they can’t, they can help you schedule a Genius Bar appointment.

Are Beats Flex Worth it?

If unresponsive Beats Flex is a common problem, the big question is whether or not Beats Flexs are worth it. 

While this is largely a matter of opinion, some customer reviews will tell us that there are plenty of good and bad things about the Beats Flex.

One of the biggest reasons people opt for Beats Flex over other headphones (especially over AirPods) is because they’re cheaper than most wireless headphones, but still effective and reliable. 

They’re a good option if you’re looking for something inexpensive but of good quality.

For their price, Beats Flex charge quickly and stay charged for a good amount of time. 

You can listen to music, make phone calls, and more and still have a fairly good experience overall. 

Plus, they’re harder to lose track of than AirPods because a cord connects the two earbuds.

However, there are a few things you need to know before you get Beats Flex. 

They are cheap, so you will run into issues such as them not turning on, even when fully charged. 

Unfortunately, it is a fairly common issue, but you can typically have them replaced for free if they stop working.

One of the largest complaints found about the Beats Flex overall is that they don’t come with a USB-C charger/power adapter and the charging cable is inconveniently short. 

You’re most likely going to have to make additional purchases if you want to have everything you need for your Beats Flex.

Another issue is the sound quality, though this could technically be considered more of an issue with the customers than the product itself. 

For the price, Beats Flex earbuds produce quality sound.

The problem is that people are expecting them to be just as good as AirPods or other high-priced earbuds, and that is not the case.

Before you purchase Beats Flex, test them out and decide if they suit your preferences.

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  1. I will never buy Beats Flex again, had 2 pairs suddenly not turning on but fully charged.. the biggest mistake of my life!