How Do I Charge My Beat Flex?

Apple’s Beats Flex is a popular new earphone option that is convenient and portable. 

Built for people who stay mobile and need a larger battery, the Beat Flex fills important needs in the market. 

However, you might wonder how such a novel earphone design is charged.

How do I charge my Beats Flex?

Apple’s Beat Flex Earphones can be charged using a USB-C charging cable. The cable connects to the earphones via the power source bar found along the length of the cord. Plug the other end of the cable into an adapter or power source fitted with a USB-C port. Leave to charge for 90 minutes.

Let’s look a little closer at how to keep your Beats Flex charged.

Beat Flex Earphones

Apple sells a wide variety of electronic devices that are easy to use and can last a long time. 

Compared to many other headphone options from Apple, the Beat Flex is significantly cheaper and more accessible. 

Though the design isn’t something that most people are accustomed to, there are too many advantages to the Beat Flex for most people to ignore.

When looking for a personal sound device, people opt for either wired headphones or a set of headphones, depending on their needs. 

Wired headphones are cheaper and smaller, offering convenience. 

However, they do bring with them an inconvenient cord, which can be bothersome and is easily damaged. 

Cordless earbuds are available, but they are expensive and often do not hold very much battery charge.

Cordless earbuds are also easily lost and can fall out of your ear.

Headphones solve many of the problems that earbuds have, but they have their disadvantages. 

First of all, headphones are bulkier and more inconvenient. 

They usually cannot be worn over a hat and are not extremely easy to carry around.

Headphones can also be damaged by carelessness and are generally expensive, making them a bad choice for a listening device to use while you are walking around or working. 

Headphones are best used by someone who is sitting at a desk.

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Apple’s Beat Flex earphones are an interesting hybrid that attempt to solve the problems of conventional earphones and headphones.

They are small and easily carried around, but are large enough that it is not easy to lose them. 

The way that their cord wraps around your neck also keeps them from falling out of your ears if you are using them while running.

Beat Flex earphones also hold a charge much longer than most cordless earbuds. 

They are much cheaper than most cordless earbuds and headphones.

For most users, the Beat Flex is just what they need in a listening device.

These earphones do have some problems, but they are minor.

Most people who don’t like the Beat Flex are unaccustomed to the design. 

Admittedly, the design looks slightly strange. Other people don’t like feeling the cord on the back of their neck. 

However, for most people, the benefits of Beats Flex outnumber the cons.

The people who appreciate the Beat Flex earphones the most are usually those that need a personal sound device while they are active for long periods of time. 

The long battery life and the secure design make them great for anyone who enjoys listening to music, audiobooks, or their favorite podcast while they are working out.

Battery Life and Charging

One of the biggest advantages of the Beat Flex is its long battery life but small size. 

A pair of these earphones have a power source along the length of the cord which can hold their battery for at least 6 hours. 

Some users report that they don’t need to charge their earphones until they have used them for as much as 10 hours.

When it comes to charging your Beat Flex, however, many people can get confused because most Beat Flex models do not come with a power adapter. 

Instead, they come with a cable that has a USB-C connecter on both sides. 

Frustratingly, you cannot charge your Beat Flex unless you own other Apple products or have another device that adapts power through a USB-C port.

If you own a MacBook, you shouldn’t have much of a problem charging your Beats Flex. 

You can either hook them up to your Macbook through the side port or you can just use the USB-C charging cable that comes with your laptop and connects to the wall through a power adapter.

Without a MacBook, however, you might have some trouble charging your headphones.

If you don’t want to buy a power adapter, you can find another device with a USB-C port, such as a Chromebook or a phone charger (depending on the adapter the phone uses). 

If you need to, you can connect your Beats Flex to your device and it should charge while the device is turned on.

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Overall, the need for a power adapter is the biggest difficulty that you will occur while trying to charge your Beats Flex.

 However, if you are not typically an Apple product user, there might be further issues. 

For example, on several Android smartphones, you won’t be able to connect to your Beats Flex unless you have an app that lets you do so. 

This app is called the Beats app, and it allows you to connect to your Beats device as you would any other.

Aside from these connection and charging requirements, the Beats Flex is a popular listening device for casual users. 

People appreciate the quality of the sound and the high-quality earpieces which filter out background noise and provide a great amount of range for musical sound. 

Users also say that the sound quality during phone calls is also great.

Users also appreciate the convenience of the design as these earphones won’t fall off out of your ears easily. 

When you aren’t using them, you can keep them around your neck thanks to the magnets on the back of the buds which will connect to keep you from losing them.

Overall, the Beats Flex is a great choice if you need quality earbuds that will last a long time on one charge.

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