Are Factory Renewed Bose Good?

Bose products are extremely popular but extremely expensive.

If you’re hoping to get some Bose technology at a lower price, you might consider purchasing a factory renewer, or refurbished product. 

However, are these refurbished products good?

Are Factory Renewed Bose Good?

Bose holds its refurbished products to the same standards of quality as its brand new ones. Refurbished Bose products undergo rigorous cleaning and testing. If a product passes the tests, Bose resells it at a reduced price. To get Bose products at a cheaper cost, purchased refurbished items.

Purchasing a factory renewed product, from any company, can be a little nerve-wracking. 

If you’re worried about purchasing a “used” Bose product, keep reading to learn more about what factory renewed really means.

What are Factory Renewed Products?

When you think of a factory renewed product, the first word that comes to mind is likely the term “used.”

While it’s true that factory renewed products were used once, this does not mean you’re receiving a dirty, broken product.

In fact, before you receive a previously owned product, it gets sent back to the factory to be cleaned and/or repaired (hence the name “factory renewed”). 

Products that qualify for refurbishment are usually those that are sent back to the manufacturer due to a warranty claim.

In Bose’s case, the company’s limited warranty only covers material and workmanship defects. 

So, if a customer receives a pair of Bose headphones with only one working speaker, they file a warranty claim and send it back to the factory. 

The customer receives a brand new product and the headphones with the broken speaker are repaired and then resold at a reduced price.

If you’re shopping for technology on a budget, then shopping refurbished, or factory renewed, is an excellent option. 

You can get practically the same product as you would off the shelf, for significantly less.

If you see the option to purchase a factory renewed product, there are several factors to consider. 

First of all, is this a reputable website and/or company? You should never purchase a product, especially a refurbished product, from an unreliable website. 

Not sure about the website? Look for a small lock symbol by the URL.

This symbol means that the website encrypts any of your data to protect it against hackers.

Websites with this symbol are generally trustworthy.

Before you purchase a factory renewed product, look for a warranty.

If the company offers a warranty on their brand new products, they should do the same with their refurbished ones. 

Doing so would communicate that they hold their refurbished products to the same standards of quality as their new ones.

If there is no warranty associated with the refurbished product, look elsewhere.

Factory Renewed Bose: Are They Worth it?

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Now you know, factory renewed products are generally a good investment. 

But what about when it comes to Bose? Brand new Bose products are held to incredibly high standards.

Can you trust the company to hold their factory renewed products to the same standards? In one word, yes. 

Bose holds all of their factory renewed and refurbished products to the same standards as their brand new ones.

When you purchase a factory renewed Bose product, it comes in entirely new packaging. However, some customers claim that their factory renewed product came in a plain white box, not the standard Bose packaging.

Included with the purchase of a factory renewed Bose product is all the accessories that come with a brand new one. 

This may include cables and carrying cases. 

If Bose updated their software after a factory renewed product was initially sold, they will add this software update to the product.

When you purchase a refurbished product directly from Bose, you can rest assured that the product was thoroughly cleaned on the inside and out.

If the product showed any wear from use, the parts were replaced as needed.

For example, maybe the headphone pads had cracks or tears in them.

Bose will replace these with brand new ones. 

While Bose does its best to remove any signs of previous use, they do warn customers that refurbished products may have some minor blemishes. 

However, the company claims that these blemishes will be “nearly undetectable.”

After repairing the product, Bose sends the product to pass the same function and quality testing as they do brand new ones. 

If the product does not pass the test, it will not be listed for resale.

As mentioned earlier, you should never purchase a refurbished item without a warranty, and Bose knows that. 

Bose promises the same quality and durability from its refurbished products as it does its brand new ones. 

For this reason, they cover their refurbished products with the same one-year warranty that they cover their brand new ones with. 

This warranty will cover any technical or material defects.

Refurbished Bose products also receive the same treatment as products ordered new. This includes free 2-day shipping on orders over $50, free return shipping, free customer support, and a 90-day risk-free trial.

So what benefits do you get for purchasing factory renewed Bose products? First of all, you get the product at a reduced price. 

What’s better than getting a basically brand new product at a lower price? Nothing, that’s what.

You can get a refurbished pair of the Bose QuietComfort earbuds for just $199.

This product normally sells for $279, which means you save $80!

Not only does purchasing a refurbished Bose product get you a lower price, but it can help protect the planet as well. 

Since refurbished products essentially reuse “used” parts to produce a brand new product, you’re helping keep electronic garbage out of the landfill.

Bose promotes their refurbished products as a way to reduce its carbon footprint. 

So what are you waiting for? Start saving money while saving the planet at the same time and purchase a factory renewed Bose product.

The Bose Refurbished Product Outlet is an amazing place to find Bose products for a relatively low price.

While you can get refurbished Bose products from a variety of stores, it’s best to purchase them directly from Bose. 

The only way to get free shipping and returns, a 90-day risk-free trial, and a one-year warranty is to purchase from Bose. 

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