How Do You Answer The Phone On Bose 700 Headphones?

Most Bose headphones, and many of their other products, have a multi-function button that is used for phone calls, play/pause functions, and more.

The Bose 700 headphones do not have this button and instead made the switch to more modern touch-sensitive controls.

How do you answer the phone on Bose 700 headphones?

To answer a phone call on Bose 700 headphones, double-tap with one finger on the right earcup. Bose 700 headphones are touch-sensitive on the right side in front of the headband. Touch controls can be used to control volume level, calls, voice assistants, pausing, playing, and skipping.

A lot of the newest and most popular headphones and earbuds have started to use touch controls. 

This allows for a more modern look and feel, but can also be a weird adjustment for those who know and love the traditional Bose buttons.

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Earcup Controls

The headband on the Bose 700 headphones extends to the bottom of each earcup, marking them in half. 

The front half of the earcup on the right side is the portion of the headphones that contains all of the controls. 

Most of the quick and easy controls that are traditionally managed with physical buttons are combined into this one spot. 

The touch control area is sensitive to taps and swipes, where different directions and combinations will control different features.

These controls will manage volume, phone calls, playing, pausing, and skipping media.

Of course, to use these controls you need to have a Bluetooth connection between the headphones and your phone or whatever device you are listening from. 

Power, Bluetooth, voice assistants, and noise cancellation are managed from three small buttons on the backs of the earcups. 

Any other settings will need to be altered on your phone either in Bluetooth settings or through the Bose app.

To answer the phone, double-tap in the center of the touch-sensitive area. 

Double-tap again to end the call.

If you want to decline the phone call, you will need to hold your finger on the earcup for a full second, rather than a quick tap. 

It can be difficult to guesstimate exactly how long a second is, but you can just tap, hold, and wait to release until you know the call has been declined. 

Once the call is declined, you won’t hear the ringing anymore, and whatever you were listening to before the call should resume.

To control the volume of your call, or any other media you are listening to, swipe up and down on the earcup to correspond with the change you want. 

Start in the center and swipe up if you want it louder, or swipe from the center downwards to quiet things down.

To mute your microphone during a zoom video or conference call, you will need to use the buttons rather than the touch surface.

The bottom button on the back of the right earcup is the ‘voice assistant’ button but if you press it during a call, it will mute and unmute the microphone.

The double-tap to answer and end calls is the same way that you can pause and play media. 

If you are listening to music, podcasts, videos, or other pausable media the headphones will automatically register a double-tap as a request for pausing and playing rather than answering and hanging up. 

Likewise, the headphones will recognize when you are on a call and then correspond the double-tap with the phone call functions.

The touch surface can also be used to skip forward or backward between tracks. 

Swipe back to front to skip forward once, and front to back to return to the previous track.

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The rest of the quick controls that can not be managed with touch are sourced from three small buttons on the back of the earcup.

There are two buttons on the back of the right earcup and one button on the back of the left. 

On the right, the higher button centered behind your ear is the power and Bluetooth button. 

A quick press and release of this button will turn the headphones on or off.

Press and hold the button to open up Bluetooth pairing with a new device.

Below the power and Bluetooth button is the voice assistant button. 

When you are not on a call, you can press this button to access the voice assistant on your phone or whatever other devices the headphones are paired with.

The third button is parallel with the voice assistant button but is on the back of the left earcup instead. 

This is the noise control button and it helps you make quick adjustments to noise cancellation. 

Press and hold for one second to turn conversation mode on and off. 

Press and release the button to hear where your current noise cancellation level is at. 

To make more precise adjustments to the noise cancellation level, you will want to set your default preferences in the Bose app.

Phone Call Quality

The Bose 700 headphones are a great choice to achieve a high-quality phone call for all parties involved.

Bose has an impressive microphone system for maintaining sound clarity, even if there is a lot of background noise. 

A system of six microphones work as part of the noise cancellation technology to eliminate the excess noise around you and help you focus on your call.

A combination of four microphones work together to improve call quality for whoever you’re talking to by muffling any other noises that may be competing with the sound of your voice.

The 700 headphones also make it easy to switch between your personal life and business work because you can maintain two Bluetooth connections at the same time. 

This allows you to seamlessly switch from a conference call on your laptop to music or a personal call on your phone.

Bose 700 UC

Bose has the option to upgrade from the regular Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 to the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC.

The UC stands for unified communication and will improve compatibility with popular conference call and video call platforms. 

The 700 UC is certified to be used with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

It also comes with a USB Bluetooth module that is pre-paired for a simpler and more stable laptop or desktop connection.

Upgrading to the UC does not change any of the touch surfaces or button controls for calls. 

You will use the same taps, swipes, and pushes for the regular 700 and the 700 UC, whether you are on a phone call, video call, or conference call.

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