Buying A PS5 On eBay: Pros & Cons

If a new PS5 is not within your current budget, buying one on eBay can be a good way to save money. We’ll go over the pros and cons of buying a PS5 on eBay.

Buying A PS5 On eBay 1 Buying A PS5 On eBay: Pros & Cons

Should I buy a PS5 on eBay?

The pros of buying a PS5 on eBay include getting lower prices and additional items such as games, controllers, and accessories. The cons include the risk of buying from scammers, incompetent sellers, receiving defective items, and dealing with limited refund and exchange policies.

I’ve used eBay for many years to buy all kinds of items from shoes to toys for my kids. When it comes to more expensive items like a PS5 or any other newer game console, I have to be more cautious about who I’m buying from. If you plan to buy a PS5 from eBay, you should be cautious and look for red flags before buying.

Should I Buy A PS5 On eBay?

The PS5 is unquestionably one of my favorite game consoles to play on these days.

It has incredibly high-quality graphics and a wide selection of video games from different genres. The processing speed and network capabilities of the PS5 are tremendous compared to other game consoles like an Xbox.

I can play with friends and strangers online with minimal lag and excellent responsiveness.

Of course, buying such a high-quality game console can be quite expensive due to its high demand.

The Benefits Of Buying A PS5 On eBay

Buying A PS5 On eBay 2 Buying A PS5 On eBay: Pros & Cons

Though there are ways to save money by using coupons and looking out for promotions and discounts, one of the more dependable ways to get a discounted PS5 is to purchase one on eBay.

eBay offers a wide selection of new and used electronics including the PlayStation 5. A buyer can often choose between buying a PS5 at a fixed price or through an auction listing.

Some sellers might even throw in additional items like controllers, games, and other accessories.

If you’re not picky about the physical condition of the PS5, you can likely pay much less than the retail price.

Some listings may be from private sellers selling their personal used PS5, while other listings may be from reseller companies that sell refurbished PS5s.

The Downsides Of Buying A PS5 on eBay

Some of the biggest downsides of buying a PS5 on eBay include the possibility of getting scammed or receiving items that are defective or not as described.

When I purchase a used item like a PS5, I want to be able to see photos of the actual console I’m buying to ensure there’s an actual console available from the seller.

Scam people may try to list multiple PS5 consoles for sale without having actual consoles in stock.

When a scammer does this, they might use stock photos of a PS5 from the manufacturer or other third-party sources.

These sellers may try to give a buyer the impression they’re selling a PS5 console in good condition.

Even if a seller does not use stock photos, they might use the same personal photos for multiple listings.

If a seller is listing multiple PS5 consoles, they should have separate sets of photos since each console is a unique item.

Whether a console is new or has defects, I want to see photos specific to that console and remove all doubt before I pay.

Before buying a used PS5 console from an eBay seller, you should look at their other current and past listings to see if they are using the same photos across multiple eBay listings.

Buying A PS5 On eBay 1 1 Buying A PS5 On eBay: Pros & Cons

Since having a high feedback score doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a positive experience with a seller, you should examine the seller more closely to get a better understanding of their past transactions.

Some sellers may try to pad their feedback scores by selling numerous low-cost items that might not be related to a PlayStation 5.

Since many buyers on eBay don’t look at previous items sold by a seller, they might assume the seller has sold many other PS5 consoles.

The seller might try to hide negative feedback by essentially paying for more positive reviews.

Regardless of a seller’s rating on eBay, I like to look at the feedback given for some of their negative ratings.

A buyer that gave a seller a negative rating may offer more insight into why the seller was given the negative rating.

How To Have A Positive Experience on eBay

Sellers Reviews And Feedback Scores

To help minimize your risk when you buy a PS5 on eBay, you should look for sellers that have as many positive PS5 transactions as possible.

Sellers with higher feedback scores tend to be more reputable since they have made more transactions with positive outcomes.

To ensure you buy a PS5 in an acceptable condition, you should do your best to vet sellers and only buy from sellers with a high feedback score.

You should understand that feedback scores are not a guarantee, so might also get scammed by sellers with a high feedback score.

This will help to ensure the seller is equipped with the capabilities to properly ship a PS5.

Make Sure Total Cost Is Not Higher Than Retail Price

Buying A PS5 On eBay 3 Buying A PS5 On eBay: Pros & Cons

Regardless of whether you buy a PS5 from a store or on eBay, you should consider all fees involved with making an eBay transaction.

Along with the final listing price, you may also incur fees for shipping, payment processing, insurance, and other services.

Be sure to account for all possible fees that must be paid when determining if buying a PS5 on eBay is better than buying one from a store.

Though it might be more expensive to buy PlayStation 5 from a store or established online retail outlets, a buyer may have more built-in protections compared to buying items on eBay.

A store might have more lenient refund and exchange policies and may allow you to get a full refund or exchange your PS5 more quickly compared to sellers on eBay.

Pros & Cons Of Buying A PS5 On eBay Comparison Chart

Lower pricesRisk of buying from scammers
Additional items includedIncompetent sellers
Wide selection of new and usedReceiving defective items
auctions and fixed-price salesLimited refund and exchange policies

Note that while buying a PS5 on eBay can save money, there are risks involved, such as getting scammed or receiving a defective item. It’s essential to vet the sellers and be cautious before making a purchase. Additionally, buyers should consider all fees involved, including shipping, payment processing, and insurance, to ensure the total cost is not higher than the retail price.

Key Takeaways

  • Buying a PS5 on eBay can save you money, but there is a risk of getting scammed.
  • Some sellers may purposefully scam buyers or be incompetent and unreliable. 
  • You should buy from high-rated sellers and show actual photos of the console for sale.
  • Buyers might also benefit from buying insurance through a dependable shipping service.


In conclusion, buying a PS5 on eBay has its pros and cons. While it is an opportunity to get the console at a lower price and with additional items, the risk of buying from scammers and incompetent sellers, receiving defective items, and dealing with limited refund and exchange policies should not be overlooked.

To minimize the risk, it is essential to vet the seller, examine their feedback score and past transactions, and ensure that the total cost is not higher than the retail price. Nevertheless, buying a PS5 from a store or established online retail outlets may have more built-in protections and lenient refund and exchange policies. Ultimately, the decision to buy a PS5 on eBay or from a store depends on the buyer’s preference, budget, and risk tolerance.

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