Can A PS4 and A PS5 Be In The Same Party?

If you have a PS4 and you’re thinking of upgrading to PS5, then you might hesitate if you enjoy party chats and playing online with friends. 

Are you able to join party chats or gaming sessions between PS4 and PS5?

I looked into this and found out that it is possible, but there might be some limitations.

Can A PS4 and A PS5 Be In The Same Party?

If you want to join a party chat, then it’s simple to do between PS4 and PS5. Create or join a party chat like you normally would on the console and that’s it. If you want to join a gaming session, then you can do cross-gen play. The problem is that only certain games support this feature.

Joining a party chat or playing with others is fairly easy, but only if you know the right steps. 

I’ll help guide you through this process so that you can easily play and speak with your friends through your PS4 or PS5.

Party Chats

When many people say “party” with PS4 or PS5, they are referring to a party chat.

This is an audio chatting feature where you can speak with your friends or other players. 

You can do this while playing games, or you can just sit back and speak with others.

The good news is that you can join a cross-gen party chat with ease.

It’s the same as joining or making any other party chat.

If you have never made a party chat, or if you just upgraded to PS5, then you might have a hard time navigating this. 

Not only that, but joining a party chat is slightly different between PS4 and PS5.

I’ll show you the steps for joining a party chat on your PS4 or PS5.

PS4 Party Chats

Creating or joining a party chat with your PS4 is simple.

This should only take a few seconds and you have a lot of control when making your own group.

Start by turning on your PS4 and waiting for the home screen to load. Press up on the controller to make the function screen appear. 

This will show you various icons. The one you want to select is “Party.”

There will be a list of existing parties that you can join through this menu. 

There are some public parties, but this will primarily show party chats that your friends have created. 

Simply select the chat you want to join and you will be able to speak with your friends regardless of whether they are on a PS4 or PS5.

Creating a party chat on PS4 takes a few more steps, but it’s just as easy. 

Select the Party icon and then select Start Party.

You can now choose Create Group or Existing Group. 

Create Group allows you to make a whole new group.

This allows you to make the group name, select players to add to the chat, invite players that you haven’t spoken with before and you can set the privacy settings. 

You can set the chat to be public or private.

If you choose Existing Group, then this allows you to recreate an old group.

For example, if you had a party chat in the past that you recently closed, then you can use this to resurrect the group.

Can PS5 join PS4 party? PS5 players can view and join PS4 parties as long as the player is invited, or if the party is public.

Can A PS4 and A PS5 Be In The Same Party 1 Can A PS4 and A PS5 Be In The Same Party?

PS5 Party Chat

If you have a PS5, then you can also create or join an existing party chat. 

These parties can have PS4 players and you don’t need to do any extra work to include them.

Those who just upgraded from PS4 to PS5 might be confused by these steps at first, but they are similar to party chats with PS4.

Start by turning on your PS5 and then pressing the PlayStation button on the controller. This will bring up a control menu. 

Select Game Base from this menu and then choose Party.

This allows you to view all available parties.

 Some of these will be public parties. 

Others will be chats that your friends have made that aren’t available to the public. 

In either case, choose the party you want and then select Join.

Making a party chat requires a few extra steps.

From the Party section, you will see a + icon. Select that and then select Create Party.

This allows you to set the party name, privacy settings, and who you want to invite to the group.

Finalize the group with Create New Party.

Can you party chat PS4 and PS5? This opens the party up to both PS4 and PS5 players.

Playing Games Between Generations

I love when games are released for newest generation along with the previous one. 

This allows me to play the newest game even if I haven’t upgraded my console yet.

There are many games that have been released for both PS4 and PS5. 

Some games are completely new while others were originally released for PS4 and are just now coming out for PS5.

In either case, you might be wondering if you can do cross-gen gaming.

This refers to being able to play with others regardless of whether they have a PS4 and PS5. 

Unlike with party chats, the answer isn’t as straightforward.

Cross-Gen Gaming

Can you play online with your friends if you both have the same game, but from different generations? The answer unfortunately is yes and no.

The answer overall is yes because this feature is available.

If the game supports it, then you can easily play the same game whether you have PS4 or PS5. Simply launch the game and join an online session.

The problem is that the game has to support this feature. Some games do not allow this.

This only allows you to play with those who have the same console as you.

The likely reason for this is that there might be some instability with cross-gen gaming, but this is rarely an issue.

If the game supports this feature, then yes, both PS4 and PS5 gamers can play together. 

If not, then you can only play with those who have the same console.

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