Can Apple Airtags Be Used On Multiple Devices?

As an Apple product owner, this was one of my biggest questions before purchasing AirTags. As someone who travels a lot for work, I thought AirTags would be great for helping keep track of my iPhone and iPad when I’m flying. However, I needed to make sure that AirTags could be used on multiple devices.

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Can AirTags be linked to two phones?  

AirTags can be linked to two phones. However, those phones must be logged in under the same Apple ID. An AirTag is not restricted to just phones either. Your AirTag can track your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and any other Apple devices if they are under the same Apple ID. 

Once you remove your Apple ID from a device, it will no longer be identifiable by your AirTag.

An Apple ID is the account that you create when you first purchase an Apple product. Your Apple ID will include a lot of your personal information, which includes your phone number, email, and birthday. It can also include any payment methods that you have associated with your Apple ID as well.

This led me to conduct a lot of research about the AirTags, and I was able to find that an AirTag can be used on multiple devices. The AirTgas are linked to one’s Apple ID, which means that multiple devices can be linked if they are under the same Apple ID.

While my research answered my initial question, it brought up many other questions. I wanted to better understand how the AirTags work, so I continued my research for these questions. If you still have further questions about Apple AirTags, then I would highly recommend that you keep reading.

Can AirTags be shared?

No, AirTags cannot be shared. Since an AirTag is specific to an Apple ID, they cannot be shared between multiple people.

If you would like to use an AirTag that has been previously used, then you must reset the AirTag before use. You must reset the AirTag to remove the previous Apple ID that was associated with the AirTag.

Once the AirTag is reset, you can attach your Apple ID.

Can you connect AirTags to two Apple IDS?

No, you cannot connect AirTags to two Apple IDs. AirTags are specific to one Apple ID, so it is impossible to use the same AirTag to track two different Apple IDs.

If you are looking to track devices under two different Apple IDs simultaneously, you will need to purchase two AirTags. If you are looking to change Apple IDs on a singular AirTag, then you can reset the AirTag.

Are Apple AirTags TSA Approved 3 Can Apple Airtags Be Used On Multiple Devices?

Do AirTags show on all devices?

This is a bit of a tricky question. AirTags will show on all devices that are compatible with precision finding. The precision finding feature is a new feature that has been included in the newer Apple devices.

So, if you have an older iPhone or iPad, then you may not be able to track it with an AirTag. If you are unsure of whether your Apple device is compatible with the precision finding feature, then you can check on Apple’s website.

How many devices can an Apple AirTag be connected to?

An AirTag can be connected to up to 16 different Apple devices if those devices share the same Apple ID.

An AirTag shares a Bluetooth signal with various devices, which allows the AirTag to locate those devices. So, if you are having trouble locating your device, then it may be due to the Bluetooth being turned off. The other reason that you may be having trouble locating a device is that it is under a different Apple ID.

Can AirTags work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, your AirTag will work without Wi-Fi. AirTags utilize the Bluetooth signal from your devices, so you do not need an internet connection for your AirTags to work.

However, if you want optimum performance, then you will want to be connected to Wi-Fi. The AirTags use the “Find My” app to locate your devices, so you may run into issues with this app if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. If you have cellular data, then you will be perfectly fine without the internet.

How precise are Apple AirTags?

The accuracy of AirTags depends on whether it relies on your device’s Bluetooth connection. If the AirTag relies on your device’s Bluetooth connection, you can expect to be able to track it up to 800 feet away.

If there is another Apple device nearby, then the range of the AirTag can be unlimited. If the AirTag has another Apple device to provide a Bluetooth connection, then the network can work together to locate your device.

How do you reset an AirTag?

Resetting an AirTag is much easier than you would think. There are not any computer tricks that you need to perform to reset your AirTag. Instead, you are going to perform four steps.

These four steps are:

  • Press down on the battery cover and rotate it counterclockwise until it no longer rotates
  • Remove the battery cover and the battery
  • Replace the battery with a brand-new battery
  • Press down on the battery until there is a sound

After performing these steps, your AirTag should be reset and ready to connect to another Apple ID.

What is the battery life of an AirTag battery?

An AirTag battery lasts for one year. You do not need to recharge the battery at any point, and I would discourage you from trying to because it is not possible.

The one-year battery life could be shortened or lengthened depending on how the battery is kept. The battery life can be lengthened if the AirTag is not in use at all times. If you are conscious of not using your AirTag, you could extend the battery life. If you keep your AirTag in extremely hot or cold weather, then the battery in your Airtags could be damaged.