Can Dropping AirPods Break Them?

Some of us are just a bit clumsier than others, and that’s okay. In fact, that is why Apple has gone out of their way to make its products as drop-safe as possible. Sure, Airpods look teeny tiny, but as it turns out, they’re downright little powerhouses.

Since they were introduced onto the market in 2016, Apple’s Airpods have been a popular purchase for iPhone owners. After all, we need a way to listen to our music via Bluetooth, and the nixing of headphone jacks from the iPhone 7 meant having to rely on Bluetooth earbuds.

While AirPods cost significantly more than your run-of-the-mill earbuds, they are built to be exponentially more durable. Their exterior plastic chassis is thick, securing the Airpod’s inner components so as to withstand everyday wear and tear.

There is, of course, a chance that you can break your Airpods after dropping them, as other user reports tend to suggest. In some cases, it could simply be a matter of poor Airpods maintenance. In others, it might be rotten luck. Either way, it is important to take care of your Airpods, and the best way to do so is to put them in their case when you are not using them. This not only keeps them safe from potential accidents but helps charge them back up as needed.

In this guide, we will explore what can happen if you drop your Airpods.

Can Dropping Airpods Break Them?

Dropping your Airpods probably won’t break them. Unless you drop them from a rather tall height onto the pavement, it is unlikely that they will get destroyed. Still, it is always best to err on the side of caution and keep your Airpods as safe as possible while they aren’t in use.

So, just how durable are Airpods? What if you drop them into a puddle? Will the case be able to withstand a drop or two? Read on to get your questions answered.

Are Airpods really that durable?

Conventional headphones have wires that can break with too much wear and tear. Being wireless, Airpods don’t have that problem although they are more susceptible to accidental drops. But what if you drop them? What happens to the inner components?

Airpods carry a hefty price tag, but this is one of those cases in which the cost reflects quality. Airpods are made from a solid (but lightweight) plastic exterior chassis that holds the inner bits and bobbles in place. It essentially acts as a protective shield.

Have there been cases where unlucky owners dropped their Airpods from the wrong height, perhaps onto the wrong surface? Certainly. Have there been cases of improper Airpods care? Probably. Most users will find their Airpods to be pretty durable though.

Are Airpods waterproof?

If you own Airpods Pro or the third generation of Airpods, you’re in luck – they’re both rated IPX4, which means they can sustain minor water damage. As for the first or second generation of the standard Airpods, it is hard to tell how they’ll hold up given that they do not seem to have an IPX rating.

That being said, if you do drop your Airpods in a puddle or a snowbank, quickly remove them, pat them down with a paper towel, and place them in a Ziploc bag full of brown rice. The rice will draw out condensation, hopefully avoiding any potential damage to the Aipods’ inner electrical components.

Are the Airpods Max more durable?

The active noise canceling, high-performing Airpods Max headphones are equipped with an interior electromechanical hinge. This hinge allows them to be more flexible.

However, a few buyers have noted that dropping them can cause the hinge to malfunction, which causes problems with playback. So, while a full-on headset might seem like a great choice, it might not actually be the more durable one.

How strong is the Airpods case?

If you’re wondering how durable the Airpods case is, I recommend watching this YouTube video for a solid visual on how it handles drops from various heights. Airpods and their case sustain a trip through a washing machine with only minor damage to sound quality.

The case is made from lightweight plastic, so while it doesn’t weigh much, if you drop it, it can take the hit. In fact, it was designed to. It provides yet another protective barrier for your Airpods while they’re in it. The only problem with that is the Airpods could possibly fall out of the case when dropped. Also, there is a slight risk of damaging the charging components located inside of the case.

Can Dropping AirPods Break Them?

How long do Airpods normally last?

If you properly maintain and store your Airpods and their case, they should stay at max performance for at least two years, if not longer. It’s all about maintenance with these tiny buds.

How do I replace broken Airpods?

If you’ve dropped your Airpods and they are in fact broken, you will need to buy a completely new set from Apple. The one-year warranty that comes with Airpods only fully covers factory defects, and you will have to pay a fee to replace each damaged item. If you are within the warranty period, you will have a $29 fee per incident. If the warranty is expired, then you face an $89 fee (each on the Airpods pro).

In some cases, it might just be better to scrap your old Airpods and upgrade to the newest generation.

Closing Thoughts

Airpods are built to withstand drops from average heights. They can even go for a wash inside their case in the washing machine. But just because they can take a beating doesn’t mean that they should.

Taking care of your Airpods can lead to a longer lifespan for them and less money you have to shell out on repairs or replacements.

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