Can I Use A 20W Charger With Beats Flex?

You may have heard of the billion-dollar deal between Dr. Dre and Apple back in 2006 when Dr. Dre sold his Beats by Dre brand earbuds. When this occurred, Apple positioned itself to expand its collection of listening capabilities along with its Airpods collection. 

With the addition of the Beats Flex, it goes a bit further than the BeatsX, just for a little less money. 

Although Beats Flex is exclusive for Apple devices, they are highly compatible with other devices such as Android.

Despite all of the compatibility, is it truly worth your money? Let´s find out a few things about Beats Flex in order to know.

Can I Use A 20W Charger With Beats Flex?

In order for the Beats Flex to be charged, you can use the USB-C that comes with the Beats Flex and connect it to your 20W charger or connect it to your 20W Apple USB adapter. As soon as your Beats are fully charged, you will be able to enjoy at least 12 hours of music.

For a full rundown on how to get the most out of your Beats Flex, read on!

Beats Flex FAQs

Who Would Benefit The Most From Beats Flex?

The Beats Flex earbuds work great for those who do not want to spend a lot on other types of earbuds that provide the same features or quality. 

By having a low price, Beats Flex are able to the same great music quality you have come to love.

Having the Beats Flex earbuds makes a great gift for those who love to listen to music and provides many colors and is excellent for birthdays and Christmas.

Although the Beats Flex work great with an Android device, the best experience will be obtained as you use them with your iOS devices.

Can I charge my Beats Flex with my phone?

When you need to connect your Beats Flex to a charger, you will be using the USB-C to connect to a charging source. The source for your charging can be your phone or computer. 

You have a standard USB-C connector that comes with it but allows you to connect to other devices that also have USB, including your phone.

Do Beats need a specific charger for Beats Flex?

No. Your Beats Flex earbuds can use any type of adapter for charging as long as it is a USB-C. 

A good example is using the 20W USB from Apple. You can also implement a straight USB and the USB-C if your charger is older in nature.

What charger do you use to charge Beats?

As you are getting ready to plug your charger into your Beats Flex, you need to have your USB-C cable ready.

Unlike the charger seen with the BeatsX (Lightning), the Beats Flex uses a USB-C that is 6 inches together with another USB cable. 

You will just need to find an adaptable power source when you want to connect for charging.

As you have it charging, you will notice an LED light come on. 

This will be a color indicator of how much power your Beats Flex battery has left. 

The color indicator is three different colors consisting of white, red, and blinking red. 

With the white, it tells you that you have over an hour remaining, the red means you are below an hour, and when the red light blinks, then your Beats Flex needs charging.

How do I know when Beats Flex Charging is Completed?

You will begin the charging as soon as you turn it on and plug in the connecter. 

You turn the Beats Flex power on by pressing the right control.

Press it and hold for at least 1-2 seconds, then your Beats Flex will be on. 

To charge, simply plug the USB into a USB adaptable power source.

Pair Beats Flex to Other Devices

When you know how to pair your Beats Flex to other devices, you can easily enjoy all of your devices. 

In order to pair your Apple devices, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Have the device´s Bluetooth on in order to match the device.
  2. Have your Beats Flex next to a device
  3. Then press the Beats Flex power button and hold it. You will then see a flashing indicator, which will allow your Beats Flex to be found.
  4. You will then follow the connection steps for your device.

If you are unable to connect, then you should be in contact with Apple to rectify the issues.

In order to match to other devices other than Apple, you should take the following steps:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth feature of your device you wish to connect to
  2. Have your Beats Flex held next to the device
  3. Hold and press the power button of the Beats Flex. As it flashed, you can search for the Beats
  4. You can then access your device´s menu for Bluetooth
  5. You will then see a list of devices with Bluetooth capability. You can then choose the device

Does Beats Flex Have an App?

Yes. The Beats app can be downloaded for use and provides many features that allow you to take control of your music. You can implement the app features in a multitude of ways to enjoy your Beats Flex.

Can Beats Flex Answer Calls?

Yes. In the Beats app that you use for Android, you will see a device screen. You just need to set it to make calls answered automatically, then turn on the feature. 

Can Your Beats Flex be Charging while in Use?

Yes. You just need to have it on and then connect it for charging and then use it as normal. 

How is the Beats Flex Bass Turned Up?

Unfortunately, the Beats Flex does not incorporate an equalizer for bass. 

But, there may be other features that the app could supply, which may adjust the bass level. 

To find out what you can do, go to the settings, then Music, and then to EQ for the choices.

Is Beats Flex Compatible with Laptops?

If you want to use your Beats Flex for your laptop, then you will love knowing that you can. 

They will give you the freedom to talk during a conference call or any other use. 

Plus, your laptop will automatically connect once your laptop is turned on. 

Is a Microphone built into a Beats Flex?

Because of the Bluetooth technology Beats Flex uses, the range of the WiFi capability is extensive and has a low amount of cutoff. 

Its microphone is built-in with advanced technology that helps decrease the amount of noise so that a voice can be clearly heard. 

The controls are able to adjust your volume and manage calls and music.

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