Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case? Only 2 Ways To Do It!

Anyone who may want to charge their AirPods without a case may find that their options are limited, but there are a couple of solutions you can try. Misplacing or losing an AirPod case can be highly frustrating since AirPod earbuds only last for a certain amount of time without being placed back in their charging case. But maybe you’ve exhausted your search and just can’t seem to find the case anywhere, and you’re trying to figure out the next best solution for charging your AirPods.

Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case 1 Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case? Only 2 Ways To Do It!

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Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case?

You can’t charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro without their charging case, but you can purchase a replacement case from Apple or invest in the AirPods Max, which doesn’t need a charging case in order to work.

AirPods are small, discreet, and easy to transport to just about anywhere. These are just a few of the things that make them so popular. 

But, the fact that they are small also means that it’s easy to set down the case or the earbuds somewhere and not be able to find them again. Additionally, because the case and the earbuds are not attached, leaving the charging case behind when you have the earbuds in is an easy thing to do. 

Coming up with a solution for charging your AirPods when the case is nowhere near is not possible, so you’re going to have to come up with some alternative solutions.

As with many of you, I’ve become quite reliant on my AirPods. I use them often throughout my day – from listening to work calls and meetings to listening to music while I work out and walk my dog. 

But because I move around a lot throughout the day, it’s easy for my AirPods to get misplaced or for the case to be at my home while I’m at work or the gym.

Keeping track of the charging case can be burdensome, so I’ve tried to find ways to charge my AirPods that don’t involve using the case, but this just doesn’t seem possible. So, I’ve come up with a couple of alternatives that may work, and they may work for you, too.

How To Charge AirPods Without the Case

Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case 1 1 Can You Charge AirPods Without The Case? Only 2 Ways To Do It!

AirPods are not only one of the most popular Apple accessories ever created, they have practically become a personal necessity for active people everywhere. 

AirPods are so versatile, we take them just about everywhere we go – from the gym to the office, to school, and even to bed at night.

It’s easy to pair them with many of our different devices, and the sound quality is excellent and great for listening to music, television shows, meetings, and phone calls.

Another great feature of AirPods is that they can hold a charge for a substantial amount of time before they need to be charged. The first-generation AirPods will stay charged up to thirty hours before being placed back in the case, and the AirPods Pro can stay charged up to twenty-four hours.

Most people find that their case can stay charged for a couple of days, depending on the age of the case. Plugging it back into a power source will recharge it to 100% battery life after thirty minutes. 

AirPods come with a Lightning to USB cable cord that can be used with a power charger in any normal socket. 

You can also charge your AirPod case on a wireless charging station dock that is compatible with any Apple device.

So, the good news is, that your AirPods can easily be charged in their case, and both the case and the earbuds are capable of holding a charge for long periods of time before needing to be re-charged.

But, what happens when your AirPod earbuds need some charging, but the case is nowhere near

Unfortunately, the AirPod case is how your AirPod earbuds will get the charge they need to continue working. 

Without being placed back inside the case, your AirPod earbuds will eventually run out of power and will quit working.

Sometimes, one AirPod earbud will stay charged longer than the other, so you may continue to get some use out of one after the other one has died.

But eventually, both will quit working and you’ll need to find the case to charge them or try a different approach. I have two suggestions for you if your case can’t be found.

1. Purchase a Replacement Case From Apple

This is the easiest method to get your current AirPod earbuds back up to working order if their original case has gone permanently missing, or you are somewhere that you need to charge your AirPods and the case has been left behind.

Apple sells replacement AirPod charging cases for around $70. This may sound steep, but it’s still significantly less expensive than buying a brand new pair of AirPods, which can be upwards of $150 and more, depending on which model you buy, and whether you buy them new or used.

You can also buy replacement AirPod charging cases from other retailers. These AirPod cases are not manufactured by Apple, so they may not be Apple-certified, but they are significantly less expensive, costing around $36 to $40 instead. 

Another option is to buy a used case from a number of online retailers or check your local discount stores or community chat groups. A used AirPod case that is in good working order may only cost you around $10 to $15, which is a much gentler hit to your budget when you are having to buy something you weren’t planning to, like a new AirPod case.

Regardless of what route you take, make sure the AirPod case is compatible with your model of AirPods and that it comes with a Lightning to USB cord (unless you still have one, or you have a charging dock.)

2. Invest in the AirPods Max

Here is a second option you may want to consider if losing your AirPods case is a frequent issue for you, or your AirPod case is permanently missing and you don’t want to purchase another one.

If you are frustrated with the fact that your AirPods require a charging case to work, purchasing the new AirPods Max may be a good solution for you.

The AirPods Max came out in 2020, and is the first model of AirPods that have an over-the-ear design instead of the traditional in-ear earbud like the other AirPods before them.

These over-the-ear AirPods are wireless, just like the other versions, and give a high sound quality and performance. They can be used for all the same things as the original AirPods and are Bluetooth compatible, allowing them to be paired with any of your devices that you’ve paired your other AirPods with before.

The AirPods Max has noise-canceling features and high-fidelity audio. They are great for watching movies, listening to music, and making or receiving phone calls.

The other big advantage of the AirPods Max is that there is no charging case to keep up with. These AirPods simply connect directly with a Lightning to USB cord, which comes with the AirPods Max. Simply plug them directly into a power source and they will stay charged for up to 30 hours.

The AirPods Max is currently retailing for around $450 if you buy them new. This may be a steep price for some, but if using a charging case has become problematic for you, upgrading to these AirPods may be a solution you decide to consider.

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