Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay?

Having Apple Pay is an easy method to make payments for items that you love. 

It is quick and does not need you to use a debit or credit card. 

It can allow you to make a payment with any Apple iPhone, watch, or iPad. 

However, many still wonder if they can get cashback with Apple Pay

Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay?

You can receive cashback with Apple Pay when making purchases at stores if 1) cashback is offered by that store, 2) that store accepts Apple Pay as a form of payment, and 3) your credit or debit card needs to be actively linked to your Apple Pay account. Apple Pay has no restrictions on cashback.

 Before we get into how you can receive cashback, it is important to know how the process of Apple Pay works.

What is Apple Pay?

Having an iPhone device enables you to have an app known as Apple Wallet. 

Having this wallet will save your information pertaining to your credit/debit cards.

You will be able to make payments using your device as long as the information is saved.

Prior to making a payment, you just need to be signed in to your pay account by signing in with your password. 

You can also sign in with your Touch ID and have it placed at the reader for it to accept payment. 

This is great when a contactless payment is going to be made. 

The good thing is that a limit does not exist when it comes to payments, unless a retailer has set an amount limit.

You have the freedom to decide on which type of card to use by selecting them in your wallet. 

You can also have a preferred card set up. 

Regardless of the device being used, they all will have the same technology, which is kCommunication (NFC). 

This technology is what will permit the payment to be processed. 

Having this technology is what allows the Apple device and card reader to communicate with each other. 

This is nice and you won´t be paying for unwanted items.

Is Apple Pay Secure?

In order to keep personal information secure, Apple implements tokens. 

With a token, your information is saved and then gets assigned random letters and numbers to identify the payment information.

It is worthless as a token, and when it does fall into someone else´s possession, there would be no accessibility to the payment information.or card numbers. 

It also cannot be converted back to its original state.

If a lost device occurs, then you can easily have payments suspended so that no canceling of debit or credit cards will need to be done.

Process of a Business Accepting Apple Pay

By taking payments, there will be no extra cost in accepting payments from Apple Pay. 

Every card reader should have the ability to read Apple Pay and not just contactless. 

Can you get cash back with Apple Pay at stores?

When you use Apple Pay at the store, you will have the ability to receive cashback during the payment process. 

However, you need to be aware of a few things first. 

  • Cashback needs to be offered by the store
  • Apple Pay must be an accepted form of payment
  • Your credit/debit card needs to be linked

According to the Apple customer service department, all Apple Pay subscribers can choose to have cashback as long as the business offers Apple Pay as a form of payment. 

You can easily find companies that accept Apple Pay through Apple so that you will also know that cashback will be available. 

The majority of the businesses that take Apple Pay involve major grocery store chains such as Albertsons, Safeway, and Trader Joe´s.

You will also need to make sure that your location is also listed. 

So the location of the cashback needs to be processed the same as any other cashback transaction.

The business will limit the cashback amounts. 

There are also no associated cashback fees on all Apple Pay transactions.

How do I get cashback from Apple Pay?

Getting cashback from Apple Pay is permissible as long as a policy is in place that governs the transactions. 

You will also be able to save money when using Apple Pay. 

You need to be aware of the conditions at the location you wish to use.

By linking a credit/debit, you can obtain some of the cashback that is spent on a purchase. 

In addition to that, getting cashback from Apple Pay has many similarities to other cashback programs.

How Apple Pay Cashback Works

If you plan to use Apple Pay a lot, then the Apple Pay Card will be a great benefit to have. 

There is no difference between the Apple Pay card and a regular credit card, which is great for making purchases where ever you do your shopping. 

With the pay card, you can also receive cashback on qualified purchases and products and even where the Apple Pay card can not be used. 

As opposed to other types of cards, the Apple Pay card is unlimited and provides cashback through a deposit to your Apple Wallet. 

Once deposited, you can spend it in any manner you feel like.

Your Apple card also allows monthly payments to be paid on the shopping you conduct

Keep in mind that your Apple Pay Card is able to be used on its own or by having a debit/credit card linked to it. 

This is how you are able to use it where Apple Pay is not offered.

Earn Rewards By Linking Your Debit/Credit Card To Your Apple Pay Card Account

By linking a credit or debit card to your Apple Pay Card, you have a convenient way set up to obtain the many opportunities for cash back on purchases. 

You need to make sure that your credit or debit card can be linked to your Apple Pay Card. 

You should contact your financial institution to ensure yours can be linked. 

However, the following cards can be safely linked to the Apple Pay Card:

  • Chase Freedom flex
  • Blue Cash Everyday card
  • Blue Cash Preferred card

Once your card is linked, you will be able to enjoy cashback at hundreds of participating retailers. 

When you have a card linked, you can easily earn cashback in the following ways:

  • Up to 3% with gasoline purchases
  • Up to 3% for transportation costs such as bridge tolls and paid parking
  • Up to 5% with restaurants
  • Up to 6% for grocery shopping

Earning Cash Back By Linking to Your Apple Pay

Besides rewards, you will earn real cash back by linking your debit card. 

Having this opportunity may seem difficult due to the cashback being dependent upon which store allows its use. 

In order to receive the cash back you must do the following:

  • Have your Apple Pay linked to a debit card
  • Ensure that the Apple Pay is accepted
  • Choose the participating retailer you plan to shop at

Although it may seem like a hassle but you will be surprised by the number of businesses that allow the use of Apple Pay. 

A few of these businesses include Trader Joe´s, Safeway, and Albertsons.

While these businesses accept the payment form, you should contact your area´s location to ensure they actually do.

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