Can You Use a Bose Soundlink Mini With a Computer?

Hoping to bring your favorite playlist along to the beach?

How about upping the volume of the soundtrack to your next overseas adventure?

Perhaps you just want an alternative speaker setup than those next to your stereo! 

These are a handful of the reasons folks opt for speakers like the Bose SoundLink Mini. 

Many folks decide to play their music from phones and tablets since most Bose products connect seamlessly through Bluetooth. That being said, the same Bluetooth technology allows you to connect a PC or Mac with your portable speaker. If you prefer a more “analog” style connection, you can use an AUX cable too. 

Once connected, your device can play just about anything.

From streaming services like Spotify and Tidal to your personal music library via hard drive or USB drive, even content from YouTube and other great internet sources for audio and video content. 

You can also connect audio from your favorite video and television streaming services to your Bose speaker. 

This gives you substantially better sound quality than a mere laptop or tablet could provide and without the bulkiness involved with an auxiliary jack and your home stereo setup. 

The speaker provides generous replications of sounds across the frequency range, including a heftier bass response than you might expect from a portable unit this size. 

Whether you’re listening to upright bass on your favorite jazz recording or waiting for the climax of your favorite DJ set, you won’t be disappointed. 

The charging mount for your Bose SoundLink Mini conveniently functions as a base for the unit with a battery that lasts from six to twelve hours and it becomes unnecessary to attach the charger when using your Bose at your next BBQ or kitchen hangout. 

Want to Learn More?

Here are some other tips and tricks you’ll likely want to know about using a Bose Soundlink product with your computer. 

We’ll be discussing the Mini in this article, but much of this info is pertinent to other Bose products, too! 

Keep on reading to learn more about these products, the company that makes them, and some solutions to any problems that may arise.

After that, you’ll be rocking out to your favorite tunes in no time!

Ease of connectivity is one reason these speakers are so popular. 

An in-depth description of how to connect your computer to the unit is available in its owner’s manual

If you’d like to skip to the important bits, and/or haven’t yet purchased your Bose unit and want to see how it compares with competitors, then read on! 

We’ll delve into connecting with Bluetooth first because this is the most convenient and popular way to use the speaker. 

After turning on the unit, press the Bluetooth button on the far right.

It should blink in blue to indicate that your speaker is now discoverable.

Locate it on your PC or Mac’s Bluetooth list, and give it a click.

The blue light should change to white, meaning your speaker is paired! 

Another obvious way to determine if you have an established connection is when your audio plays. 

But if it doesn’t, check your computer and speaker volumes up and the source isn’t muted. 

Now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your audio! 

About Bose

Amar Bose founded the company over 50 years ago by its. 

He was a professor at MIT specializing in engineering. 

Bose products are now commonplace in automobiles, airplanes, and have even been to space (and back)! While we know Bose as a pricier brand compared to many competitors, the products also boast excellent quality and reliability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Bluetooth Connectivity and AUX?

Sonically, you should hear no difference based on how your SoundLink communicates with your computer or phone. 

The AUX cable can be an alternative if you choose AUX over Bluetooth, but don’t be afraid to embrace the wireless side. 

This is a common issue many folks experience with Bluetooth speakers.

But with a few troubleshooting tricks up your sleeve, you should be able to remedy it quickly. 

Try turning the device off and back on and pressing the Bluetooth button on your Bose again. 

Be sure your speaker is close enough to your computer, as this can affect connectivity. 

Still not Connecting?

An option if this issue persists is to perform a reset on your speaker. 

  • Press and hold the plus and minus volume buttons for around ten seconds
  • This should have turned off your speaker, so press the power button to turn it back on
  • Voila! Your Bose should be reset, so try connecting it to your computer now. 

If I experience issues, I delete the Bluetooth device from the source device if this is an option (a laptop, tablet, or phone and then add the Bose SoundLink again.

Sometimes, the Bose Speaker may connect to more than one source, which Bose devices don’t like, in my experience. 

Delete that Bluetooth connection from the other devices, or take them out of reach until you have connected to your speaker. 

Bose speakers have earned a great reputation by being high quality, robust, and reliable. More frugal consumers might be tempted to look elsewhere though because Bose is not afraid to charge accordingly for this quality. 

The choice is up to the consumer, and perhaps you wish to see the extra investment as a kind of insurance when compared with less well-known brands. 

Where Can I Find the Best Deal on Bose Products?

Prices fluctuate, but Amazon has many great deals on products, like the SoundLink mini and micro. 

Bose has its own brick-and-mortar stores as well, and its website has tools to find one near you. 

They offer price matching, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best deal available. 

In Summary

With handy Bluetooth technology and an old-school AUX cable, just in case, you should now be fairly confident connecting your Bose SoundLink Mini with your computer. 

Whether you are a long-time Bose customer or are deciding to try out the brand for the first time, you now know what to expect from the stalwart brand.

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