How Long Does A Bose Speaker Last?

Bose speakers are great because of their Bluetooth ability and waterproof technology. 

However, I was curious about how long the battery on a Bose speaker would last and how long it would maintain its quality. 

This led me to do some research on Bose speakers and this article goes over what I found.

How long does a Bose speaker last?

The battery life of a Bose speaker can range between 6-20 hours depending on the speaker and volume level. The battery should be able to last for hundreds of charge cycles, which should last you multiple years.  

However, there are many different things that can affect the length of a single charge and the overall battery life of your speaker, and obviously, what type of speaker you have is paramount.

What affects the battery life of a Bose speaker?

There are a couple of things that can affect the battery life of your Bose speaker. 

Those things are trying to connect multiple devices to your speaker at the same time and playing audio at high volumes.

Connecting multiple devices to your Bose speaker can lead to shorter battery life because the speaker is constantly searching for devices to connect to.

This causes the battery to drain because it is always active, which can shorten the potential charge.

Also, playing audio at high volumes can shorten the duration of the charge of your Bose speaker. 

It requires more power to play audio at higher volumes, which can lead to a charge having a shorter duration.

Playing audio at lower volumes can help prolong the duration of the charge.

Why do different Bose speakers have differing battery lives?

How Long Does A Bose Speaker Last 1 How Long Does A Bose Speaker Last?

The battery life of a Bose speaker is dependent on the size and quality of the battery. 

So, certain Bose speakers may have higher quality batteries, which leads to longer charges.

Most Bluetooth speakers use lithium-ion batteries, which are incredibly reliable and allow for the playing of audio for multiple hours.

However, the size of the speaker can impact the size of the battery. 

The bigger the battery the more likely it is to play audio for longer amounts of time. 

This is one of the big factors that play into charge duration.

What can cause the battery in my Bose speaker to deteriorate?

There are five main things that can lead to battery deterioration, and these five things are:

  • Temperature
  • Incorrect Charging
  • Incorrect Storing Practices
  • Using Batteries Interchangeably
  • Incorrect Installation

Keeping your speaker in extreme temperatures, whether it be cold or warm, can lead to battery deterioration. 

This can lead to unnecessary strain, which can damage the battery’s health. 

Charging it incorrectly can also damage the battery. 

If you charge it at a voltage that is too high or too low, then it will lead to sulfation and corrosion. 

If you have spare batteries for the speaker, then you should also store them properly. 

Storing them incorrectly can lead to battery deterioration before you even use it.

The last two should not be applicable to speakers, but you could deteriorate your battery if you are constantly changing them or trying to install them improperly yourself.

Is it ok if I get my Bose speaker wet?

Electronics of any kind and water do not normally mix. 

By rule, you should try and avoid getting your electronics wet. 

However, there are certain Bose speakers that are made to be water-resistant.

The speakers are water resistant, which means that they are built to work with minimal exposure to water. 

If your Bose speaker gets soaked in water, then it may not function properly. 

When purchasing your Bose speaker, you should make sure whether it is water resistant.

If the one you intend to purchase is water resistant then it is safe to get wet on occasion, but if it is not then you should avoid getting water on your speaker.

Can I overcharge my Bose speaker?

No, it is not possible to overcharge your Bose speaker. 

This is because the battery that is used in Bose speakers is built to identify when it is at full power and stops charging.

The best way to avoid this is to use the charger that is designed for your speaker.

The designed charger will make it easier for the speaker to identify when it is done charging due to the voltage and Ah rating being correct.

What kind of battery does a Bose speaker use?

Bose speakers use lithium-ion batteries. 

The type of lithium-ion battery may vary depending on what speaker you purchase, but all Bose speakers have lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are better than typical lead-acid batteries because they are long lasting and provide a longer charge. 

Typical lithium-ion batteries are made to last multiple years at a time if they are stored and cared for properly.

Can I replace the battery in my Bose speaker?

Yes, the battery in your Bose speaker can be replaced. 

This is a perk of Bose speakers because the batteries are much cheaper than having to completely replace your entire speaker.

Replacing the battery in your Bose speaker requires certain tools if you are going to do it by yourself. 

It may be easier to take your speaker into a nearby electronics store and have them do it for you. 

This will avoid any potential damage to your speaker and ensure that it is replaced properly

Do Bose speakers have a lifetime warranty?

Unfortunately, Bose speakers do not have a lifetime warranty. 

However, Bose speakers do have a warranty policy that protects all the components within your speaker.

Bose offers a one-year limited warranty to certain parts of your speaker and a five-year warranty to all other parts. 

The one-year warranty covers all parts that are powered, and the five-year warranty covers all parts that are not self-powered.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, through my research I found that Bose speakers offer a long lifespan that could last for multiple years if the speaker is properly stored and taken care of. 

A single charge of a Bose speaker battery can last for multiple hours depending on what speaker you purchase. 

There are speakers that can last longer than certain Bose speakers, but the audio quality that Bose provides is hard to beat.

Also, Bose covers the various parts of their speakers well with warranties that span over five years.

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