Can You Use The Bose Wave Without A Remote?

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Those who have a Bose Wave radio have found it to be a relatively good radio. 

However, there aren’t any buttons on it, giving it a sleek and modern look. 

Can you use your Bose Wave radio without the corresponding remote?

Can You Use The Bose Wave Without A Remote?

The Bose Wave radio can be used without the remote by using the Bose SoundTech app. The Bose SoundTech app can also be used to control other Bose sound systems and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Bose Sound Wave radio can also be controlled by a learning universal remote.

Although you can’t walk up to your Bose Wave radio to control it, you don’t have to worry if you lose the corresponding remote. 

The best replacement remotes for this radio are listed below.

How to Use Bose Wave Without Remote

Although the remote for the Bose Wave radio is necessary to use the said device, you can use other items to control it. 

One item that can control your Bose Wave radio is your smartphone. 

All you have to do is download the Bose SoundTech app.

This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your Bose Wave radio remote, even though it doesn’t have any buttons. 

However, you are not alone if you don’t like the fact that the Bose Wave radio doesn’t have any buttons. 

Many Reddit users don’t like the lack of buttons as well.

How to Control Bose Wave through SoundTech:

  • Download the free Bose SoundTech app
  • Open the app and click on Manage System Settings. You may need to create an account before using the app.
  • Connect your Bose Wave radio to the app. Various controls will appear after they are connected.
  • When the available radio stations appear, click on the one you want to listen to. You can also connect an account for a music streaming app.

Although you can use the SoundTech to control your Bose Wave radio, you likely won’t need it. 

Bose Wave radio remotes don’t typically break unless deliberately broken.

If your Bose Wave radio remote isn’t working, it likely just needs a change of batteries or needs to be closer to said radio.

However, it is so small that it can easily get lost in your couch or other plush furniture.

Keep your Bose Wave radio remote away from any plush furniture if you don’t want to potentially lose it.

Keep it near your Bose Wave radio.

Can I Purchase a Replacement Remote for the Bose Wave?

If you lose your Bose Wave radio remote, you can purchase a replacement or replace it with a learning universal remote.

Bose sells inexpensive replacement remotes. 

However, if you don’t want to purchase another Bose Wave remote, you can purchase a learning universal remote.

However, Bose does not program any codes that universal remotes use to connect devices into their radios or sound systems. 

This means that you won’t be able to use the pre-programmed codes that your universal remote tells you to use.

Instead, you will have to put the universal remote against your Bose Wave radio and press buttons until it controls the radio correctly. 

This means it will be slightly harder than normal to connect your universal remote to your Bose Wave radio.

However, it should only take a few minutes to program your universal remote to control your Bose Wave radio. 

It isn’t hard to do so, just slightly more complicated and annoying than it is to program said universal remote to other devices.

Can You Use The Bose Wave Without A Remote Can You Use The Bose Wave Without A Remote?

Replacement Remotes for Bose Wave Radio

Wave Radio Remote

The Wave radio remote is a replacement for any lost or broken Bose Wave radio. 

This replacement remote works for most Bose Wave devices, even if they are not currently being made.

This model of remote was made for the original model of Bose Wave radio, according to the reviews.

This Wave radio remote costs $14 and works extremely well. 

The batteries are easy to replace, the buttons are slightly raised, and it is easy to see what each button controls.

You can easily connect this replacement remote to your current Bose Wave radio by following the instructions that will be included in the package after you order it.

Unfortunately, the color of said remote is slightly off-putting. Instead of a pure white and black remote, the supposedly white face is a yellow-white color. This color makes the remote look old and dingy. You can cover it in white paint, but then the texture may be off-putting and the buttons may not work as paint gets into the cracks and crevices and stops them from moving.

Wave Music System III Remote

The Wave music system III remote costs $14 and is compatible with the Bose Wave System III. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with the Wave System III, so you won’t be able to use it if you have a different Bose Wave radio.

This remote is completely black, so it looks much more appealing than the Wave Radio Remote. The front edge is slightly raised so you don’t have to pick it up to see all of the buttons. It is easy to connect to your Bose Wave System III and extremely durable.

AUDIOVOX RCRN06GR 6 Universal Learning Remote

The AUDIOVOX RCRN06GR 6 Universal Learning Remote costs $22 and is rated 4 stars by consumers. It is black with purple-white buttons, so it is visually appealing. It is 11 inches long, so it is large enough that you won’t likely lose it in the couch or in a plush piece of furniture.

You can easily program this universal remote to control your Bose Wave radio and other devices. If you lose your Bose Wave remote and don’t want to use the SoundTech app, this universal remote is a great alternative.

Although the Bose Wave radio can’t be used without the remote, if you lose it the radio will turn off after 20 minutes if unused. You can purchase a replacement remote or program a universal remote to control your Bose Wave radio.