Why is My Bluetooth Speaker Beeping?

Since its introduction in 1989, Bluetooth technology has rapidly developed to become the most versatile and low-cost wireless communication technology. Bluetooth technology has been adapted for many applications and devices because of its robust, low power short-range radio technology.

In recent years, the use of Bluetooth technology on speaker has been widespread. Many top speaker manufacturers like Bose, JBL, Sony, Ooontz, Braven, Anker, COMISO, Sonos, and FUGOO among others, have ventured into the production of Bluetooth speakers. Many music lovers prefer using Bluetooth speakers because of their portability, convenience, and superior sound quality.

Depending on the manufacturer, the Bluetooth speaker often comes equipped with a status alert system. Besides the LED indicators that come default with most speakers, others will have a beeping sound to accompany the LED indicator. Have you ever wondered why your Bluetooth speaker is beeping? If yes, worry no more. This article will discuss this in details.

Why is my Bluetooth Speaker Beeping?

This is because of either low battery alert, connection to a device, or when charging is complete. The beeping sounds will vary in frequency, tone, and intensity, depending on the status of your Bluetooth speaker. But besides these common reasons, here are some more reasons why your speaker is beeping:

  • 1. Because of low battery
  • 2. When the speaker connects to your device
  • 3. For diagnostic test
  • 4. Because of a loosely fitting power cable
  • 5. Because of dust or debris on your charging cable or power port
  • 6. When using a faulty micro-USB cable.
  • 7. When the speaker is receiving low or high voltage.

Encoded beeps are deliberately coded in Bluetooth speakers to communicate the battery status to the user. Some speakers will only feature an LED indicator for most of the status alert, while others will combine both. Read on to learn more about it.

1. Because Of Low Battery

The most common beep from a Bluetooth speaker is the low battery beep. The tone and intensity of the beep will differ from one manufacturer to the other. For some speakers, the frequency of the beeps will increase as the battery level gets to the critically low point. At this point, you will have to plug in your battery.

In some cases, these beeps will be accompanied by an LED indicator for a critically low battery. It is important to keep checking your LED indicator while at the same time listening carefully to the beeping sounds coming from your speaker.

2. When the Speaker Connects to Device

Bluetooth speakers are designed to produce a beep when a device is connected. Also, when you disconnect a device or a cable, your speaker will produce a different beep. When your device successfully pairs to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, it will beep. But note that this will depend on the brand of your speaker. Not all speakers are designed to beep when pairing with other devices. Some premium Bluetooth speakers will use a voice command instead.

3. For Diagnostic Test

Bluetooth speakers are designed with a self-diagnostic feature. The beeps in the speaker are meant to indicate the status of your speaker. For example, some speakers will produce an up-beep when connecting a device or a micro-USB cable and a down-beep when you disconnect. This action is meant to alert the user that the speaker is working fine and the cable or device has been properly connected/disconnected.

Some manufacturers include wake up beeps or sound commands to indicate that the speaker is ready for pairing. You should read the manual that comes with your speaker to understand the beeps better. Note that these beeps may vary from one speaker brand to the other.

How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping
How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping

4. Because Of Loosely Fitting Power Cable

Sometimes your speaker will keep beeping when plugged in. This means that either your cable is faulty, or it is loosely fitting in the port. To resolve this, try using a different micro-USB cable. Alternatively, you adjust your cable to ensure that it tightly fits in the micro-USB port or the charging unit that it is plugged into.

Ensure that you replace your cables with manufacturer recommended cables. Also, check to ensure that the rating on the cable and charging port matches the speaker design rating. By eliminating the other possible cause of the fault, you will quickly identify what is causing your speaker to beep.

5. Because Of Dust or Debris on Your Charging Cable or Power Port

Never ignore any kind of beeping from any electronic device. They are designed to pass a message to you. Beeping is a form of debugging for the speaker. When your cable is not correctly inserted, your speaker will not produce an up-beep when plugging it in. For some speakers, this will be followed by a beep to indicate that your cable is not correctly inserted.

Depending on the brand and design of your speaker, this is often caused by the presence of debris in your charging port. Since the USB ports and the charging ports are usually open, sometimes they may gather dust. In this case, wipe slowly with a soft piece of cloth or cotton.

6. When Using A Faulty Micro-USB Cable

The ability of a speaker to communicate an error is a crucial design consideration for most Bluetooth speaker manufacturers. When you put a micro-USB cable that is not correctly rated to your speaker, it will start beeping to warn you of an impending error in the system.

When this happens, it is important to try using a different micro-USB. It is important to use a branded micro-USB from the same manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your speaker. This is likely to occur when you travel a lot with your speaker. The normal wear and tear may cause your cable to snap or get twisted. Always check the physical condition of your micro-USB cable before you insert it. If you confirm that your cable is faulty, consider buying a replacement from the manufacturers’ OEM authorized dealer.

7. When the Speaker Is Receiving Low or High Voltage

When your Bluetooth speaker is connected to a power source with a lower than recommended voltage, it is likely to produce a beep. Similarly, your speaker will alert you with a beep when connected to an outlet with a higher voltage.

Connecting your speaker to a power source whose rating does not match the speaker recommended rating will damage your speaker. Therefore, it is important to unplug your speaker when you hear this incessant beep.

Frequently Asked Questions

SoundLink speakers are designed to make an up-beep when plugged in and a down-beep when unplugged. This is part of the speaker’s self-diagnostic test. These beeps are used to confirm that your speaker has been plugged in or out correctly.

However, if the beeps occur rapidly when charging, it may mean that the power cable is not correctly inserted, or there is dust/debris on the cable or power port. I would suggest inspecting both the cable and the port on your speaker for any potential problems.

2. Why does my Bluetooth speaker beep continuously while charging?

There are several reasons for this. It could be that your power sources are either of low or high voltage. Alternatively, this could indicate that your device is fully charged. The beeping tone and frequency will differ from one manufacturer to the other.

The beeping is meant to notify the user of the status of the speaker and sometimes offer warning alerts. However, sometimes the beeping sound can be annoying if you don’t know the reason behind it. It is important to understand why your speaker is beeping and be able to resolve the issue.

3. Does it always mean that my speaker has an error when it keeps beeping?

No. Although most of the warning beeps will indicate an error in the system. Some of the beeps are programmed in your speaker by the manufacturer for diagnostic purposes. For example, your speaker may produce an up-beep when plugged into a power outlet. This doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with your speaker. All it means is that your speaker is correctly plugged into power.

Final Thoughts

The Bluetooth wireless technology has versatile applications. Bluetooth speakers have become a standard household device recently because of their portability, rugged structure, and quality sound. The Bluetooth speakers come in different shapes and sizes, from easy clip-ons to the huge boom box.

Bluetooth speakers are worth it because they are a good companion for enhancing the sound from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is important to understand the reason behind the beeping sound produced by your Bluetooth speaker. This may vary from one manufacturer to the other, but the common causes are discussed in this article.

Never ignore when you hear your speaker beeping. Also, you should pay close attention to the accompanying LED indicator. The tone and frequency of the beeps will always vary from one brand to the other. Therefore, it is essential to read the user manual that comes with your speaker for more details on decoding the different kinds of beeps emanating from your Bluetooth speaker.

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