Do I Need a New SIM Card for My 5G Verizon Phone?

5G phones are the latest wave of new technology, and we’re sure you’re interested in upgrading from a 4G device to a 5G one if you haven’t already. 

However, there can be a lot of confusion around whether or not older 4G and even 3G SIM cards work on new Verizon 5G devices. 

Here, we have an answer that explains both sides of the story. 

Do I Need a New SIM Card for My 5G Verizon Phone?

4G and even 3G SIM cards will work on Verizon 5G phones, but since these SIM cards are only compatible with 4G and 3G network coverage, they will not work with 5G speeds. You will still be able to receive texts and calls and access the Internet with an older SIM card in a new 5G device, though.

Some 4G LTE SIM cards are actually compatible with the new 5G networks, though. 

No one really knows for sure which SIM cards these are, so the only way to know if your current card works with 5G Verizon networks is to just try using the card in a 5G phone. 

If you use one of these compatible 4G LTE SIMs in an area where Verizon 5G is offered, you will see a symbol on your screen, next to your network strength indicator, that you are connected to a 5G, not a 4G LTE, network. 

However, if you try one of these SIM cards in a 5G area and do not see the 5G symbol, only a 4G one, then there’s a good chance that your card is not compatible with 5G speeds. 

In that case, you can still use your new phone on the same old 4G networks with no problem, but, if you’re still wanting to try out those 5G speeds, you’ll need to visit a Verizon store and get an upgrade to a 5G SIM card, which you can get absolutely free, assuming you are already a customer of Verizon and have one of the older Verizon SIM cards right now. 

Before you choose to upgrade to a 5G SIM card, though, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone may have access to 5G networks, to begin with. 

And, even if you live in an area where 5G is offered, you may have to upgrade your Verizon plan and potentially pay more to even access 5G. 

Verizon actually has 2 types of 5G networks, too, and there are some big differences between how wide their coverage is.

Where Can You Get 5G Speeds?

Do I Need a New SIM Card for My 5G Verizon Phone 1 Do I Need a New SIM Card for My 5G Verizon Phone?

Let’s be clear: as of right now, not everyone in the United States has immediate access to 5G networks. 

Generally speaking, you will only be able to access 5G networks in large cities or metropolitan areas. 

In the future, Verizon will likely add more 5G coverage to smaller cities and rural areas, but since 5G is still a relatively new technology, only urban areas have access to it right now. 

Verizon actually offers 2 types of 5G coverage too. 

The first of these types is 5G Ultra Wideband, an extremely fast type of 5G that really is one of the best types of internet access there is today. 

However, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is only available in very tiny areas of the country, specifically only on certain streets of certain metropolitan cities. 

Additionally, 5G Ultra Wideband (5G UW) can only be accessed when users are outside because the wavelengths of this network cannot travel through walls. 

This makes it even more limited in nature, so it will be difficult for you to use even if you live or work in an area where 5G UW is offered. 

The second type of Verizon 5G coverage is the Verizon 5G Nationwide. 

This 5G network runs on a lower bandwidth than the extremely fast 5G UW, but it can penetrate walls and can be accessed in a lot more areas of the country, though still only in urban areas. 

Some people have conflicting opinions on how well 5G Nationwide really works, though, as some believe that Verizon 4G LTE is still slightly faster, if not the same speed, as this 5G network. 

The Costs of Verizon 5G Access

Verizon offers a lot of different service plans that can give you access to their 5G network.

For all service plans, you can get access to Verizon 5G Nationwide for the same price as getting 4G LTE anywhere in the country, and this includes both prepaid and post-paid plans. 

However, if you want to try out Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, you’ll need to upgrade to a Play More unlimited data plan. 

These plans can be either prepaid or post-paid, and they usually start out at $10 on top of the existing 4G plans. 

Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re in an area where you can access the 5G UW network before you upgrade your plan, otherwise, you’ll just be giving extra money for no good reason. 


Can you use 4G SIM card on a 5G phone?

Yes, you can use a 4G SIM card on a 5G phone or device. You can still send and receive calls, texts, and data through the 4G network on any 5G phone with no problems. 

Do I need a new SIM for 5G?

No, you do not need a new SIM card to use a 5G phone. However, if you want to use a 5G network, you may need to upgrade your SIM card to a 5G-compatible card. Some 4G SIMs do work with 5G coverage, but it can be hard to tell whether yours will work or not until you try it with a 5G phone in a 5G coverage area. 

How do I get a 5G SIM card?

If you already have a 4G or even 3G SIM card from Verizon, you can visit any Verizon retailer and ask for a free upgrade to a new 5G SIM card. 

Can I keep my number when I switch from 4G to 5G?

Yes, you can keep your existing phone number when you upgrade from a 4G device to a 5G device, and if you choose to upgrade your 4G SIM card to a 5G one, you can also keep your phone number. Normally, when you upgrade your SIM card, all of your contacts will be stored and transferred to the new card as well. 

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