Does Gamestop Fix Wii Consoles?

Most consoles are repairable if they are taken to the right technicians. Don’t throw away your console just because it is faulty.

does gamestop fix wii consoles

Gamestop does not fix Wii consoles for customers. While they repair the consoles, this is not done as a service. If a warranty covers a customer, the best they can do is replace the console and send the broken/ faulty one back to their warehouse, where it is refurbished.

We wanted to know if we should discard our broken Wii console. Since this is not an area we are familiar with, we talked to a few of our seasoned gamers, who directed us to use our warranty to get a different console from GameStop. This led you to research more online, where we discovered a few other options in case such an issue ever arises.

Does GameStop Repair Wii-Consoles?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as the angle of the question matters. GameStop has repair services, but this isn’t from the store level. A customer may not request such repair services.

The only way a customer can get help from GameStop is if they are under warranty. Even at that, they can only get the console replaced. GameStop will give the customers with warranties a better console and have the faulty one delivered at their warehouse for repairs at their convenience.

It’s advisable for customers with no warranties to find competent repair experts or contact the manufacturer for possible repairs or replacements. They will likely have their consoles fixed when dealing with local repair experts.

What to do if the Wii Console isn’t Working?

As already mentioned, the best bet is to find a talented local game store. Alternatively, find the nearest Nintendo Service center and have them check it out. The experts here are better positioned to help you with the faulty console.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

Like all other electronics, gaming accessories and tools need specialized care. The cost of having your Wii Console repaired will depend on the extent of the damage. On average, expect to spend at least $75 for the console to be repaired/fixed. This amount may be higher or lower depending on the analysis done by the repair expert.

The most important thing is to know that the console is fixable. Rather than throw it away or trash it, have it repaired and use it. Getting a newer console will undoubtedly cost more than repairing the faulty one.

Is it Possible to Sell a Broken Wii Console?

Yes, it is. Several marketplaces collect and buy older gaming consoles and accessories. Find out if there is a marketplace near you if you don’t want to go through the hustle or fix your old console. All you have to do is research beforehand to know the average price to expect for it.

Is it Possible to Sell a Broken Wii Console?

Several buyers are willing and ready to pay for the console at a fair price. Just know what this fair price is and verify the marketplace. You only want to deal with reputable buyers, especially if transacting online.

How to Use your Old Console

There are several ways to make use of your old console. Besides what you are used to, below are some of the practical ways to utilize the older consoles:

Installing new software games

The console is primarily used for video games. To avoid getting bored with your older console, try adding new games. You can go for new works or adaptations of your favorite games to keep things interesting.

Come up with new games

This requires your creativity to develop softwares so that you don’t rely on the already-produced games. You must find the right developer and develop new games you can choose to share or reserve for yourself.

Create a kid’s media center

Make the old consoles part of your children’s media center. Since the Wii Console is permanently connected to the TV, you can use the WiiMC as the media center app.

Play your favorite DVDs

Your Nintendo Wii allows you to stream DVDs if it is WiiMC enabled. This works for older versions of Wiis and may not apply to modern creations.

Use the alarm on your Wii console

The console comes with an alarm feature that you can run to help you start your day right. Set the clock and run it in full-screen mode, ensuring that the display and Wii are left on as you go to bed.

Convert the Wii into a PC using Wii-Linux

Install Wii-Linux first and run the PowerPC-compatible Linux programs.

Use the old Wii as a mine craft server

This only happens when you install and run Linux on the console.

What Happens if the Console Fails to Read Discs?

Usually, there are games created for the Wii system. These are meant for play on the Wii Mini and Wii consoles. It also means that Wii consoles will fail to play discs for different consoles and media formats, such as Blu-rays and DVDs.

The disc games will not work with your Wii console if they are meant for different regions. In case your Wii fails to read discs for this or any other reasons, proceed as follows:

  • Eject the disc if it is still in the drive
  • You should turn the system off to confirm proper installation
  • Shut the Wii off for at least 30 seconds before turning it on
  • Accurately put the disc back in

If any of the above tricks fail to work, try cleaning the disc to ensure no dirt is causing the hindrance. Dust can easily affect the disc’s functionality. Sometimes the disc may be broken or cracked; in such cases, only replacing them works, so you may have to get new discs.

Key Takeaways

  • GameStop does not repair Wii consoles at the customer’s request.
  • Take your Wii console to GameStop for swapping if your warranty applies.
  • Contact the console’s manufacturer/repair expert to have a broken Wii console fixed.
  • Don’t throw away old Wii consoles but repurpose them in different practical ways

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