Does The PS5 Have An Ethernet LAN Port?

There is nothing worse than logging in, all ready to play your favorite PlayStation game, and finding that you cannot answer the Call of Duty because your WiFi connection is letting you down. 

Although the PS5 itself comes with WiFi 5, it is only useful to you if the WiFi where you’re playing is strong enough. 

If it’s not, you may want to opt for a hardwired connection on your PS5, and if you want to do that, you’ll need an Ethernet LAN port. 

But does the PS5 even have an Ethernet LAN port?

Does The PS5 Have An Ethernet LAN Port?

The PS5 does have an Ethernet LAN port located on the back of the device. This will allow you to hardwire into your internet for a better connection, which will in turn allow for a better gaming experience if your WiFi just isn’t cutting it. 

Having a sick gaming setup with RGB lights and a massive screen doesn’t do you any good if you can’t play your games properly because everything is buffering around you. 

And even if you didn’t splurge for a substantial setup, anyone playing on a PS5 should be able to have the best experience possible. 

Sometimes the WiFi just isn’t enough, whether it’s because you’re sharing it with roommates or the internet service providers in your area just haven’t provided quite enough service for your gaming needs.

When that happens, it’s best to hook your PS5 directly into the internet router. 

Since so many of us use WiFi for most things, we might not know that much about Ethernet ports or the best cable to we need to use to make the most of our experience.

Does the PS5 Have an Ethernet LAN Port?

If you can bear to rip your eyes away from the sleek front-facing exterior of the PS5, you’ll find the Ethernet LAN port is located on the back of your console with all of the other ports. 

It’s tucked in nicely between the HDMI port and the two USB ports, which allows for easy access and cable management. 

Just because you have to have a hardwire connection doesn’t mean it has to look messy. 

The ports on the back of the PS5 do have their names carved out above them, but they’re very small black-on-black letters that might not be the easiest to read.

The LAN port looks a bit like a Lego head.

It’s mostly a rectangular opening with a small outcropping on the bottom. 

Ethernet cables have a tab on them that will slide into that outcropping and keep the connection secure. 

That clip ensures that all of the connectivity surfaces inside the cable and the device are snugly lined up. 

What Do LAN and CAT-6, CAT-7, and CAT-8 Mean?

LAN stands for local area network, and it is used basically to distinguish a very localized set of computers on the same network. 

The computers in your home or school are connected to one local area network, and you’re likely connected to your wireless LAN with your phone and laptop. 

However, getting a hardwire connection into that LAN is going make gaming so much better while taking some of the load off of the WiFi for everyone else. 

The PS5 supports speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, which means that you’ll be best served by a CAT-6 or higher LAN cable. 

Categories of Cables

When it comes to your Ethernet cable, more is better. That means that a CAT-8 cable has more bandwidth than a CAT-6 cable. 

If you have one at home, you can usually see what type it is because companies tend to print them on the sides of the cable. 

Since the PS5 doesn’t come with an Ethernet cable, you will likely have to buy a new one. If that’s case, we suggest investing in a CAT-8 cable if you can. 

Not only with this cable be more than enough for your PS5 gaming needs, it will also be a little bit more future-proof. 

Setting Up Your PS5 With an Ethernet Connection

Before you buy a cable, you should first measure the distance from your PS5 to your router to determine what length of cable you need.

If you’re planning to run your Ethernet cables along the baseboard to your bedroom, there are several DIY 

ways to use cord clips and cable protectors so that you don’t cause a tripping hazard. 

If your PS5 lives close to your router on a media center or bookcase, you can just hide the Ethernet cable in the same way you’ve hidden your other power and connection cords. 

Once your LAN cord is plugged into both your router and the back of your PS5 and is appropriately managed, power up the PS5 and go to your settings page. 

From there, go to Networks > Settings > Set Up Internet Connection > Set Up Wired LAN. 

There should be an option to connect, and once the PS5 has located your network, just follow the instructions and let the machines do their thing.

You’ll be playing hardwired in no time.

The Benefits Are Immediate

Once you’re wired in, you should notice increase in your gaming experience the very next time you play.

The cable will decrease both lag and latency (delay between hitting a button on the controller and the corresponding thing happening in the game.) If you happen to have a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable laying around, give it a try. 

But if it’s not providing enough bandwidth, seriously consider getting a CAT-8. 

They can be a bit pricier depending on the length, but if you’re able to make that investment, it will be a serious upgrade to every single game you play. 

Also, having a hardwire connection will also make downloading games much faster, so you can be up and running in a much shorter time period than if you just relied on your WiFi. 

Since games are probably only going to get bigger as they become more immersive, having the capacity to download them faster means that you’ll be ready to play all the sooner. 

Who wants to wait around for an hour or more to be able to play Elden Ring when a simple CAT-8 LAN cable will get you there much quicker?

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