Does The PS5 Have Wifi 6? Answered And Explained!

As technology continues to evolve, we see upgrades like WiFi 6. These updates change how we do things and increase performance on consoles like the PS5. 

Slow internet and a poor network connection can be highly frustrating for a PS5 owner looking to play online or download a new game. The new WiFi 6 feature is meant to be a game-changer to revolutionize how we use gaming consoles. 

Does The PS5 Have Wifi 6 Answered And Explained 1 Does The PS5 Have Wifi 6? Answered And Explained!

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Does the Playstation 5 have Wifi 6?

The PS5 does have WiFi 6, and it was introduced on all PS5 models starting in early 2020. But to take full advantage of the feature, you also need to have a router in your home that supports WiFi 6, or else it won’t work for you. You can expect 9.6 Gbps with WiFi 6 compared to only 3.5 Gbps. 

WiFi 6 will be the standard for wireless connectivity on all devices in the future. PS5 games will be able to take advantage of this new standard, which will result in higher-quality graphics and smoother gameplay. This guide explains WiFi 6 and tells you whether your PS5 has the feature enabled for use. 

The new WiFi 6 standard also offers higher throughput rates than previous versions, which means that you can download files much faster and stream videos with less buffering time. 

If you are looking for increased gaming speeds and better overall performance, utilizing WiFi 6 on your PS5 is a perfect way. But you may be wondering, does my PS5 even have it?

Starting in early 2020, all new Playstations will have WiFi 6, including every PS5 model. These added benefits are expected to boost the gaming console, too. 

This is a new generation of WiFi, and the maximum speeds it can support are as high as 9.6 Gbps. For comparison, the previous WiFi 5 speed was only 3.5 Gbps. 

With this new feature, you will also need to upgrade the equipment in your home to take advantage of it. This means a router that can support WiFi 6. 

But these increased speeds will make only gameplay better, and game downloads will happen much faster. 

How To Turn On WiFi 6 On The PS5?

The PS5 is a gaming console with an upgraded WiFi 6 feature that can be turned on for increased internet speeds. But to use it, you must turn it on first. 

Luckily, enabling it on the PS5 console is straightforward because nothing needs to be done. The device arrives with it already turned on and ready to go.

However, it will not work unless you have a WiFi 6 router. An equipment upgrade is likely necessary to get the most from your console. 

If you already have an updated router, you will likely need to perform an essential PS5 system update and restart before connecting correctly. 

This can be done by checking the Settings and System Software tabs inside the general menu. Once you look in here, you will see if any System Software Updates are available for download. 

Any pending updates should be downloaded before using WiFi 6 with your PS5 for the first time. 

Does The PS5 Have Wifi 6 Answered And Explained 1 1 Does The PS5 Have Wifi 6? Answered And Explained!

Do You Need A WiFi 6 Router?

The WiFi 6 router is one of the most recent updates to the WiFi standard. It has a lot of benefits and can be used in homes, offices, and even public spaces such as coffee shops.

If you now own a PS5, you will need to upgrade the equipment in your home to get the benefits of WiFi 6 technology. Special routers and devices are made to get these speeds inside your home. 

It has many benefits, such as better performance, faster speeds, better coverage, and more security. This makes it a must-have for any home or office that wants to stay connected.

The update is still new on the market. Still, they have already gained popularity because of their potential to provide better speeds and coverage than previous versions of the standard.

The way a WiFi 6 router works is also much different, which is why the speeds are so much better. However, you shouldn’t expect it to fix your coverage issues. 

It is intended to increase the speed and performance of your internal network. Supported devices like the PS5 will receive the most significant bump in speed with the upgrade. 

How Fast Is PS5 Wi-Fi 6?

The speed of the Wi-Fi 6 connection will be up to three times faster than the previous Wi-Fi 5 connection. 

This means that users will be able to download games and content at a much faster rate than before. The exact speeds will vary based on your equipment and internet provider too. 

But the maximum speed of each is an excellent way to see the speed increase with the new upgrade. WiFi 6 users can max out speeds close to 9.6 Gbps. 

Meanwhile, WiFi 5 speeds were maxing out at 3.5 Gbps. And these numbers were even lower on gaming consoles like the previous Playstation models. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using WiFi 6 For PS5?

WiFi 6 is the latest standard for WiFi. It has a lot of benefits over the previous versions of WiFi, including faster speeds and better reliability.

It is a lot more stable than previous versions, which means that it can offer better performance when many devices are connected to the network at once.

This will make it easier to play games online or stream movies without any lag or buffering issues. Below we have listed the three key benefits that make it practical for PS5 users. 

More Devices Supported

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi that can support more devices on the same network at high speeds.

It will take some time before WiFi 6 becomes the standard, and all devices are compatible, but it is worth waiting for.

This means that WiFi 6 has a higher capacity and can provide better coverage, which will be helpful for IoT devices or when multiple people are connected to the same network.

Better Download & Gaming Speeds

WiFi 6 is a new generation of WiFi that offers faster speeds and better performance than previous generations. It will be able to provide much better download and gaming speeds for PS5 users.

This is due to the greater channel, which includes up to 160 Mhz channels compared to only a maximum of 80 Mhz with WiFi 5. 

The other reason speeds are so much better is how bandwidth sharing is executed. The efficiency has improved because of the increased number of antennas to support the network. 

WiFi Sleeping

When using any previous WiFi type, your device would connect to the network until you decided to disconnect or were no longer in range. 

This is no longer how it works when you upgrade to WiFi 6. This is known as WiFi sleeping, another reason speed and performance have increased so significantly. 

WiFi 6 will put inactive devices to sleep when nobody is using them. This frees up more network bandwidth for the active devices. 

Once you use the inactive device again, it will connect to the network immediately and you won’t notice the difference. 

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