Can You Locate Fake Airpods Pro On Find My Phone?

With hundreds of fake AirPods in the market, it’s difficult for customers to know whether they have a genuine or counterfeit product. Fake AirPods Pro may look and feel like the real thing and will work on all Apple devices. But can you use advanced features like Find My Phone with fake AirPods? 

You can’t use the Find My app to locate fake AirPods because they don’t have the Apple chip used to track original Apple devices. However, you can identify a genuine AirPods Pro by looking at the packaging, checking the pairing and device features, and verifying the serial number.

Let’s look at how Find My Phone works, whether there’s a way to use it to locate fake AirPods and how to identify whether your AirPods are real or fake. 

Will Fake AirPods Pro Show Up on Find My Phone?

Airpods wireless headphones with phone

Fake AirPods Pro won’t appear on Find My Phone because they don’t have Apple chips that track lost Apple devices. Fake AirPods also don’t have Bluetooth settings compatible with Find My Phone or the unique identification number in Apple devices. 

All Apple devices have a unique chip that can be used to track the device if it gets lost. This system is unique to Apple firmware and can’t be replicated in fake AirPods. However, fake AirPods may look the same as regular AirPods Pro and will work on Apple devices through Bluetooth connectivity.

However, they won’t register on Find My Phone, and you won’t be able to track their last location or have them play a sound to help you find them. The quality of fake AirPods is also notably lower than that of the original AirPods, and also they tend to get damaged sooner. 

How Do I Know if My AirPods Pro is Genuine?

Fake AirPods are becoming more sophisticated and mimic the original version in many ways. It’s almost impossible to differentiate between a fake and real AirPods Pro just by looking at it. Here are some tips to help you recognize whether your AirPods are genuine or fake: 

Look for Mistakes on the Packaging

Fake brands pay a lot of attention to detail when designing the earphones, but they often make mistakes with the packaging or manual.

For example, many fake AirPods will make mistakes with the Apple logo or may have spelling mistakes on the box and manual. Look for these details to verify whether your AirPods are real or fake. 

Look for Pairing Errors

While fake AirPods will pair with Apple devices, they won’t do it the same way as real ones. To check whether the AirPods are real or fake, open the case next to an Apple device.

You should see a pop-up menu requesting pairing. If your device isn’t already paired with another one and you have to pair the AirPods manually, it’s probably a fake. 

Check the Specs

AirPods Pro has noise cancellation, automatic ear detection, and other features. If you go onto Bluetooth settings on your phone when the AirPods are connected and click on the i icon next to the

AirPods, you should see a page with product specs and settings to adjust noise cancellation. If this page doesn’t appear and you only get Forget this Device, the AirPods are fake. 

Verify the Serial Number

Airpods pro with case on a white background

The easiest way to identify a fake Apple AirPods Pro is to verify the serial number. If you haven’t yet bought the AirPods, you can check the serial number on the box. Otherwise, you can check the serial number on the inside of the charging case lid and in the Bluetooth settings on a paired device. 

Once you have the serial number, go onto Apple’s device verification page and enter the serial number. You should get a message that shows a valid purchase date. If there’s no serial number or the serial number is invalid, it’s probably a fake AirPods. 

How Does Find My Phone Work?

Find My Phone allows you to find lost Apple devices, including iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches and AirPods. Even if the device isn’t connected, you can use Find My Phone to find it provided it’s turned on. 

When you enable Find My Phone on your iPhone, you can add connected devices. You can then track the location of your Apple device through the Find My Phone app.

All Apple devices have a tracking chip that allows you to see when the location of your device is changed. So even if your device switches off, you can locate it using the last verified location. 

To use the Find My Phone app, you’ll have to sign in with your Apple account. Find My Phone will then help you track your device to the nearest location, and you’ll be able to play a sound on the device to help you find it. 

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