How To Find A Transaction ID On The PS5 In 5 Simple Steps

Transaction IDs help gamers track the amount of money they spend on their store purchases. How can you access a transaction ID on PS5?

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How do you find a transaction ID on the PS5?

Locating your transaction ID in PS5 involves going to your console’s home screen and selecting settings. Then, choose the user and accounts, which will direct you to the subscription and payment options. Select the transaction history to access a list of transaction messages.

Transaction IDs play a crucial role in gaming because it keeps track of how much money you are using for your online purchases. It also helps you for future reference or confirmation in case a transaction is made without your consent.

Typically, transaction IDs are made so that there are never duplicates. Once you have purchased a game in your store or made any other purchase, you will receive a transaction message to act as evidence of purchase.

 You can use the transaction ID to request a refund or send it to the seller if there are any issues regarding the money transfer.

With the development of technology, transaction ID is not only used as evidence of money transfers but also in bitcoin and google wallet transfers. This is significant to gamers who use bitcoins in their gaming consoles to buy or make online purchases.

How to Find Transaction ID on PS5

If you want to check your transaction ID in the PS5 gaming console, go to the home screen and select the settings icon.

Select the subscription and payment option and then the transaction history in this option. There is a list of all transactions you’ve ever made in the transaction history, and you can select each transaction message individually to check them.

Other Alternatives for Finding Transaction ID

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If you do not own any PS5 gaming console but have an account, there are other techniques you can use to check your transaction ID.

The following are some of alternative techniques to employ:

The use of a Computer

You can use a computer to check your transaction ID through a browser. To begin the process, go to the browser and search for the PlayStation official site. Then, log into your account and then select your transaction history.

Go to the drop-down menu and select the account option. A list of transactions will appear, and you can choose an individual transaction to get its specifics.

The use of a PlayStation App

You can also use a PlayStation app to check for your transaction ID. All you need to do is to download the PlayStation 5 app on your mobile phone and then login into your account. 

Then, go to the account settings by pressing the menu icon in your screen’s top corner. A list of transaction messages will appear.

Common Transaction Errors and Mistakes

As we stated earlier, the purpose of getting a transaction ID is to provide evidence that you purchased a certain product and to keep a track record of payments. 

However, sometimes transaction errors may occur, leading to unfamiliar transaction statements. After thorough research, the following are the common transaction errors include:

find a transaction ID on the PS5 1 1 How To Find A Transaction ID On The PS5 In 5 Simple Steps

Recurring Subscription Fee error

This transaction error commonly occurs when a product or service you received in the gaming console deducts a subscription fee from your account more than once. 

If this occurs, the first thing to check will be your payment and subscription settings.

If your transaction shows that there has been a transaction error, you can check with the PS policy about refund and cancellation to check if the refund process is eligible.

Double Payment Error

This error occurs when you pay for a product twice without knowing. In most cases, you will get two transaction messages. In such a situation, you can also request a refund; its eligibility will depend on the kind of product you purchased. 

For instance, if you purchased games from the PS5 store and added on twice, you will have 14 days from when you purchased to request a refund. 

Additionally, you will only be entitled to a refund if you have started using, streaming, or downloading the games from the PS5 store or adding on content if it was defective in the first place.

If you have made a double payment on certain subscriptions, you also have 14 days from the date of purchase to ask for a refund.

However, the storage system can lower your refund amount depending on how long you used it.

Additionally, there are other options where the subscription provider can adjust your refund amount to reflect any usage of the subscription, such as online gaming, cloud storage, and monthly PS5 game downloads. 

Therefore, most of the products you buy will have a 14 days policy for you to get your money back.

Kids Mistakenly using your PS5 wallet

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Typically, PlayStation has policies regarding kids having their accounts. The PS5 limits a certain amount of money they can spend from their wallet. 

However, if the parents decide to use their details to open an account, the spending limit automatically sets to zero. This means that the kids will be allowed to access the PS account without parental control since PlayStation will recognize them as adults. 

Therefore, if a kid mistakenly uses all the money in the wallet account, the PlayStation policy will consider them liable.

What happens if Transaction Errors have no Explanation?

If there is no probable explanation as to why you have transaction errors or mistakes in your account, there is a likelihood that your account may be hacked. 

Therefore, changing your password and email is the ideal way to change this challenge. Additionally, you can delete the account and open a new one.

Key Takeaways

  • Transaction ID helps in tracking payments
  • The transaction ID has different numbers and symbols to create uniqueness
  • PS5 has got a transaction history where you can find all of your transactions
  • Sometimes transaction errors and mistakes can occur
  • The PlayStation has got policies regarding money refunding

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