A Fitbit Warranty Guide: What To Know Before Registering

It’s frustrating if your Fitbit device suddenly fails. However, it can be worse if you contact the company only to learn your Fitbit warranty is void or has run out because of technicalities. To protect your device, you need to research and answer the question, how long is a Fitbit warranty, and what does it cover? 

Fitbit gives a warranty to the person who bought the device. If someone gave you the device as a gift, the buyer holds the warranty. The Fitbit warranty only covers workmanship defects and materials, making this a manufacturer’s warranty only, not a protection or coverage plan.

But before you buy a Fitbit device, it’s also important to know what the warranty does not cover. These products are not cheap and can set you back a good amount in repairs and replacement if it’s out of pocket. So, taking care of your Fitbit device is important. Now let’s learn more about the warranty.

Does Fitbit Come with a Warranty?

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Indeed, Fitbit offers a warranty to the buyer, so for devices, you were handed as a gift, you should always refer back to the person who bought it. Unfortunately, the device warranty is limited, as it can only cover defects in workmanship and materials, which restricts it to a manufacturer’s warranty. 

If you have verified your device has defects that fall under the warranty, you can submit a warranty claim, in which case Fitbit will replace or repair the device. The repairs are conducted at no charge with refurbished replacement parts. Also, you can replace the product with a refurbished or new product at no extra cost. 

If the device breaks in normal usage within one year after acquiring it, it’s covered by the warranty, so you can have it replaced or repaired. However, note that Fitbit will not honor the warranty agreement in case of accidental damage.

Often, the warranty is active for software and other parts that place responsibility on the manufacturer in case of damage. 

After the one-year warranty period, even if you experience defects in the software, the company cannot help with repairs or replacement at no cost. However, if your Fitbit stops working, you could try restarting the device. To connect and sync the Fitbit with a mobile device, remove the Bluetooth connection from the device and reconnect. 

How to Register For a Fitbit Warranty

To get approved for a warranty claim, you don’t need to register the Fitbit device for the warranty period to kick in. Instead, what’s required is to set up the device. Because this is a normal part of the initial setup, you’ll be prompted to complete it after the first time you turn the Fitbit on.

The warranty on your device is triggered automatically, which means you don’t need to follow any extra steps after setting up the device. This streamlined process makes it easy and ensures users don’t accidentally forget to turn on the warranty and waste months of coverage. 

You can always check if your Fitbit warranty is still active. As the original purchaser, the warranty begins when you buy the device. You need proof of purchase to get approved for the claim. The activation date of the warranty is when you connect it to a Fitbit app, as this is the beginning of use. 

Also, after setting up the Fitbit, it’s essential to learn about the different warranty conditions that you must avoid breaching. If you fail to use your device following the stipulated conditions, Fitbit will not honor the warranty claim. Also, not all types of damages are covered under the Fitbit warranty. 

How Long is a Fitbit Warranty?

Several things determine how long your Fitbit warranty will be. These include the product’s condition and the location. If you got the device in the United States, the warranty period is fixed at one year. If you bought the device in a European country, Fitbit offers a two years warranty. 

However, refurbished devices get a 90-day warranty; location is irrelevant in this case. But the warranty is not applicable on any refurbished device, as an authorized individual must have refurbished it. Also, you must have bought the refurbished device from an authorized seller or Fitbit store. 

When you make the warranty claim, Fitbit could choose to give you a refurbished device. The warranty period of this device is typically 30 days, or it covers the remainder of the initial warranty. Fitbit will choose whichever is longer between the two scenarios. 

There are valid reasons to review warranty information when getting a Fitbit device. The top reason is that when the strap on the wristband breaks, you can get a repair or replacement. Also, if the battery or screen fails without an external trigger, this is a manufacturer error, so you’re entitled to a free replacement or repair. 

What Does the Fitbit Warranty Cover?

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Before you make a warranty claim for your Fitbit device, it’s essential to know what’s covered. Typically, the Fitbit warranty is limited and covers defects in workmanship and materials.

This restricts the warranty to errors caused by the manufacturer. For example, you can make a claim if the battery underperforms, if the screen fails, or if the wristband is damaged under regular use. 

However, you should keep in mind the list of things not covered under the Fitbit warranty, and it’s essential to know these before getting the device. For example, the warranty doesn’t cover cosmetic damage like dents and scratches.

So, take care of the device as you cannot get a replacement for damage whose responsibility rests with you. Accidentally dropping the device is outside the scope of coverage. 

Besides, there are specific terms of use that you must observe to ensure the warranty remains active. For example, using the wrong voltage can void your warranty if this damages the device. So, when charging, ensure to follow voltage specifications for your device.

Also, natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and fires are not covered. If you need to present your device for repairs, ensure the person is authorized. Fitbit does not provide cover for altered or serviced devices if an unauthorized individual made the alterations. 

Can You Insure a Fitbit After the Warranty Expires?

Beyond the warranty provided by Fitbit, you can find insurance programs that can protect your device once the warranty period lapses. This is an important decision you should make about your electronics.

You can do an online search, and you’ll see people who had their devices for more than a year, which means the warranty period expired, and Fitbit no longer provides coverage.

In some cases, the device can stop working out of the blue. An insurance program will compensate the loss if the device is damaged or when it needs significant repairs. 

Some insurance companies provide insurance programs for electronic devices. With a good insurance deal, you can get up to 25 devices in your household covered for a fair amount.

The benefit of insurance is that it can cover more items than Fitbit, including accidental damage, theft, and immersion. In addition, the claim is honored when the information is verified, which means you can continue to enjoy your regular exercise even after losing your Fitbit device. 


Immediately after you purchase a Fitbit device, the first process is setting up the device. Through this process, you’ll also set up the warranty.

Fitbit warranty lasts one year unless you got a refurbished device, which gives up to three months of warranty. If a warranty is not enough to cover, you can insure your Fitbit device and enjoy protection even after the warranty expires. 

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