How To Fix JBL Speaker Crackling Sound (Fixed!)

JBL has become a popular brand and a leader in Bluetooth speakers. Whether you are looking for a small, inexpensive speaker that you can carry around or a heavy-duty sound blaster, JBL has got you covered. However, it is very annoying when you buy your favorite speaker and realize that it produces static noise or a crackling sound while playing your favorite music.

Before we discuss how to fix the problem, let us identify why it happens.

JBL Charge 4 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 2 How To Fix JBL Speaker Crackling Sound (Fixed!)

Here are the reasons your JBL speakers are making static noise:

  1. From interference from other devices nearby
  2. Speaker is out of Bluetooth range with the device
  3. Faulty speakers
  4. Using wrong Audio Settings
  5. Damaged or Low Battery power
  6. Due to a software malfunction
  7. Due to damaged Bluetooth receivers
  8. The speaker receives excessive power
  9. Because of a loose connection in the back of the speaker

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss why your JBL produces static noise and how to fix it.

How Do I Fix the Static Noise on My JBL Speaker?

How Do I Fix the Static Noise on My JBL Speaker? The fix to this issue is unique, depending on the reasons behind it.

Here are some of the steps you can take to fix your JBL speaker:

  1. Switch off other devices using the same frequency
  2. Ensure your JBL speaker is near your Bluetooth device
  3. Ensure your speakers are not damaged
  4. Keep your speaker in the preset mode for normal listening
  5. Ensure your battery is not damaged and is fully charged
  6. Keep your JBL Bluetooth speaker software updated
  7. Repair faulty Bluetooth receivers
  8. Ensure the speaker receives recommended power rating
  9. Ensure there is no loose connection or wiring on your speaker

Bluetooth is an ideal wireless connectivity method for speakers and headphones. It is a secure way of connecting your devices. It is easy to implement and often provides a stable connection between your speaker and devices.

However, even when using a Bluetooth connection, you can experience issues with your JBL speakers. Among the problem encountered with JBL speakers is the static noise. I am a loyal fan of JBL speakers. Over the past few years, I have owned and used several models, including JBL GO2, JBL Flip 5, JBL Charge, and JBL Boombox 2. Read on to learn more about how to fix the static noise problem on your JBL Speaker.

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1. Switch Off Other Devices Using the Same Frequency

If you’ve recently started hearing static noise from your JBL speaker, that is likely suffering from interference from other nearby devices that uses the same frequency.

Other Bluetooth-enabled devices in close proximity may trigger this. Also, devices using Wi-Fi with the frequency of 2.4GHz may interfere with your speaker.

To fix this, check to ensure that there are no devices between your JBL speaker and the device connected to it. You can also switch off all devices with the frequency range of 2.4 to 5.0 GHz band to ensure no interference from other devices.

2. Ensure Your JBL Speaker Is Near Your Bluetooth Device

Aside from other objects getting in the way of your Bluetooth signal, the distance between your device and the speaker itself may impact the efficiency of the Bluetooth link.

Bluetooth technology is designed to be long-range (around 10 – 20 m); when the distance is exceeded, your signal strength will be weak. Weak signal strength will make your speaker produce static noise.

To fix this this, you should always ensure your JBL speakers are near your Bluetooth device connected to them. Also, ensure there is a minimum obstruction between them.

3. Ensure Your Speakers Are Not Damaged

When your speakers are damaged, they are likely to produce static noise. This can be caused by playing music at a high volume. Physical damage on your speaker is usually visible by eyes. Therefore, depending on the type of JBL speaker you have, check the speakers for any physical damage.

Also, dropping or scratching the speaker surface can cause injury on the diaphragm hence causing static or cracking noise. Replacing the speakers completely will help resolve this situation. This is a rare issue with JBL speakers since they are designed with an outer casing that protects the speakers.

How Do I Fix the Static Noise on My JBL Speaker?

4. Keep Your Speaker in The Preset Audio Mode for Normal Listening

JBL speakers have several audio presets that can be triggered by mistake. Depending on the kind of JBL speaker you have, you should be able to reset these audio modes.

Resetting the speaker is as simple as turning it on and holding down the volume up button and the multi-function button until the power button glows. For regular listening, it is recommended that you leave your speaker in the preset mode.

5. Ensure Your Battery Is Not Damaged and Is Fully Charged

The quality of sound from your JBL speakers will be affected by the status of your battery. If you allow your Bluetooth speaker’s battery to run low, it will start producing crackling or static noise.

Ever wondered why this happens? Your Bluetooth speakers depend on the power from the battery to work properly. When your battery runs out, the Bluetooth connection becomes weaker. Hence the irritation crackling noise. Sometimes the sound will cut off completely even if you have some juice left.

Therefore, to fix this, ensure that your battery is fully charged before using the speaker. Additionally, old and damaged batteries should be replaced. If you have used your speaker for more than five years, it is time to replace it since it has exceeded the maximum number of charges. Because of this, it will not hold enough charge to run the speaker, hence causing the static noise.

JBL Charge 4 How To Fix JBL Speaker Crackling Sound (Fixed!)

6. Keep Your JBL Bluetooth Speaker Software Updated

Rarely do we think about updating the software that comes with your JBL speakers. However, if an upgrade is available, you should install it because it will ensure that your App is free from bugs.

Older versions of the software will often be incompatible with the latest version of Windows or software used on your smartphone or tablet. This will lead to the production of distorted sound and inconsistencies.

If you are using a speaker linked to an application on your smartphone or tablet, you can also update the application. Some older versions of speakers will not allow you to do this, but a wide range of JBL speakers will allow you to update the software.

7. Repair Faulty Bluetooth Receivers

The last thing you would wish to hear from your JBL speaker is the crackling or static noise. However, if you have tried all the above fixes without any success, your Bluetooth receiver could be faulty.

There is always the possibility of any electronic device being damaged. JBL speaker comes equipped with Bluetooth receivers that can also be damaged. However, this is a very rare occurrence. JBL Bluetooth receivers are designed to be very robust, so they can normally withstand some wear and tear.

The best way to determine if a faulty Bluetooth receiver causes the problem is to connect your device to another speaker. If the second speaker also fails to work, you will know there is a problem with the signal. However, if the second speaker functions properly, you can narrow it down to a faulty Bluetooth receiver.

To fix this, you will have to repair or completely replace the Bluetooth receiver on your speaker. If you are not familiar with how to do it, consider taking your speaker to an expert to fix it. Or return it to authorized JBL dealers for service.

Another likely reason for static noise is when your speaker is plugged into a power source that is either lower or more than the recommended speaker rating. This commonly happens when you connect your JBL speaker to a computer’s USB port.

Most USB ports are usually of low voltage. When the voltage is lower than the charging voltage of your Bluetooth speaker, you are likely to hear a static voice while playing for music. The same applies when you are using a wall power outlet that is rated lower than the minimum required rating of your speaker.

To fix this, always ensure that the power sources match the minimum rating recommended for your speaker. Check the recommended rating on the manual that comes with your speaker.

9. Ensure There Is Not Loose Connection or Wiring on Your Speaker

If your JBL speaker is crackling or producing static noise, there is a chance that there is a loose connection in the back. This can be caused by dropping or mishandling of the speaker. To fix this, you will need to open up the back of your speaker. Consider taking it to an expert or an authorized dealer to fix it.

Once you open your speaker, check the connectors on the back while listening to the noise. Keep moving the wires while listening to the sound being produced. Solder the loose wire instead of using glue to ensure that it doesn’t loosen up again.

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Although is very rare for JBL speaker to have physical damages that make them produce static noise, this can happen. Once you establish what is causing it on your speaker, follow the steps laid in this article to fix the issue.

Most JBL speakers will come with a warranty. Depending on your type of speaker, if it is still within warranty, consider returning it to JBL services or dealers to fix the problem.

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