How Long Do iPad Minis Last?

When anybody wishes to buy technology, they want to know how long it will last on average. 

And this is important to know because it’s not convenient when the computer suddenly dies, and then the slow realization comes that it’s either time to upgrade, or it was not taken care of well enough.

How Long Do iPad Minis Last?

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How Long Do iPad Minis Last?

iPad Minis typically last for three to five years if taken care of properly. A few probable reasons why iPad minis might not last as long could be unused apps taking up space, or the iPad mini software is not getting enough—or any—current software updates.

As this article continues, there will be ideas, tips, and suggestions that will hopefully help an iPad mini stay up-to-date and last as long as possible. 

Keep reading to find out more.

How to Know if an iPad Mini Is Dying

There are multiple ways to know when your iPad mini is on its last legs. 

Let’s discuss some of the most common signs.

System Won’t Update

One way to know that the iPad Mini will not last much longer is when the operating systems cannot upgrade the newest features this year.

When this happens, it means that the iPad mini doesn’t have the security or ability to have all of the newest and boldest features the upgrade has in store.

For example, it’s like a phone that can take pictures and crop and put different saturation and brightness levels on it. Still, it eventually gets to a point where it doesn’t have fancy filters with emojis and hearts, or tools to delete distracting elements.

So, if there comes a point when your iPad Mini cannot upgrade to the newest and greatest… it’s probably getting close to time to say goodbye.

Apps Keep Crashing

Another way to tell if the iPad Mini is getting old (or dying in this case), is when the apps downloaded on the iPad mini keep crashing.

So, it is good not only to keep the software and operating systems updated, but it’s also good to always update your apps.

This will help the mini stay on top of updates and avoid problems like bugs.

As said before, a good time to get a new iPad mini is if the apps begin to crash, and it’s getting difficult to update to newer apps.

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Storage Space Runs Out

A third sign is when the storage is not storing as much as one might wish. 

There isn’t a way to increase the storage, unfortunately. 

With the iPad minis, if the upgrades on the apps are getting too big and there isn’t much room left to have the app, then getting a newer iPad mini would be the next step.

However, there are a couple of ways to handle this situation. 

One could be called “spring cleaning,” except with an iPad. 

If there are apps that are not used often, consider throwing those away first, and then see if there is more room to install more desired apps or updates.

If not, keep in mind that every new iPad has more storage ability than the last, and that might be another key factor in making these iPad minis last longer than the previous model.

Display Isn’t Responding

Another sign that shows the iPad mini may be taking its last look of life is if the hardware buttons and displays are not responding to the taps or push. 

On the display, if the tapping on the desired app or anything is just not responsive, or it’s reading it way differently than you meant it to be, then the iPad is getting old and probably won’t last much longer.

It’s very much like the point of time when older people are unable to remember certain things or even memories, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the iPad mini.

It’s forgetting how it should respond and is unable to respond correctly. 

Same thing with the on/off button or the home button.

If it’s not turning off, or turning on, or going back to the home display, it’s time to get a new iPad Mini.

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Dying Batteries and Slow-Working iPad Minis

One main concern about iPad Minis that people mistake for dying or old is how fast the battery life ends. Or how slow the iPad is. 

Most of the time, it’s not the iPad mini getting old; rather, there are just too many settings on.

So, if you are experiencing these things, lucky for you, your iPad mini is not near death, and there are multiple ways to fix these problems that could also preserve its lifespan.

One suggestion is to delete unused or unwanted apps.

They take up unnecessary space and would free up a lot of space if they were removed. 

This also helps the iOS systems to work more efficiently. 

Once the apps are deleted, the next best idea is to restart the iPad mini.

This helps the device to refresh and begin anew.

Another way, as said before, is to update the iOS as frequently as possible. 

This will bring along faster and more capabilities to the iPad.

Some other services that you should consider turning off:

  • Stop Background App Refresh
    • This can be done for all apps, or some apps if there are apps that you would prefer to have a background refresh on.
  • Stop Notifications
  • Turn off Location Services
  • Turn off Spotlight
  • Disable Specific System Services
  • Close out of apps

You can also try turning some things on:

  • Turn on Auto-Lock
    • Otherwise, if left on, the iPad mini will only continue to stay on unless it’s manually turned off.
  • Enable Reduce Motion
  • Reduce White Point or switch to Black Mode
    • Darker pixels take up less power from the device than lighter pixels do

If none of these work, then it might be the internet the iPad mini is connected to. 

Weak or slow internet will have an equally slow iPad mini.

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