How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An iPhone? Answered!

If you have a locked iPhone that you want to use with a new phone carrier, you might want to know how much it costs to unlock an iPhone. When you sign up with a new mobile phone carrier, you might save money by adding an unlocked iPhone to your new service plan. An unlocked iPhone should also give you more flexibility if you change your phone carrier in the future.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An iPhone 1 3 How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An iPhone? Answered!

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How much does it cost to unlock an iPhone?

The cost to unlock an iPhone depends on the service you use, but it typically ranges between $0 and $150. Phone carriers will often unlock your iPhone for free after your service contract ends and all fees have been paid. Third-party unlock services typically have a price range of $30 to $150.

Before you decide to use an old unlocked iPhone with a new mobile phone carrier, you should check with the carrier to make sure your phone is capable of being used on their network. It would be a waste of time and money if you unlock a phone that is not eligible to be used on the carrier’s network.

Many newer iPhones and carrier networks are compatible nowadays, but it is worth it to check your phone since it only takes a few minutes or less. After you figure out which carrier networks your unlocked iPhone can be used on, you should be able to save money by not having to buy a new phone.

Why Is My iPhone Locked In The First Place?

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An iPhone How Much Does It Cost To Unlock An iPhone? Answered!

When you sign up for a new mobile phone service plan, phone carriers will often offer highly-discounted prices for an iPhone.

Though the low pricing might seem like a fantastic deal, the iPhone they give you may be locked so you are only able to use the phone on their network.

It’s probably not hard to see how phone companies can benefit from locking your phone to their network.

Mobile phone companies want customers to finish out their service plans and pay the full value of their contracts, so giving the customers locked phones gives customers less of an incentive to switch to another phone company.

The cost of unlocking an iPhone and other contract-ending fees might offset potential savings at a new phone service provider.

How Do I Buy An Unlocked iPhone?

Though an unlocked iPhone is typically more expensive than a locked iPhone, they are often preferred due to the flexibility they provide the user.

The user does not have to pay any unlock fees and is free to use their iPhone at any mobile phone service provider that allows them to use it.

Unlocked iPhones are sold in many electronics marketplaces online such as Amazon and eBay.

They can also be purchased at major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, or directly from Apple.

If you bought an iPhone from an Apple Store or online from the Apple website, the iPhone will most likely be unlocked.

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Locked?

Before you do anything with your iPhone such as sell it or use it for new phone service, it’s a good idea to see if it is locked or not.

There is a good chance your iPhone will be locked if your phone carrier said it was locked, but it doesn’t hurt to get confirmation.

Follow these steps to see if you have a locked iPhone:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select About.
  • Look for the line that says Carrier Lock.

If it shows SIM Locked, that indicates your phone is locked.

If it shows No SIM Restrictions, that indicates your phone is unlocked.

If you have an unlocked iPhone, there is still a chance you can’t use it on certain phone networks.

You should check with your intended phone carrier to make sure you can use your unlocked iPhone on their network.

Can I Unlock My iPhone Myself?

Unlocking an iPhone might sound like a simple process, especially for people that have experience fiddling and fixing computers, phones, and other electronic devices.

Since iPhones and other phones are often locked by the phone carrier to tether customers to their phone service, they make it extremely difficult to unlock the phone.

The main way a customer is expected to unlock an iPhone is to have their carrier perform the unlock after the customer has fulfilled their service agreement.

Though phone carriers make it difficult for customers to unlock an iPhone on their own, there is software out there designed to unlock an iPhone.

The ability of the software to actually unlock an iPhone is questionable, so we cannot recommend any reliable software to use.

How Do I Unlock My iPhone With My Phone Carrier?

One of the most common ways to unlock an iPhone is to submit a request to the phone carrier to unlock it.

In order to have a phone carrier unlock your iPhone, you will most likely have to complete your contract with them and pay off any outstanding fees.

There are laws that require a phone carrier to unlock phones for customers after the customer has satisfied terms of a phone service agreement.

You should check with your local laws to see if your phone carrier is legally required to unlock your phone.

Check Your Phone Carrier’s Unlock Conditions

Before you unlock your iPhone with the phone carrier that issued you to the phone, you check to make sure all their conditions are met.

Here are some examples of unlock conditions:

  • Your iPhone must have been issued by the carrier you want to unlock the phone.
  • You must provide proof of purchase.
  • A certain amount of service months must have passed.
  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • Your iPhone and service have to be paid in full.
  • You haven’t made more than a certain number of unlocks on your line within a certain time period.
  • Your iPhone must not be considered blocked, lost, or stolen according to the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Unlock Your iPhone Online

Your phone carrier may provide an option to submit an unlock request for your iPhone online.

You may have to provide information about your phone service account and your iPhone.

You will generally have to submit your information through a website form and wait for your iPhone to be unlocked.

Your phone carrier should contact you once your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use on other networks.

Unlock Your iPhone In Person Or Over The Phone

Your phone carrier will likely have an option to submit an unlock request in person at a shop or over the phone.

You may have to provide information about your phone service account and your iPhone.

After giving them the relevant information, you may have to wait a while before your iPhone is unlocked.

Your phone carrier should contact you once your iPhone is unlocked.

How Do I Unlock My iPhone With A Third-Party Service?

There are many third-party services that provide unlock services for iPhones online and in person.

Online unlock services will typically require you to submit information about yourself, your carrier account, and your iPhone.

Instructions and pricing for third-party services can vary quite a bit, so you should check with individual services for the latest steps and prices involved.

Though phone carriers are often considered to be safer than third-party unlock services, you can probably find many third-party services that can be trusted and have good customer reviews.

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