How to Left Click on A Mac

If you are looking for how to left-click on a Mac, then you have come to the correct place. 

Many individuals know how to left-click using their trackpad and mouse; however, they are unaware of how to change these settings and how to use their keyboard to left-click as well. 

Thankfully, all of these processes are simple procedures that are easy to follow. 

How do you left click on a Mac?

To left-click on a Mac, go to the Apple Menu, and select System Preferences. Choose Accessibility then Pointer Control. Select Alternate Control Methods and then Enable Mouse Keys. To use a trackpad or a mouse, select either Trackpad or Mouse from Mac’s System Preferences.

Left-clicking on a Mac can be done by using the keyboard, a trackpad, or a wireless mouse. 

To learn more about how to left-click on a Mac, continue reading below to discover additional information about the topic. 

Use Keys

The first way that one can left-click on a Mac is by using the keys on the keyboard. However, this must be set up and is not an automatic feature.

Despite it not being automatic, it is still an easy process that many Mac owners do not even realize they have the option of. 

Using keyboard keys can be quicker than using the trackpad or the mouse, which is why many Mac owners decide to use this shortcut. 

All users have to do to left-click using keyboard keys is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Alternate Control Methods > Enable Mouse Keys

To use keyboard keys, first hover the cursor at the top of the screen. 

The Menu Bar should then appear. At the top left, the Apple logo will appear. 

Click on the Apple logo and then click on System Preferences.

System Preferences should be the second available option. Once on the System Preferences page, look for the Accessibility icon. 

This icon should be near the middle of the screen. 

On the lefthand side of the screen, there will be a Pointer Control option. 

Users may have to scroll for this option to be displayed. Click on this, and then switch to Alternate Control Methods. 

Check the box that says Enable Mouse Keys. 

Once this option is selected, the “I” button can be used to left-click with the keyboard. 

Or on a numeric keypad, the number 5 button should be pressed to left-click. 

You can also go further into the settings to alter which key translates to left and right-clicking.

How to Left Click on Mac 1 How to Left Click on A Mac

Use a Trackpad

The second way that one can left-click on a Mac is by using the trackpad. The trackpad has many functions and allows users to scroll, zoom, rotate, etc. 

The trackpad is a useful feature. If you’re using an iMac you can purchase a trackpad extension for your computer.

Using the trackpad is the most common method of left-clicking, as MacBookss come pre-built with the trackpads. 

No additional purchase is necessary, and it is a very simple process. 

For users to left-click on a Mac using a Trackpad, all users have to do is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Trackpad.

To use the Trackpad, hover the cursor above the top of the Mac screen. The Menu Bar should then appear, with the Apple logo at the very left. 

Click on the Apple logo and then click on the System Preferences button. 

When the System Preferences is open, near the bottom of the options is Trackpad. 

This option will be located in between the Keyboard and the Mouse. 

Clicking on Trackpad will display a wide variety of options. To left-click, make sure the Point & Click tab is open. Ensure the Tap to click box is unchecked. 

Left-clicking can be customized with the Trackpad.

The pressure needed to pick up on a left-click can be adjusted to be Light, Medium, or Firm. 

The pressure of the left click also influences the amount of noise produced from the Mac. If little noise is wanted then Light clicking should be selected. 

However, the Firm will produce the most amount of noise. 

Firm clicking also highlights the selection to show its definition and other information.

Use a Mouse

The third way that one can left-click is by using a mouse. A mouse is becoming increasingly less prevalent because of the Trackpad and all it has to offer. 

However, using a mouse is still common, and many prefer it over the Trackpad. 

If users are using a wired mouse, then all that has to be done is connect it to the Mac. 

However, a BlueTooth mouse is much more common as it does not require a wire, and many users enjoy this updated technology. 

Connecting a BlueTooth mouse requires additional steps. 

Regardless, connecting a BlueTooth mouse is a simple process, especially if it is an iMac Magic Mouse.

How to Left Click on Mac

For users to left-click on a Mac using a wireless mouse, all users have to do is carry out the following procedure: Apple Menu > System Preferences > Mouse.

To use the wireless mouse, hover the cursor over the top of the Mac screen. 

The Menu Bar should then appear, with the Apple logo being at the most left-hand side of the screen. 

Press the Apple logo and wait for a display to appear. 

The second option, right below “About This Mac,” should be System Preferences. 

Click on System Preferences, which will then take the user to a page with multiple options.

Click on the Mouse button, located near the bottom on the right-hand side of the screen. 

The Mouse button should be directly next to the Trackpad button. 

After the Mouse button is selected, the Mac will begin searching for the Bluetooth mouse. 

A screen should appear with the phrase “Wait for a Bluetooth mouse to be discovered, or connect a USB mouse.” 

If the Bluetooth mouse cannot be found, it is most likely because the mouse is not charged or because the mouse is turned off. 

Once these variables are accounted for, try again until the mouse can connect with the Mac. 

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