How To Restart A Roku TV: Solved In Seconds!

If you ever run into an issue with your Roku TV, the best way to resolve most problems is to restart the device and reboot the system. The majority of people get their content by streaming through media devices like Roku these days. However, much like with all technology, you can expect to run into an issue with your Roku eventually, which will likely require a restart. 

How To Restart Roku TV 1 How To Restart A Roku TV: Solved In Seconds!

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How do you restart Roku?

To restart a Roku TV go to your Home page, find the tab that says ‘System’, select ‘System Restart’, and then confirm the restart process. Alternatively, you can unplug the device from its power source, use the Roku Mobile App, or press a button sequence on your remote control.

Roku has been a game-changer for so many households, as this device gives you access to countless shows, movies, and music.

In general, Roku devices are regarded for smooth functionality and minimal performance issues, but after a while – you can expect a glitch or two. The most common way to fix any minor problem with a technological device is to restart it – which is very much the same with Roku. 

Restarting your Roku can do wonders for fixing software and even hardware issues at times. With that being said, a lot of Roku users find themselves feeling lost when they need to restart their system. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at how to restart your Roku TV. 

After extensively researching Roku troubleshooting forums, I have been able to gather enough information to determine how to restart this device. My research has indicated that the restart process for each Roku product is different and you should follow the instructions based on the specific Roku device that you are using. 

When Should I Restart My Roku TV?

How To Restart Roku TV 1 1 How To Restart A Roku TV: Solved In Seconds!

Performing a restart on your Roku TV is the fastest and most reliable way to fix any of the issues that you may be experiencing with your device. Restarting your Roku is not guaranteed to solve every problem that you encounter but you would be amazed by how many things can be cleared up by doing so. 

For the most part, restarting your Roku TV should be your first go-to whenever anything goes wrong with your device. A restart can help fix the following issues:

  • Frozen screen
  • Black screen
  • Poor/Dropped internet
  • Volume issues
  • Unresponsive remote control
  • Unresponsive apps
  • Overheating

The list goes on. The bottom line is when in doubt – restart! So, if you ever run into a problem with your Roku TV, be sure to restart it first before you commit to any elaborate or technical methods.

How to Restart a Roku TV

There is more than one way to restart your Roku TV. The restart process can vary and you may find one option more preferable than another based on how you want to approach it, as well as what condition your Roku TV is in.

How to Restart a Roku TV With a Remote

The best way to restart your Roku TV is to use the remote that came with the device. This is a handy approach and you can restart your Roku TV in just a few clicks without ever getting up from the couch. 

With that being said, Roku has designed its software and remote to be able to restart the system in two different ways. You can choose to either follow the process through the home interface or you can perform a restart by using the buttons on the remote control.

Home Menu Restart

Press the ‘Home’ button of your device, go to ‘System’, and then select ‘System Restart’. By choosing ‘Restart’, your Roku TV will begin the restart process. Your Roku TV will reboot itself and launch the home screen after about 10 to 15 seconds. 

During the restart, Roku will usually scan for any software updates automatically. However, you should keep in mind that this approach for restarting a Roku TV is not available with the earliest generation models.

Remote Button Sequence Restart

There are a number of situations that you may find yourself in where you are not able to perform a standard home menu restart on your Roku TV. If you are experiencing common issues like a black or frozen screen, then your Roku may not be able to navigate itself back to the home page.

That is why Roku designed its device to be able to perform a restart through a button sequence. To perform a restart with your Roku remote, press the following buttons:

  1. ‘Home’ button (5x)
  2. ‘Up’ key (1x)
  3. ‘Rewind’ button (2x)
  4. ‘Fast Forward’ button (2x)

You need to press this sequence quite quickly for the restart to initiate. In addition, you should keep in mind that this method might not work if you are experiencing an issue with your Roku remote.

How to Restart a Roku TV Without a Remote

If you have lost your Roku remote or if it is simply broken, you will still be able to restart your device. In addition, you can use the following methods to restart your Roku TV if the necessary buttons on your remote are broken.

Unplug Roku from Power Source

This is a guaranteed approach to restarting your Roku and the only thing that you have to do is unplug the device from its power source. 

After you have unplugged your Roku device, give it at least 30 to 60 seconds to fully drain itself of all power. Once you have waited, plug the device back in and initiate a reboot. 

Restart Using the Roku Remote App

A lot of Roku users forget that they have access to the Roku app when they buy their product. Roku has designed an intuitive and user-friendly app that enables you to control your TV and restart your device. 

If you want to restart your Roku TV with this approach, you need to download the Roku Mobile App through your smartphone’s app store. Once you do so you can connect it to your device and select the icon that looks like a remote control. 

By doing so, you can control your Roku in the same way that you would with a standard remote to restart the device.

How to Restart Roku TLC TV

If you bought a TLC that has Roku installed automatically and not the Roku box, then you will need to follow a slightly different process to restart the system. You can do this by following these steps: 

  1. Home button (Remote)
  2. Settings
  3. System
  4. Restart (Confirm)

This will completely restart your Roku TLC TV and it should fix most minor issues with the device.

How to Factory Reset a Roku TV

Although it is easy to confuse a restart with a reset, they are actually two different things. A restart will simply turn the device off and then turn it back on. Whereas a factory reset will completely reboot the system and launch the OS as if it were new.

This is a much more thorough way to reboot your Roku TV and if you are experiencing a serious glitch or malfunction, it is generally the best way to fix the issue. Here’s how to factory reset a Roku TV:

  1. ‘Home’ button (Roku remote)
  2. ‘Settings’
  3. ‘System’
  4. ‘Advanced System Settings’
  5. ‘Factory Reset’ (Factory Reset Everything)

You will then be prompted with further instructions. However, you should keep in mind that this approach will delete all of your custom preferences and downloaded apps.

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