How To Turn On An LG TV With Apple TV

It is possible to have too many remotes. Let’s learn how you can turn on an LG TV with your Apple TV remote.

How To Turn On An LG TV With Apple TV 1 How To Turn On An LG TV With Apple TV

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How do you turn on an LG TV that has Apple TV?

Powering on your LG TV with your Apple TV remote is probably possible. You’ll want to go to the settings for your TV using your LG remote, then use your LG remote to navigate to your Advanced Settings, then your HDMI settings. From there, you should be able to turn on SimpLink.

We love writing about technology and helping people understand how to use their home entertainment systems. 

Home entertainment systems are easier than they used to be, but can be readily simplified by using a single remote. Our guide on how to use an Apple TV remote to turn on your LG TV should help a bit!

How do I get my Apple TV to turn on my LG TV?

In some cases, this process could require you use both the LG TV remote and the Apple TV remote. We’ll explain the whole thing anyway! 

An easy start

We assume that if you are looking for information about how to make your Apple TV remote turn on your LG TV, you have tried at least using the Apple TV remote to power it on. 

The first thing you should do is try turning on your TV with your Apple TV remote as it is. Do this by touching the button that looks like a monitor. 

If the TV doesn’t turn on, then you probably need a little more setup. In this case, you’ll want to grab your LG TV remote.

Setting up Apple TV powering your LG TV with the LG remote

Use your LG TV remote to turn on your LG TV. You’ll want to use the settings button to navigate to the TVs settings. 

While this differs based on the TV, you’ll probably want to go the “Advanced Settings” tab, then HDMI. From there, you can turn on SimpLink, or enable HDMI-CEC (or consumer electronics control) for your TV in general. There is a good chance that if your Apple TV remote didn’t work right away, this is the reason why – it’s not always enabled by default.

How To Turn On An LG TV With Apple TV 1 1 How To Turn On An LG TV With Apple TV

What does HDMI-CEC do?

CEC is a smart system. Not only can it automatically detect which HDMI port is getting signals and make it so that the particular device for that HDMI port is enabled. CEC can also be used to receive some commands from the remote, including powering on, which is exactly what we are trying to do!

Try it again

Once you have HDMI-CEC enabled, try to power on or off the LG TV again with the remote. If it works, great! We might not be done quite yet, though.

How do I test my remote?

After enabling HDMI-CEC, you should try to turn your TV on using the Apple TV remote. The way HDMI-CEC works is to allow the Apple TV remote to send a “Power On” signal to the TV while it is plugged in. Give it a shot! It should work!

Will I need more remotes?

To be clear here, the Apple TV remote will now turn on your LG TV and allow you to navigate around Apple TV like you normally would. If you have other devices like a Roku or anything else like that, you’ll need those remotes separately. 

Apple TV doesn’t have that many buttons and doesn’t offer much more control than over Apple TV.

So if you have a sound system with a tuner, amplifier and more, the most your Apple TV can do is potentially turn up the volume.

How do I get Apple TV to adjust the volume on my TV?

You might not need to do with this with the right HDMI-CEC settings! You’ll want to go to the Apple TV’s settings. 

From there go to Remote and Devices, then there should be another selection to make for sound. You’ll then be able to assign the Apple TV remote for the purpose of sound within the TV.

Once this is set up, you’ll be able to control the volume from the up and down buttons on the Apple TV phone app or the side buttons of the Apple TV remote.

What if it doesn’t work?

The connections between remotes, Bluetooth, and other wireless connective technology occasionally have a problem. 

We suggest starting by going into the Apple TV’s settings for remotes and making sure the remote is still present within Apple TV’s connections.

Second, the TV could have been reset. Check the LG TV to see if HDMI-CEC is still on, as this is the gateway to letting your devices like your Apple TV control your TV being able to power on.

Can your Apple TV remote control more than just power?

We know that when entertainment systems became popular in the 1980s and 1990s, you could have several remotes for a TV, DVD player, VHS player, Blu-ray, and any variety of remotes for sound systems.

Unfortunately, it’s rather easy to misplace remotes, and can be hard to find just the right remote in the right moment when someone wants the volume up or down.

With HDMI-CEC enabled, you might be able to control volume and other elements with the Apple TV remote.

Our first suggestion is again to just try it. Attempt to turn the TV volume down and see if it works. If it doesn’t, move on to our next step.

Controlling sound and volume on your LG TV with Apple remote

You’ll want your Apple remote for this one. Let’s start by booting up Apple TV. Then go to settings, then remotes and devices. 

Finally, go to volume control and learn remote. Apple TV then takes over and walks you through the process of setting up and testing your Apple TV remote for the purpose of turning the volume up and down.

Note that some TVs have other controls that HDMI-CEC can change, but we are only going into volume here because power and volume are about Apple TV is going to need.

At this point, you should be able to control turning your TV on and adjusting the volume with your Apple TV.

The Apple TV remote stops working. What should I do?

We suggest repeating the process of setting up the remote with the TV. Like Bluetooth devices, other wireless devices might abruptly disconnect because of updates and who knows what else. Just go to settings on the Apple TV and LG TV to see if the remotes are still connected.

Can I use my Apple TV app on my phone to power on the TV?

Yep! Your Apple TV uses wifi within the same wireless network as your phone to receive signals through the phone, so you could use your Apple TV app to power on your TV. Note that this does not necessarily mean you do the same thing with every phone in your house, but you can try.

Will my Apple TV remote work if I unplug and move the Apple TV box?

You can unplug the Apple TV box from the HDMI port and power outlet and bring it to another room or another place, and you should be fine. The setting for HDMI-CEC is within he TV itself, so moving the Apple TV from place to place has no impact on the ability to turn it back on.

We also have to note that you have to be in range of either WiFi or generally able to see the Apple TV in order for the remote function to work at all.

It may not have the range to work within the same house – we are more talking about within the same room, or within eyesight of the Apple TV box.

Being able to move the box is one of the best parts of having the setting located within the TV. Should you buy a new TV, you might have to repeat the HDMI-CEC set up process.

What else can the Apple TV remote do?

The answer depends on your TV. HDMI-CEC and your Apple TV remote might also be able to control play settings, like start, stop, and rewind, across multiple devices. Just keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of buttons on your Apple TV remote, so the range is somewhat limited in usefulness to volume.

We suggest keeping the remotes for more advanced home theatre devices, especially when it comes to audio – available somewhere.

What if I lose my Apple TV remote?

Some good news: Having the HDMI-CEC option enabled doesn’t mean you can’t use the normal LG remote. 

If you lose the normal LG remote too, you could always get a universal or find a remote app to use on your phone.

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll want to setup HDMI-CEC on your LG TV to make sure you can turn on your LG TV with your Apple TV remote.
  • This is done by going into the advanced settings on your TV, but might be on by default
  • You can also assign your Apple TV remote to change the volume

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