How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages On iPhone?

Most children have access to a mobile phone, exposing them to many dangers online. For instance, they may come across inappropriate content, scammers may con them, or they may get cyber-bullied. Keeping an eye on their text messages helps to protect them and regulate their screen time.

monitor childs text messages iphone 1 How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages On iPhone?

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How can I monitor my kid’s iPhone texts?

To monitor your child’s text messages on their iPhone, consider using iCloud features or text message forwarding. You can also use various parental control apps to monitor their activities on your iPhone. Useful applications include Spyic, Family Time, QuStodio, Mobistealth, MSpy, Minspy, and Spyzie.

In this article, we will go through various ways you can keep tabs on your child’s messages on their iPhone.

Use iCloud

You can use the iCloud message sync feature to access messages from another phone. To use this feature, both phones must use iOS 12 and above. You should then enable the iCloud syncing feature, which allows you to view data from a different device.

It is not a good idea to use your Apple ID and password on your child’s phone. Using your details will sync your messages to their phone.

Your kid might also detect you are spying on their data. You will need your child’s Apple password and ID to use the iCloud message sync feature.

To sync the messages to the cloud, follow the below steps: 

  • Head to “Settings” on your kid’s phone. Click the “Profile” section and proceed to iCloud.
  • You will see the apps on the phone using iCloud. 
  • Click the “Messages” toggle.

The phone will start syncing the messages to the cloud. The phone may not sync the messages to the cloud immediately; hence you need access to your kid’s phone for a considerable amount of time. 

Once the messages complete syncing, sign in to iCloud on your phone. Remember to use the child’s Apple password and ID. 

If you haven’t agreed with your child about monitoring their messages, ensure you still have access to your kid’s phone at this stage. This is because Apple will notify your child’s phone that there is another phone that has signed into the cloud. 

Forward Text Messages

You can also keep track of your child’s messages by having them forwarded to your Mac or iPhone. You will also need access to your child’s phone while using this method. The steps below will guide you on how to use this feature. 

  • Open your child’s iPhone’s “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “Messages” section.
  • Click “Send & Receive.” 
  • Use the Apple credentials you will use for surveillance to sign in.
  • Return to “Messages” and tap on “Text Message Forwarding.”
  • Select the device that you want it to receive the messages.
  • A verification code will appear on your child’s phone.
  • Input that code on your phone.

Use Parental Control Applications

Using parental control applications is one of the easiest ways to keep tabs on your child’s texts. Some do not even require you to access your kid’s phone. We have covered some applications you can consider below. 


Spyic is a web-based application that allows you to access your kid’s phone without touching it. It can work from any web browser, and you don’t need to install any application on your phone or your child’s phone. 

Spyic allows you to access the data that your kid’s phone uploads to iCloud. The software does not store any data, meaning fraudsters cannot compromise the data. To use the web-based application, you will need to sign up and input the iCloud credentials of your child’s device. 

monitor childs text messages iphone 1 1 How Can I Monitor My Child’s Text Messages On iPhone?

Family Time

Family Time uses a mobile application or a web-based dashboard. You will need to download the application on your kid’s phone. You will then add your child’s phone to your dashboard. 

You will then need to enable the text monitoring feature on your mobile application or web-based dashboard. You can add as many phones as you want. Also, you can generate each child’s text messaging report. 

From this report, you can see who your child has been talking to. You will also see the exact time your child sent or received the messages. 


Qustodio requires you to download the application on your Mac computer. You will also need your child’s iPhone and a cable. Your computer should be running on macOS Catalina or higher, while your child’s phone should be using iOS 14 or above. 

Log into your Qustodio account on your computer and connect your child’s phone to your computer using the cable. Unlock the phone, and you will get a popup on it requiring you to trust the computer. Click “Sync now” to receive all the child’s messages and calls to your computer. 


To access your child’s messages using Mobistealth, you will first require to complete a setting up an iBackup procedure. This procedure will require a PC, the child’s phone, a USB cable, and a stable internet connection. 

After completing this procedure, the target phone will always back up messages whenever it is connected to the WiFi network you used. You can now access these messages on your PC. 


You can read your kid’s messages using Minspy without having to access the phone physically. Minspy requires you to register for an account and select the iPhone option as the platform you are targeting.

You should input the target phone’s name and select iCloud. You should then add your kid’s iCloud password and ID. You can then proceed to the “Messages” section to view all messages.


Spyzie allows you to monitor another smartphone using your device. You only need to install the application on your phone and do not need to install it on your child’s phone.

Your phone needs to use iOS 10.0 or higher to support this application. You will require your kid’s iCloud credentials to access their messages.


You can remotely check your son’s or daughter’s messages using mSpy. You don’t need to install the application on their phone to access the messages.

All iOS versions can use this software. You will need your kid’s iCloud ID and password to keep tabs on their messages.

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