How To Open XFDL Files On Mac, Explained

Opening, viewing, and editing files can be a hassle if you don’t have the correct application. In addition, many Mac users encounter issues with XFDL documents. So, how can you open XFDL files on a Mac device?

Try the built-in text editor, TextEdit, on macOS to view XFDL files. Simply right-click the XFDL file, select ‘Information,’ and choose Apple TextEdit in the Open With tab. Or try Lotus Form Viewer or any other compatible text editor. And use a Windows PC if these options don’t work.

Don’t panic if you have to view and sign an XFDL file on a Mac for military or other legal purposes. There are several solutions available, and we cover them in the article below. So let’s get to it!

How to Open an XFDL File on Mac OS

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The XFDL file extension stands for Extensible Forms Description Language. These are secure XML files created by PureEdge Solutions designed for legal electronic forms.

XFDL files are typically used in corporate contexts to transfer data containing details about transactions, digital signatures, and other legal factors. However, they only contain text, meaning you’ll need a text editor to launch and view them correctly.

Here’s how you can view XFDL files on macOS:

  1. Locate the XFDL files you have in mind. You can use the macOS Finder and double-click the file to launch it.
  1. The XFDL file may not open, and you’ll receive a There is no Application Set to Open the File error message. Instead, select Search App Store from the error message to view compatible applications with XFDL files.
  1. If you have an application that can view XFDL files, select it under the Choose Application… option in the error window.

You can search for compatible XFDL viewing applications online or use the rest of the guide if you are unsure which software can open XFDL files.

How to Open an XFDL File on iPhone or iPad

Alternatively, you can open and view XFDL files on your iPhone or iPad using the steps below.

  1. Launch the Files App on your iOS device. You can find the app by swiping downward on the Home Screen and searching Files in the field provided.
  1. Click on the Downloads Folder from the Files App Home Screen.
  1. Locate the XFDL file in question and click it to view it. The XFDL file will automatically open for viewing if you have the correct application installed.
  1. If you don’t have an app that can view XFDL files, you’ll need to search the App Store for compatible applications.

What Programs Support XFDL Extension?

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a compatible program or application to view XFDL files. Thankfully, we cover some easy solutions below.

Use Apple TextEdit

You’ll need a compatible program to open and view XFDL files. Thankfully, you can use the built-in text editor on macOS, TextEdit. Apple TextEdit is a basic text editor that allows you to process text, create page layouts, and open several file types. Follow the steps below to open XFDL files with Apple TextEdit:

  1. First, locate the XFDL file on your Mac device.
  1. Right-click the XFDL file and select Information.
  1. Navigate to the Open With tab. If the tab is unavailable, select the title to access more options.
  1. Now, select Apple TextEdit and confirm Change for all….
  1. A message should display informing that the change was applied. Click Continue to confirm your choices.

Note: You may need to switch from RTF to plain text in the TextEdit settings to remove extraneous text when you view the document.

Try IBM Lotus Form Viewer

Another program you can try is IBM Lotus Form Viewer. However, the program hasn’t always been called Lotus Form Viewer but PureEdge Viewer and IBM Workplace Forms.

However, it was designed by IBM for the exact purpose of opening XFDL files. Lotus Form Viewer is helpful for opening XFDL documents from the military, government, or other corporate entities.

Note: IBM Lotus Form Viewer may not be compatible with macOS.

Use Any Text Editor

XFDL files may seem complex, but they’re simple text files and can be viewed with any text editor program. You can use alternative text editors for macOS like Brackets, TextWrangler, or Komodo Edit. However, some of these applications are designed for editing code and may not be as effective for viewing XFDL files.

Wrapping Up

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XFDL are text files that can be viewed with compatible text editors and other applications. These files are typically used to securely transfer details about transactions, digital signatures, and other legal factors.

It can be challenging to open and view XFDL files on a Mac because there aren’t many compatible applications. Fortunately, you can try the built-in text editor, TextEdit, on macOS, Lotus Form Viewer, or any other compatible text editor.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips on opening XFDL files on Mac! It’s great to know about using TextEdit and other compatible text editors for viewing these files. Your step-by-step guide makes it much easier for Mac users to handle XFDL documents.