Does The PS4 Pro Come With A Vertical Stand?

Many PlayStation 4 owners prefer to keep the console in a vertical position. It gives it a sleek appearance and also frees up space in your room. But does the PS4 Pro come with a vertical stand when you purchase it?

The PS4 Pro doesn’t come with a vertical stand unless you buy a special bundle. The console comes with a DualShock wireless controller and charging cable, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter for the console.

Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about PS4 stands, including why you might want one and where to find it. We’ll also go over what comes in the package with the PS4.

Does the PS4 Pro Include a Stand?

PS4 sitting vertically on a table with a controller and bag of batteries

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t include a stand when you purchase it new or used, unless you’ve found a special bundle. Instead, you’ll need to buy an aftermarket vertical stand for your PS4 Pro.

There are several options available, with the official Sony vertical stand (on Amazon) being a fan favorite.

What Comes in the PS4 Pro Box?

The PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t include a vertical stand unless you purchase a special bundle. That said, the PS4 Pro (on Amazon) provides everything you need to play your favorite games, including the following:

  • PlayStation 4 Pro Console
  • PS4 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • DualShock 4 USB charging cable
  • HDMI cable
  • AC power cord

Keep in mind that the HDMI and AC power cables may not be included if you purchase a pre-owned PlayStation 4 Pro. Always check with the seller regarding accessories when you’re buying a use console.

Can the PlayStation 4 Pro Stand Vertically?

Although the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t include a vertical stand right out of the box, it can be used both vertically and horizontally. The choice of how to position it comes down primarily to personal preference and the amount of space you have available.

That said, there are a few additional factors you’ll want to consider when deciding how to orient your PS4 Pro:

Does a Vertical PlayStation 4 Pro Have More Airflow?

The PS4 Pro is designed to lie horizontally or stand vertically with minimal differences in function. Nonetheless, the console might have better airflow horizontally, depending on the setup. Laying your PS4 flat gives the air vents on either side more circulation.

One of the air vents is covered when you stand your PlayStation 4 Pro vertically, which can make it run a bit hotter. However, the official Sony stand and other similar options offer air circulation to prevent any issues.

Can I Change the Position of My PS4 Pro Without a Stand?

PS4 playstation

Yes, it’s possible to change the orientation of a PlayStation 4 Pro without an aftermarket accessory. That said, it’s not recommended to position your console vertically without a solid stand to support it.

Your PlayStation 4 Pro is more likely to tip over without a proper stand. The console may suffer damage if it tips over, rendering it useless or resulting in the need for expensive repairs. Additionally, the decreased airflow can cause higher temperatures while gaming.

So, you should purchase a high-quality vertical stand for your PlayStation 4 Pro. Compatible stands will ensure your console is secure and has ample airflow.

Does a Vertical Stand Save Space?

A vertical stand for your PlayStation 4 Pro can save space and look stylish, depending on your configuration. Many owners prefer the look of a vertical console, as it’s a bit sleeker. Using a vertical stand may also help you save space and declutter your media station, depending on your situation.

Should I Purchase a PS4 Pro Stand?

A PlayStation 4 Pro stand offers a secure way to position your console vertically. Vertical stands give your console enough circulation and security and can save space on your media station. They can be excellent investments if you enjoy the look of a vertical console.

As we mentioned earlier, the official Sony vertical stand (on Amazon) is a great option, as you can rest assured that your console will work correctly and securely with this product. That said, there are several third-party stands available ranging in price points. For example, this affordable option from CKXIN (on Amazon) will also do the trick.

Be sure to find a vertical stand that’s of a high quality, well reviewed, and compatible with your PlayStation 4 Pro.