Transferring Ringtones From iPhone To iPhone: 5 Easy Ways

Getting a new phone is an exciting event, but it can also be stressful for those who have purchased ringtones on their old phone and worry about being able to use them on their new phone. The good news is there are many ways to transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another. 

You can transfer ringtones from one iPhone to another using an old version of iTunes. If you don’t have an old version of iTunes, AirDrop and your email are easy ways to complete the transfer. You can also use an auxiliary program like FoneTool or AnyTrans. 

Are you wondering which method of transfer is best for you? Let’s look at what you need to do for each method of transferring ringtones to find the one that will work for your iPhone. 

Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone Using iTunes

Ringtones on iPhone 14 Pro

Using iTunes is arguably the easiest way to transfer ringtones from one device to another. Unfortunately, this method only works if you have iTunes 12.6 or less. So if you’ve already updated your iTunes to 12.7, skip to the following method. 

To use iTunes:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and go to the Edit tab.
  1. Next, click Preferences, then Devices, and check the box next to the option that stops your devices from syncing automatically. 
  1. Use the included cord to plug your old iPhone into the computer USB port. Once your computer recognizes the device, click File, then Devices, and select the option to transfer purchases from the iPhone. 
  1. Click Sync. Once the iPhone has synced, disconnect it from your iTunes and connect the new iPhone to your computer. 
  1. After you have plugged the new phone in, click the phone icon, choose Tones, then click the option to sync tones. You can choose to sync them all or select them individually.
  1. Then click Apply
  1. Allow the download to complete, then disconnect your iPhone.

Just like that, you’ve got your ringtones on a new phone!

Transfer Ringtones Directly Using FoneTool

If you have already updated your iTunes to the new version so that it isn’t an option, FoneTool is an excellent way to transfer your tones from one phone to another. In addition, FoneTool is an AirDrop service, meaning you can transfer all of your tones wirelessly. 

To use Fonetone, follow the steps below:

  1. Search the AppStore for FoneTool, then download it onto both of your iPhones.
  1. Ensure both phones are near each other (within arms reach) and enable Wifi on both phones. 
  1. Open FoneTool on both iPhones and click Connect Device on each phone. You should be able to connect the phones to each other by name. 
  1. Click File Transfer, choose Files, then click the + icon.
    • If your ringtones are saved on your phone, you’ll click Import Local Files.
    • If they are saved in your Music, select that instead. 
  1. Select the ringtones you want to transfer, then click the Send button to start the transfer. Once the transfer is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy your ringtones on your new iPhone. 

Transfer Ringtones Directly Using AnyTrans

Another option if you aren’t able to use iTunes to transfer your ringtones is to use a program called AnyTrans. AnyTrans is an application you download to your computer that you can use for any file transfer you wish. 

To transfer ringtones with AnyTrans:

  1. Download the AnyTrans app.
  1. After downloading AnyTrans to your computer, you need to connect your iPhones via USB. This can be difficult if your laptop doesn’t have two USB ports. In that case, use a different option on this list to transfer your ringtones from one device to the other. 
  1. Once the iPhones are connected, click Device Manager in the AnyTrans app, and then choose which iPhone you are transferring from. You will designate this iPhone as the “source.”
  1. Next, select More, then click on Ringtones. Here you can choose the ringtones you wish to transfer.
  1. After you have selected them all, click To Device and choose your new iPhone.
    • Note: You can also use this button to transfer your ringtones to your computer. 
  1. Wait patiently for the transfer to complete. Once it is done, you can enjoy your ringtones on the new phone! 

Transfer Ringtones via AirDrop

One of the cool things about iPhones is that they already come with a built-in file transfer tool. You have likely already used this tool, AirDrop, to send photos to another iPhone user. 

AirDrop is the easiest way to transfer files because you don’t need cords or your computer. Here are the instructions for using AirDrop to transfer ringtones:

  1. Ensure both phones are near each other (within arm’s reach) and ensure they both have Wifi, Bluetooth, and Airdrop enabled. 
  1. On the iPhone with ringtones, go to where they are stored and select them.
  1. Tap Share and then the AirDrop option. 
  1. Once you select AirDrop, you should see your other device as an option. Select it, and the transfer will begin immediately. Within a few seconds, your new iPhone will notify you it is receiving an AirDrop.
  1. Click Accept on the new iPhone, and you should be able to use your ringtones immediately! 

Send Ringtones via Email

For those who don’t have both iPhones on them, such as when you want to send your ringtones to a friend, this is best done using email. To do this:

  1. Find the ringtone you wish to send on your iPhone and select it.
  1. Next, choose the Share icon, then click the option for mail.
  1. Next, enter the recipient’s email address (it can be yourself) and click Send
  1. Have your friend open their email and select the message that contains your ringtone. Then, have them click Save to download it on their phone. Once that is done, they can use the ringtone. 

Note: Any ringtone you wish to send by email must be less than 50 MB.

Final Thoughts on Transferring Ringtones from iPhone to iPhone

Green iPhone 12 Mini and Red iPhone SE 2nd Gen (2020) on a wooden table

Overall, when you get a new iPhone, don’t panic about being able to transfer your ringtones. If you have the right version, iTunes can make the transfer quick and easy. 

Even if you don’t have iTunes, thanks to AirDrop, AnyTrans, FoneTool, and your email address, you can have your ringtones on your new phone and use them in no time. 

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