How To Use Your SCUF Controller On PS5: It’s Complicated

SCUF controllers are some of the most optimal controllers on the market, and many gamers will want to use them when playing on their PS5. However, connecting these controllers to the PS5 can become a little more complicated depending on what model of SCUF controller you have.

In order to connect a SCUF Reflex controller to your PS5, plug the controller into the console with a USB-C cable and hit the home button. If you have a SCUF Impact or a SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro, you can connect it to the console via Sony’s official PS Remote Play app on PC.

If you have an old PS4 SCUF controller, or are interested in potentially owning a new one, you may want to keep reading. In this article, we’ll cover what benefits a SCUF controller has, whether you can use a SCUF controller on PS5, and the steps on how to connect a SCUF controller to your PS5, regardless of what model you have.

What is SCUF?

Scuf gaming PS5 controller on entertainment center

SCUF, or SCUF Gaming, is a company that has attempted to innovate the way people play video games with their gaming accessories and customized gaming controllers for both console and PC.

SCUF controllers like the Instinct Pro (on Amazon) take advantage of the back of the controller where your fingers rest by adding something they call SCUF paddles to the back. These paddles are buttons that can be bound to any of the face buttons, making it so that you don’t have to take your thumbs off the sticks while playing.


Another big benefit of using a SCUF controller is their customizability. The SCUF Gaming website has a section that allows you to build your own controller according to your specifications.

This does include aesthetic choices, like faceplate color/design, touchpad color, and faceplate trim, but that isn’t where it ends.

You can also customize things to make the controller fit your preferences better. You can have your thumbsticks be either concave or domed and you can even specify whether you want them to be short or long.

The triggers can also be changed, giving you either the standard PS5 trigger, or an instant trigger that works more like a mouse click, making your reaction time even faster.

Additionally, you can choose whether you want your controller to have grip support on the handles, as well as whether you want your controller to have rumble.

It is also worth noting that SCUF is not limited to only PS5 controllers. You can also get SCUF PS4 controllers, Xbox One controllers, Xbox Series X controllers, and SCUF headsets for use when gaming.

Can You Use Your SCUF on PS5?

Scuf gaming controller with PS5

For the short answer, yes, but the difficulty it’ll take to connect your SCUF controller to your PS5 will depend on what model of controller you have.

The controller you want to have for this process is the SCUF Reflex. This controller is built with compatibility for the PS5 in mind, so it is extremely simple to connect to the console.

SCUF also has other Playstation controller models, including the SCUF Impact and the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro. These controllers were not built for use with the PS5, but instead for use with the PS4.

The PS5 does have PS4 controller support, but if you connect them to the console that way, it will only let you play PS4 games with them, which can be very disappointing for many gamers.

How Do You Pair SCUF to PS5?

Again, the difficulty of pairing your SCUF controller to your PS5 will depend on what model of SCUF controller you have. The SCUF Reflex is by far the easiest to connect, as it is actually built for use with the PS5.

The SCUF Reflex

In order to connect a SCUF Reflex controller, all you have to do is connect the controller to the console with a USB-C cable and then hit the home button.

Connecting their other Playstation controller models, like the SCUF Impact and the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro, is a little more difficult as these are PS4 controllers and not intended to be used with the PS5.

You can connect a PS4 controller to the PS5 using a micro USB cable, but this will only allow you to play PS4 games. This means that if you want to play PS5 games with your PS4 SCUF controller, you’re going to have to connect the controller using some unintended methods.

PS Remote Play

While other methods exist, the easiest method to connect a SCUF PS4 controller to your PS5 is by using PS Remote Play. In order to do this, download the PS Remote app for Windows and connect it to your PS5.

Then you just need to connect your PS4 controller to your PC using a micro USB cable. Press the PS button and change your audio to headset and your PS4 controller should be connected to your PS5.

This method was written for use with SCUF controllers, but it can be used to play PS5 games with any PS4 controller.

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