Should I Let My iPad Battery Run Down Before Recharging?

iPads were officially launched to the global market by Apple in 2010.

Since then, the battery has been upgraded several times to extend the timing of the device and offer users more screen time.

Should I Let My iPad Battery Run Down Before Recharging?

You do not need to let your iPad battery run down before you start recharging it. With the modern-day Lithium-Ion battery, you don’t have to worry about when you charge your device as long as you are using an appropriate charger.

If letting the battery run down fully before charging makes you feel safer about your device, then by all means do what you think is best for your device. 

But from a technical standpoint, there really isn’t much evidence out there about battery health being impacted negatively if you charge an already half-full device.

Should You Be Battery-Conscious with your iPad?

People have always lined up outside Apple stores and department stores waiting to buy the newest iPad. 

Yet, people have always been curious if they should let their iPad battery run down before they recharge it.

In my opinion, it is not necessary or that important. 

It is completely unnecessary to let your iPad die before you can charge it again. 

But what about over-charging? Let’s discuss that!

Being a continuous Apple consumer, I suggest that you should charge your iPad according to your own convenience. 

Charge your iPad when it needs to be charged, regardless of any model or version. 

However, iPads used for heavy software and gaming purposes can drop their charging somewhat faster than the ones that are used for day-to-day use or just web browsing, communication, etc.

You don’t have to drop your battery to a certain percentage to recharge it. 

You also don’t have to worry about leaving your iPad on the charger for too long.

Back in the day, devices needed to be plugged out once they were fully charged or their batteries might expand and face permanent damage.

Most modern-day mobile devices, be it Apple or Android, have the feature that allows them to stop charging when the battery reaches 100%, even if the charger is still plugged in.

Leaving your iPad on charging for too long does not affect your iPad battery at all.

While iPads may not be the best, their durable battery is very much designed to give you a smooth and glitch-free experience for long hours. 

To get your iPad fully charged you need to charge it for six to seven hours for the first time, but it also depends on which model you are using.

Some models of the iPads come with fast charging features such as iPad Pro 12.9 inches (2015 or newer), iPad Pro 10.5 inches (2017), iPad Pro 11 inches (2018 or newer), and so on.

Unfortunately, if you notice the battery of your iPad has started to drop quicker than it normally used to, you might want to consider replacing your battery or seek help from the particular outlet you have purchased your iPad from.

Always do a comparison between all the models before making a purchase and pick the one that best aligns with your needs.

But, if you are new and not familiar with how Apple products work, you might want to do a fair bit of research before putting down any money for the product that you want to purchase.

Should I Let My iPad Battery Run Down Before Recharging 1 Should I Let My iPad Battery Run Down Before Recharging?

Development of the iPad

iPads now come with a range of colors, other than just gray, and are known for being nearly half a pound lighter which makes the device more portable and easy to handle on the go. 

Each model became more beneficial and convenient. 

Another feature that convinces people to purchase the iPad is its storage capacity, which ranges from thirty-two GBS to one TB depending on the model. 

The newer versions tend to have more storage availability than the older ones.

If you are only concerned with battery timing and performance, then the newer versions are the best choice for you.

However, the very first iPad models are packed with more features than most people give them credit for, and those features might seem more relevant and appropriate to the current age of social media consumption.

New or old, each iPad model still holds its significance as it was the first evolutionary device to become a new medium of surfing the internet, apart from smartphones and laptops.

How To Pick The Right Charger For Your iPad

To find out the right charger for your iPad battery, you need to first look at which model of the iPad you are actually using. 

You might as well need to check if your iPad has a lightning connector or USB-C port.

Is Fast Charging Possible?

If your iPad has a lightning connector, you can charge it with a USB-A adapter up to 12 watts with the help of a lightning cable and if your iPad has a USB-C port, you can use an 18 Watt power adapter.

People assume that the iPad only needs to be charged with the adapter that comes within the official Apple packaging but it is not necessarily true. 

Over time, people have successfully created myths and made Apple products seem more complicated than they actually are.

Truth be told, it’s actually possible to charge your Apple iPad with the charger of your iPhone or MacBook, as long as you have a cable with the correct port. 

Keep in mind, your Apple iPad will  take longer to charge if you use a charger that has relatively low wattage. 

Using a charger with a slightly higher wattage won’t hurt, but I suggest you don’t go overboard.

Fast charging, sadly, is only a feature that comes in certain models, such as iPad Pro 2018 or iPad Mini 2019.

I have been an Apple user almost my entire life, and based on my personal experience and research, you don’t necessarily need to run your iPad battery down to recharge it. 

You can charge it according to your schedule and it won’t impact the iPads’ battery performance.

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