TCL TV WiFi Not Working: How To Fix In Seconds

TCL TVs that can connect to the internet through WiFi allow users to access multiple TV programs, stream movies, and browse the internet.

Sometimes, your TCL TV may refuse to connect to WiFi, denying you the chance to enjoy your favorite shows.

How To Fix My TCL TV WiFi Not Working

If your TCL TV WiFi is not working, try resetting your router if your TCL TV does not connect to your WiFi network. Reconnect the TV to the WiFi and check if the issue persists. Check if other smart devices in your home are connected to the WiFi network to determine whether the problem is with your TV or router. 

Reduced functionality of your TV can be frustrating.

This article will inform you what to do if your TCL TV is not connecting to WiFi, failing to detect WiFi, failing to automatically connect to your WiFi, forgetting your WiFi network, disconnecting from your WiFi, or its WiFi is not working. 

TV Fails to Connect to WiFi

Your smart TCL TV allows you to access your favorite applications with the help of your WiFi. 

If your TV does not connect to the internet, you can follow the instructions on your user manual to reset the router. 

Try resetting your network connection if your TV still fails to connect to the internet.

To reset the connection:

  • Go to “home” on your remote control
  • Press “settings”
  • Followed by “system”
  • Then “advanced system settings” 
  •  “network connection reset” 
  • Finally, “reset connection” 

TV WiFi Fails to Turn On

This is usually the root cause for most WiFi problems with your TCL TV. 

Turning on the WiFi is a simple process. 

If you are experiencing issues turning on the WiFi on your TV, follow these steps:

  • Go to “home” on your remote control
  • Use your right arrow button to navigate to “network”
  • Use the button again to go to “wireless,” prompting your TV to scan for various wireless networks within range
  • Select your wireless network and input your password to connect

TV Keeps Forgetting Your Network

TCL TV WiFi Not Working How To Fix In Seconds TCL TV WiFi Not Working: How To Fix In Seconds

Usually, you can reconnect to your WiFi network every time you turn on the TV. 

However, sometimes your TV may deny you the chance to use your favorite application, only for you to realize the device has forgotten your WiFi network. 

Usually, this scenario occurs if a bug got into your system during the last update, interfering with your TV’s functionality. 

To eliminate this problem, update your firmware through the following process:

  • Press “home”
  • “settings”
  • “system update”
  • “check now”

If there is an available update, your TV will start to download it automatically. 

Disconnecting From Network Frequently

You may be following your favorite show on the internet, then your TV disconnects from your WiFi network. 

This situation can be annoying, especially if it keeps repeating itself.

If you reset your router and the problem persists, the problem could be your TV. 

Consider restarting your TV after resetting your router.

Follow the below steps using your remote control to reset your TV:

  • Go to “home
  • Press “settings”
  • Proceed to “power”
  • Then “system restart” 

You can also factory reset your TV to eliminate bugs causing the device to disconnect from your WiFi frequently. To factory reset,

  • Go to “home”
  • Followed by “settings”
  • “System”
  • “Advanced system settings”
  • “Factory reset”
  • Factory reset everything, then use the code that appears on your screen and press OK. 

Failing to Connect to WiFi Automatically

Smart TVs retain information such as passwords, allowing your device to connect automatically to your WiFi network every time you turn it on. 

However, you may realize that you have to input the WiFi password afresh every time you turn on your TV. 

Consider forgetting your WiFi network then reconnecting to the network.

If this procedure does not help, use the instruction manual to reset your router. 

Failing to Detect WiFi

If you have other smart devices in your home connecting to your WiFi network yet your TV does not, the problem could most likely lie with your TV. 

First, ensure your WiFi network signal is strong.

You can verify your internet speed by:

  • Press “home”
  • Go to “settings”
  • Followed by “network”
  • Then “about” 

The TV will display your WiFi’s signal strength as either poor, good, or excellent. 

The problem could be the distance between your router and TV. 

 If the router is too far, your TV may have difficulties picking up the signal. 

However, do not bring the router closer to six feet because being too close can interfere with connectivity. 

WiFi is Connected but No Internet

Your TV’s WiFi may be connected, but you can’t use applications that require an internet connection. Usually, your router could be the cause of this problem. 

While you may consider replacing your router, it is not the most cost-effective idea because your router may only need a simple reset

Instructions for resetting a router may vary from one device to another; hence it is vital to check your router’s manual to ensure you are doing it correctly. 

If you have reset your router and the problem persists, check your TV’s time zone settings by following the following steps on your remote control:

  • Go to “home”
  • Navigate to “settings”
  • Followed by “device preferences”
  • Then “date & time”
  • Finally, “set time zone” 

If the automatic date & time is on, turn it off and manually set your TV’s date and time. 

This procedure should restore your TV’s ability to connect to the internet. 

How to Connect Your TCL TV to a WiFi Network

One of the first things you should do if your smart TCL TV is new is to connect to your WiFi. 

You can connect your TV to a WiFi network through a wired or wireless connection. 

The following steps will come in handy if you are using a wired connection:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to your TV port
  • Go to “home” on your remote controlGo to “settings”
  • Followed by “network”
  • Then “wired(ethernet)” 

Your TV will then verify the connection, and you can now access the internet. 

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