Where Does Apple Ship Their Products From?

Apple started its smartwatch series, called the Apple Watch, in April 2015. 

But where does Apple ship the devices from?

It’s common for customers to ask if there is an Apple store nearby or find out when a new shipment is expected to arrive.

Where Does Apple Ship Their Products From?

The Apple Watch is shipping from China. Apple has been building up the supply chain for months. Most of the components are already coming from China. The first batch of watches shipped from China as well. If you live in the U.S., your Apple Watch will probably be coming from China for now.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch is made in China. This is standard practice for Apple and other large electronics companies.

They rely on Chinese factories to manufacture their products. 

Foxconn, is one of the Chinese factories that manufacture the Apple Watch. 

It employs more than a million people.

Where Is My Apple Watch Being Shipped From

When you shop for an Apple Watch on Apple.com, you’ll notice that the Apple Watch ships from China. 

Your watch will arrive within three to five business days via UPS if you’re in the United States.

There are some countries where the Apple Watch is assembled. The company’s leading supplier is Foxconn. It is located in China. 

The Apple Watch wasn’t even officially available to purchase until May 2015. And even then, it was only available for pre-order. The watch didn’t officially go on sale until June 2015.

United States Orders

Apple Watch orders are sent from Apple facilities in the United States. Customers who buy their Apple Watch online will pay sales tax based on the shipping address.

Other Countries

The Apple Watch has begun shipping to customers, but not all are getting the same experience. 

Reddit users have been sharing the origin of their Apple Watch shipments. 

It turns out that international orders are seeing shipping labels from Shenzhen, China. 

This may be because those orders were placed earlier than domestic orders. The watches now come directly from factories in China.

If you want to know where your Apple Watch ships from, you can use Apple’s Where It’s Made website. 

You can use it to find out more information about where your purchase is coming from. 

The site provides information about specific products and what country designs it.

Shipping Times for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch shipping times have dropped to 1-2 weeks for all models in all countries. 

However, this does not apply to Milanese Loop, which has a shipping time of 2-3 weeks.

The Apple Watch sells out at the Apple Retail store and online stores in many major cities. 

But, it is still available to purchase at select Apple Premium Resellers in some areas.

We recommend checking the online store frequently to see if shipping times change. 

Or, you can check to see the models that become available.

If you want to try on an Apple Watch before you buy, reserve an appointment at your local Apple Store.

Where Does Apple Ship Their Products From 1 Where Does Apple Ship Their Products From?

Where Your Apple Watch Will Ship From

Do Apple watches get shipped from China? Your Apple Watch will ship from the factory in China, but it may be delivered to you by a logistic company.

We strive to get your Apple Watch to you as quickly as possible so that orders will ship from the best location for you. 

Because we know your location affects shipping time, we determine that delivering fast.

If you are placing a large order, we may split your order across multiple destinations. 

Shipping time may vary depending on the shipping address entered at checkout.

Your Apple Watch is important to us, and we want it to arrive in perfect condition. 

Orders are subject to availability and credit card verification. 

Your confirmation email will provide a more precise estimate for delivery times. 

This is based on the shipping method chosen at checkout.

Where Is the Apple Watch Assembled

If you decide to customize your Apple Watch, it will be subject to the same shipping standards.

If you’re ordering a watch with a custom strap, it will still ship from China. 

However, if you order an engraved watch or a custom case, it will ship from Germany.

Will I Get a Tracking Number?

Apple has not yet sent out tracking numbers for its first wave of orders. 

But, if you have ordered an Apple Watch from an online store, check for a new Tracking Information section.

Tracking data on the Apple Online Store has limits. It does not include detailed information about expected delivery dates.

It does provide customers with a shipment number that can they can use to track the package via UPS or FedEx.

Apple has not said why it is sending some orders early. 

But, it could be a way to get deliveries out faster as UPS and FedEx gear up for a busy day of Apple Watch shipments.

How Long Does it Take to Build an Apple Watch?

So far, we’ve got a good look at the different brands and models for the Apple Watch. 

This includes a price tag that runs pretty high depending on the model you get. 

But, this is all reasonably common information. 

The real question is, how long does it take to build an Apple Watch?

Apple hasn’t officially stated how many watches they have available for each model. 

And, since they won’t start selling them in stores until April, it’s hard to say how many of each model it has built. 

However, Apple hopes to produce 5 million units per month to meet demand. That’s a lot of watches!

Customers will choose from a wide range of finishes for the watch. This will include stainless steel or aluminum, gold or rose gold. 

There are also color bands ranging from simple leather to metal and plastic designs. 

The other significant customization choice comes in the form of size. 

The standard 38mm Apple Watch is smaller than the 42mm version, wrist size, and overall watch.

What Happens if Part of My Order Gets Canceled?

If you ordered multiple items and one gets canceled, we will ship the rest of your order as usual. 

You won’t pay for the item that was not available. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

If you paid with a credit card, your bank might reserve funds to cover the total value of your original order. 

We charge your credit card only after your order has shipped. 

But, some banks may put a hold on these funds immediately. Meaning, you won’t have access to them in the meantime. 

We recommend contacting your bank for more information about its policies and procedures.

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